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Self-Evaluate Yourself for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Test via SSAT 2023

Self-Evaluate Yourself for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency’s Test via SSAT 2023

The educational testing and evaluation agency or ETEA is responsible for holding the engineering admission exam in KPK, Pakistan. Furthermore, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government established the ETEA in November 1998.  

If you are from KPK and want to get admission in one of the engineering universities of that region, you must pass the educational testing and evaluation agency’s test. That is why STEP by PGC aims to provide students with testing in education, self-assessment, and entry test preparation services.  

However, before the final MDCAT or ECAT or ETEA test, STEP arranges a self-evaluation test. We have named this test as the “STEP Self-Assessment Test or SSAT.” It is being held on March 19, 2023, all over Pakistan. So, if you are planning to appear in the entrance exams this year, I would suggest you take the SSAT 2023 for self-evaluation.  

Why is STEP by PGC The Best Choice for Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Exam?  

You must be wondering why STEP is called the right choice for your educational testing and evaluation agency exam preparation. Well, that is because of the education services we provide. It involves:  

  • MDCAT Preparation  
  • ECAT Preparation  
  • NUMS Preparation  
  • FUNGAT Preparation  
  • NTS Preparation  
  • LUMS Test Preparation  
  • LUMS + NUST Test Preparation  
  • ETEA Engineering Preparation  
  • ETEA FUNGAT Preparation  

The quality of education is top-notch, delivered by highly competent and professional faculty. However, the entry test preparatory sessions are not our only services. Moreover, we also aim to offer a chance to every intermediate student to assess their preparation before they take the final MDCAT or ECAT. That is why SSAT is a test that you should take.   

The Top 6 SSAT 2023 Features  

STEP’s SSAT is an educational testing and assessment being held in over 100 cities of the country. However, it is not only a test that will help you with the evaluation. It has many other benefits as follows:  

1. True Standing of Preparation  

If you have any questions regarding your overall preparation, taking SSAT 2023 is the answer to all these worrying questions.    

When you take the SSAT, you will get a better understanding of your preparation and know what your strong and weak areas are.  consequently, this will help you work on the topics and subjects where you are lacking.   

As a result, you will be able to analyze your preparation, work extra hard in the preparatory session, and perform extremely well in the final exam.   

2. MDCAT and ECAT Pattern   

Every student who wishes to take MDCAT or ECAT for the first time has so many questions in his or her mind. “What kind of questions will appear in the paper?”, “Will I be able to complete the paper in time?”, “How many questions of each subject will be in the paper?” etc.  

Taking the SSAT 2023 will ease your every worry. You will not only know how the paper is patterned but also what the difficulty level of the questions will be. In addition, you will know that having crystal clear concepts is the key to acing the final MDCAT or ECAT.   

3. Costs Nothing  

The STEP self-assessment test is being held in so many cities. Thus, you must be thinking that if it is happening to such a large extent, it will also cost you a huge amount of money to enroll. However, that is not the case.   

STEP will prepare you in the best possible manner for the educational testing and evaluation agency’s test, which are not mere words. Thus, they are true to their core. You will have to pay NOTHING to enroll and take this self-evaluation test.   

4. Open to All Students  

Whether you are from the Punjab Group of Colleges or the Hadaf Group of Colleges or not, you can take this self-assessment test. Furthermore, it will help you decide on your career path as well. So, every student can take the test and make sure that they want to pursue engineering or medicine in the future.   

However, if you are from Punjab, KPK, and the Federal region, you will have to take the physical test. You will be given a center near you, depending on your city and location, where the SSAT 2023 will be conducted.   

5. Take the SSAT Online  

STEP by PGC is the best choice for the preparation of educational testing and devaluation agency’s exam or ETEA test because it puts students’ comfort and benefits over anything. So, that is why students from Gilgit Baltistan, Baluchistan, and Sindhcan take the test online and evaluate their entry test preparation by staying at home.   

6. Scholarships and Incentives  

If you still need another reason to choose STEP by PGC for youreducational testing and evaluation agency exam. It provides students with different scholarships and free education. So, the following are the three scholarships given the STEP regarding SSAT:  

  • If you pass the test with excellent scorers and secure a seat in the top 3,000 scorers, you will acquire a 100% scholarship in the MDCAT or ECAT preparatory sessions. That means you have a chance at free education by achieving top scores.   
  • In addition, if you are a non-Punjabian or a non-Hadaf student, by passing the SSAT with 80% scores, you will receive a 25% scholarship.   
  • For all the non-Punjabian and non-Hadaf students, there is a 15% scholarship available on choosing STEP for entry test preparation.  

Register for SSAT 2023 to Self-Evaluate for The Best Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Exam  

To register for SSAT 2023, fill out this online form or visit the nearest PGC campus. You can also call us on our helpline for further information: 0800-78608  


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