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STEP Regular Session 2022



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2nd AUGUST,2022


STEP Regular session is offered to all students of intermediate part 2 whether they are freshmen, repeaters or have completed their A levels.

Regular session equips students to appear for all medical and engineering university entry tests across Pakistan.

The session has classes on daily basis with multiple revisions and resources.



Note:Once paid,Fee is non-refundable


STEP will give you access to the following range of learning tools:

  1. Video Lectures.
  2. Online Tests as per your Scheme of Studies.
  3. Live test discussions.
  4. Worksheets for Practice.
  5. Online Practice MCQs with Explanations.
  6. Online Career Counselling.
  7. Daily Live Classes with Entry Test Specialists on Microsoft Teams.


STEP offers merit-based and need-based scholarship to its students.

Scholarship Policy

25% concession for all Punjab College and Hadaf College students for Physical Session. 25% concession for all Step Students for Physical Session.

Inter (PART – 1) Based Scholarship

F.Sc – Pre Medical

  • Students who have secured marks (501 – 505) in part-1 2021 will be awarded 100% fee waiver.
  • Students who have secured marks (495 – 500) in part-1 2021 will be awarded 50% fee waiver.


F.Sc – Pre Engineering

  • Students who have secured marks (516 – 520) in part-1 2021 will be awarded 100% fee waiver.
  • Students who have secured marks (511 – 515) in part-1 2021 will be awarded 50% fee waiver.


ICS Physics

  • Students who have secured marks (506 – 510) in part-1 2021 will be awarded 100% fee waiver.
  • Students who have secured marks (501 – 505) in part-1 2021 will be awarded 50% fee waiver.


F.Sc (Repeaters)

No marks based scholarships are available.


  • Only one scholarship can be availed at a time.
  •  All marks based scholarships will be verified from campuses and their fee-challan will be obtained from the campuses too.
  •  In online sessions no further discount is available as (50%) discount is already given.

Need Based Scholarship

Discount cases are considered for the deserving students.

* NOTE: Visit your nearest PGC campus for need based concessions.

Kinship Scholarship

25% Discount on Kinship Basis (Step, PGC & Hadaf students).

High Achievers Scholarship

STEP in line with the tradition of PGC’s culture of care and its mission to make education accessible to the youth across the nation has extended a step further and has announced “Achievers Scholarship”. Students registered in STEP programs will be able to avail the “Achievers Scholarship” which will sponsor education for the 50 Top scorers in MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test) and ECAT (Engineering Colleges Admission Test).

  • 15 scholarships will be offered to STEP registered ECAT top scorers for 4 years annually.
  • 35 scholarships will be offered to STEP registered MDCAT top scorers for 5 years annually. Whichever university the achievers choose to go to, they will receive an annual scholarship (fixed amount) for up to 5 years.


Dear Students, Following are the details of your online classes and user guidelines.

  1. Apply online from step website: https://admissions.step.pgc.edu/#/
  2. A challan form will be generated online after which you will receive a reference number on your mobile number + E-mail. Download your Challan Form
  3.  For online payment visit:  www.pay.pgc.edu or https://pgc.paymentprocessingpage.com/
  4. On-Campus session payments you can pay by visiting Punjab College campus.
  5. Verifications
  6. Once you have paid your fee, send your payment verifications as follows;
  7. For Virtual Session`s fee verifications send the paid challan form to WhatsApp number.
  8. Note: In case of online payment send the screenshot of the message you received from bank after payment.
  9. On Campus fee verifications contact campus for payment verifications.
  10. After payment verifications you will receive your username and password for  http://onlinestep.pgc.edu
  11. For Online portal, Use the username and password to access all comprehensive learning tools offered by STEP.


  •  Portal is accessible for both on-campus & Virtual students.
  • Tests will be solved on portal.