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June, 2024
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Are you ready to make your dreams take flight in the MDCAT? At STEP PREP, we’re committed to helping you gain admission to your targeted medical colleges and universities. This year, our SCCP 2024 program starts on June 25th, providing you with the most comprehensive preparation experience for your entry test. With SCCP 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your preparation by revisiting topics multiple times. Our program is designed to cover the entire MDCAT syllabus at least three times, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of every subject.
Additionally, SCCP offers full-length practice papers that give you a realistic idea of the actual MDCAT 2024 exam. Join us and take advantage of STEP’s PREP’s expert resources and methodologies to achieve top scores and reach your academic goals. Let’s make your medical career aspirations a reality!

Key Features

  • Three Time Syllabus Cover
  • 18 Lectures On Portal
  • 36 Regular Tests
  • 18 Crash Tests
  • 13 MDCAT FLPs
  • 6 NUMS FLPs

course details

  • Practice More Than Three – Times
  • Extensive Test Coverage with 72 Tests (each subject)
  • Real-Time Concept Clarification with Live & Recorded Test Discussions
With 36 unit-wise tests covering the complete MDCAT syllabus, you’ll master every essential concept. But that’s not all! We go above and beyond by offering an additional 18 tests, each distinct from the previous one, guaranteeing comprehensive syllabus coverage. Our live & recorded discussions accompanying each test will help you clarify any doubts and solidify your understanding.
We believe in thorough preparation. That’s why our session covers the syllabus not once, but three times! By revisiting key topics multiple times, you’ll develop a deep understanding and build the foundation necessary for a brilliant performance.
To help you familiarize yourself with the MDCAT test format, we offer 6 FLPs designed to mimic the real exam experience. By practicing under simulated test conditions, you’ll gain confidence and learn effective time management strategies.
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