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STEP offers FUNGAT course that prepares students for admission tests entertained at FAST, UET, NUST, and GIKI. The subjects include Maths, Physics, Chemistry/Computer and English, (Analytical and Quantitative).  It offers preparation of Pre-Engg syllabus of all Engineering Universities, along with additional qualitative and analytical reasoning classes.

FUNGAT entry test preparatory course provides diverse options so that the student can be prepared for admission test entertained at multiple universities like FAST, UET, NUST and GIKI in the fields of BS Engineering, Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelors in Computer sciences (BSCS) and many more.

STEP Courses Syllabus:

  • 36 Lectures +36 Tests+ (6 UET, 2 GIKI, 2 PIEAS, 2 FAST, 3 NUST) FLP’s & Follow-up Discussions