Check your marks securing ability in MDCAT
Starting From 08th AUGUST, 2023


Introducing a centralized MDCAT exam oriented session designed to assess the preparation of aspiring medical students. STEP, being the largest entry test preparatory network in Pakistan, has always been proactive regarding entrance test preparation needs of the students.

Keeping in view the rapidly occurring entry test policy changes, especially in MDCAT, STEP strongly feels the need to launch an exclusive session to fulfil every requirement of all pre-medical students.


This session caters to all students who aspire to pursue a career in MBBS, BDS, DPT, or any of the Allied Health Sciences (4-5 years) programmes. This session offers the best real-time assessment of preparation through our centralized MDCAT exam oriented session.


Exclusively for the students who are:

Self-Studying (Home-Based Preparation)

Students who have studied at home but in STEP TOP-NOTCH Session they can evaluate their preparation in a competitive environment.

Preparing from a different stream

Students who are unable to match the pace of their current preparation system.

Under confident regarding their preparation

Students who are confused regarding their preparation and need a holistic evaluation programme along with concrete learning.

Aiming high targets

Students who have high goals and want to get the best results in MDCAT.


  • Convenient Time Table (Morning & Evening slots available)
  • Maximum Real-time Practice
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Stress Management
  • Multiple Opportunities (MBBS | BDS | DPT | Allied Health Sciences)
  • Invigilation as per the standards of official MDCAT Exam
  • Test checking as per MDCAT standards
  • Centralized system in the entire Punjab & KPK (Students can join STEP TOP-NOTCH Session in any nearby PGC campus & Hadaf College)
  • Access to STEP Portal
  • Microsoft Teams (For addressing queries from teachers and providing counseling services by the Student Advisory & Counseling Department)
  • Affordable fee


18 days date sheet of STN Session (Sundays are also working days)

PM&DC standard assessment phases

challenger phase

08 quarter syllabus-based Challengers (2hr 20min for 140 MCQs)

04 half syllabus-based challengers (3hr 30min for 200 MCQs)

MOCK phase

06 complete syllabus Mocks: 04 MDCAT= 3hr 30min for 200 MCQs

02 NUMS= 3hr for 250 MCQs


PKR 10,000/- only

conditions apply

  • LMDCAT & LMDCAT with NUMS current year enrolled students of STEP= PKR 5,000/- only

If a student skips 2 tests in a week or faced consecutive 3 lates will bear the following circumstances:

  • Admission will be cancelled.
  • No fee refund will be given.

Note: Punjab Colleges and Hadaf College Campuses are designated exam centers for the STEP TOP-NOTCH SESSION.