LMDCAT stands for Long MDCAT which is the best possible utilization of the maximum time available to the students during and after 2nd year final exams till the entrance test (LMDCAT). This session exclusively focuses on the Entry Test syllabus and ensures repeated Evaluation, Practice & Preparation through the following Phases;

Phase- 1: (Sunday Session)

Thorough preparation for LMDCAT as per Entry Test syllabus comprises of Lectures, Tests & comprehensive discussions according to STEP scheme of studies.

Phase-II: (Regular Prep.)

Phase-II will be in continuation of Sunday Session which will include remaining preparation of STEP SOS (Scheme of Studies).

Phase-III: (Comprehensive Test Session & Crash Program for New students)

Phase-III comprises of Tests and detailed discussions only. It is also the crash program.

Phase-IV: (Super Final/Strikes)

Phase-IV is the final round of LMDCAT preparation containing “FIVE” Full Length Papers consisted of the questions from LMDCAT past papers ensuring the final revision for the final test (LMDCAT).


    • Total Number of MCQs :200
    • Duration of MDCAT :3.5 Hours
    • Format : Paper-based MCQs
    • Minimum pass marks for Medical College Admission : 55%
    • Minimum pass marks for Dental College Admission : 45%
    • No negative marking
Subjects No. of MCQ’s
Biology 68
Chemistry 54
Physics 54
English 18
Logical Reasoning 6
Total 200

Difficulty Level

    • 20% MCQs —- Easy
    • 60% MCQs —-Moderate
    • 20%MCQs —- HardNote: In Biology, Chemistry and Physics section, 70% questions will be recall and 30% will be application level


Courses Syllabus:


(18 Lectures + 36 Tests+5 FLP’s & Follow-up Discussions)


(18 Tests + 8 FLPs & Follow-up Discussions)

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