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Q1. How do we register with STEP for Entrance Exam Preparation?

Visit your nearest PGC campus to register yourself for entrance exam preparation. You can also register yourself online at step.pgc.edu/register/

Q2. Where are classes for STEP held?

STEP offers entrance exam preparatory classes at PGC Campuses.

Q3. Can Non-Punjabians apply?

STEP offers its entrance exam preparation for everyone.

Q4. What is the eligibility criteria for admission?

Students are expected to be in FSC Part-2.

Q5. Can repeaters apply?

Repeaters can definitely apply for the entry test preparatory programme offered at STEP.

Q6. In which cities is STEP offering entrance exam classes?

STEP being the largest entry test preparation network is full operative in 70+ cities across Pakistan. Please visit this link to know about your desired city. http://step.pgc.edu/contact-us/

Q7. What is the scholarship policy of STEP?

STEP offers merit-base and need-based scholarships to the students.

Q8. What is the criteria of need-based and merit-based scholarship?

STEP offers merit-based and need-based scholarship to its students.

Merit-Based Scholarship
Top three position holders of Intermediate part-I in each category (Pre-Medical, Pre-Engg., ICS, I.Com, F.A.) will be offered full scholarship.
Need-Based Scholarship
Discount cases are considered for the deserving students.

Q9. What is the Achievers Scholarship ‘18?

Students registered in STEP programs will be able to avail the ‘Achievers scholarship ’ in which it will sponsor education to its 50 Top scorers in MDCAT and ECAT (25 each).

Q10. Is there a dress code for students? or Are students allowed to wear colored clothes?

Students are allowed to appear in colored clothes. Propriety must be observed.

Q11. What is STEP's teaching methodology?

The STEP’s teaching methodology is ensured through comprehensive lectures, evaluative and simulated test sessions, and test based in-depth discussions.

Q12. What are the courses offered by STEP?

Courses offered at STEP include MDCAT, ECAT, FUNGAT, NTS, LMDCAT, LMDCAT (with NUMS), NUMS (Exclusive), LECAT, MDCAT (Crash Program), SAT-I, NET (I, II, III), LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.E) and LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.) + NET (I, II, III).

Q13. What is the difference between LECAT and FUNGAT?

LECAT stands for Long ECAT which offers preparation for ECAT, as per UET syllabus. While FUNGAT stands for FAST, UET, NUST, GIKI Admission Test that prepares students for entrance exams entertained at all engineering universities along with additional quantitative and analytical reasoning classes.

Q14. What is the difference between NMDCAT and LNMDCAT (with NUMS)?

LNMDCAT stands for Long National Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test, it offers extensive preparation for NMDCAT as per PMC syllabus. While LNMDCAT (with NUMS) offers preparation based on NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences) entrance test ensured through STEP’s teaching methodology based on FSc textbooks.

Q15. If we don’t join Sunday Sessions will Regular Sessions offer preparation from the start?

Indeed, Regular sessions will commence after F.Sc Part-2 exam that will offer preparation from the start.