L.ETEA Engineering


L.ETEA Engineering

The L.ETEA Engineering session merges the ETEA Engineering entry test by the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with NTS NAT-I/USAT. This session concentrates on ETEA syllabus and NTS, guaranteeing repeated assessment, practice, and preparation through multiple rounds.


  • Day one is an orientation day.
  • 24 Lectures
  • 24 Tests
  • 8 Cumulative tests
  • 3 FLP’s
  • Follow-up Discussions


  • In case of on-campus sessions; One Test will be conducted on-campus and other test on portal. However, in case of virtual sessions; both tests will be conducted on portal
  • Recorded discussions & lectures will be provided on portal.
  • FLP`S will conduct according to ETEA test pattern.


The National Testing Service (NTS) is an independent organization that conducts the NAT-I test 12 times a year for undergraduate admissions in various universities in Pakistan. Students can use their NAT-I scores for university admissions, or they can take the entry test of any university that follows the NTS pattern.

The USAT, which stands for the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test, serves as a pre-admission assessment for students pursuing higher education through undergraduate programs. This test is administered by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and is conducted by the Educational Testing Company (ETC), a testing organization similar to the National Testing Service (NTS).


SUBJECTS: English, Analytical, Quantitative

Lectures 10 Lectures 10
Tests 20 Tests 15