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Why Step

Outstanding Team

Our team is fully dedicated and committed to impart its students with a hands on learning experience. STEP by PGC is equipped with qualified entry test experts, who are centrally monitored by PGC’s head office, Lahore.

Bank of 30,000+ MCQs

We expose our students with a preparation resource that is updated and on point so that they develop skills to strategically tackle problems when they face exam. Our question bank is filled with standardize questions specifically designed to calibrate with entrance exam of different universities.

Our course pack comprises of 30,000+ Mcq’s that strategically enable students to stimulate their thinking speed to tackle the problem without panicking.

 Career Counseling

STEP provides its students with career counseling guide to help them set on the right track, so that their horizon gets broadened with clarity and determination. We provide counseling that prioritizes the student’s talent, ability, natural trends and contemporary scope to achieve full potential.

Skill Enhancing Workshops

Workshops are excellent means to impart skills required to score well in the entrance exam. Workshops play an essential role in harnessing student’s motivation whereby providing them exposure to learn how to incorporate learning strategies to solve problems and to ace the test with flying colors. These workshop sessions are held from time to time in regular intervals so that maximum results are achieved.

Exam Oriented Preparation

Our course pack is enrich with lectures and question bank, that are designed to meet the contemporary needs of the academia which is always evolving and it is updated from time to time according to the latest exam trend of different universities. Our preparatory course is dynamic and channelizes students effort in exam oriented direction.

Merit and Need Based Scholarships

We promote education and aim at expanding literacy rate, STEP cares and acknowledges the need of its students and provide incentives based on scholarships offered by PGC to its achievers and underprivileged students so that they achieve their goals without any pressure or hindrance.

Transport Facility

STEP’s candidates are provided with PGC’s transport network to facilitate their students to minimize their toil and time wastage regarding traveling issues.

World Class Study Resources

STEP’s team devised dynamic study resources for our students over the years which is streamlined and adaptive according to current challenging scenario and is in no respect less than world class study resources.

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