Why Should You Join STEP Top-Notch Session 2023?

Article: Why Should You Join STEP Top-Notch Session 2023?

Check your marks scoring ability in MDCAT 2023 with STEP Top-Notch Session 2023. STEP always keeps updating the sessions with every change in the policies of the entry test. Specially, the policies of MDCAT are rapidly changing and we are here to give you the best session for this year. 

We have designed this MDCAT preparatory session exclusively to cater to all the student preparation requirements to ace the entrance exam. Additionally, we aim to turn a pre-medical student into a medical professional in the future.  

What isSTEP Top-Notch Session 2023? 

Every student who is preparing to appear in MDCAT has a goal to secure a seat in any of the medical colleges across Pakistan. And we are here to help you pursue your career in MBBS, BDS, Pharm-D, DPT, or all the Allied Health Sciences degree programmes (4 or 5 years).  

With STEP Top-Notch Session 2023, you will get exam-oriented preparation for this year. 

STEP Top-Notch Session 2023 Scheme of Assessment  

The STEP Top-Notch (STN) Session is for 36 days. Even Sundays are on. As a result, you will practice more. The STN is based on the Assessment Phase that meets all the standards of PM & DC. This phase is divided into three sub-parts. 

1. Simulation Phase 

The simulation phase gives you a vital experience of MDCAT. This phase has 18 unit-wise simulations. Each test is 2hr 20min for 140 MCQs. 

2. Challenger Phase 

The challenger phase includes  

  • 08 quarter syllabus-based Challenger (2hr 20min for 140 MCQs)  
  • 04 half syllabus-based challenger(3hr 30min for 200 MCQs)  

3. Mock Phase 

Finally, the mock phase includes 06 complete syllabi Mocks:  

  • 04 MDCAT= 3hr 30min for 200 MCQs 
  • 02 NUMS= 3hr for 250 MCQs 

STEP Top-Notch Session 2023 Features  

1. Convenient Timetable 

We have both morning and evening slots available. Thus, you can join the session that you want and learn at your convenience with STEP-Top Notch Session 2023.  

2. Continuous Evaluation 

Our faculty and counsellors are always there for continuous evaluation. They will keep conducting discussions with every student. Furthermore, you can get a perfect view of your preparation skills with our extensive test discussions. 

3. Stress Management  

STEP also helps in stress management, too. You can learn to manage your stress with the help of our counsellors. Furthermore, you can also be a little stress-free about your preparation by practising the vast range of resources available at STEP Top-Notch Session 2023. 

4. Multiple Opportunities (MBBS | BDS | DPT | Allied Health Sciences) 

You can confidently apply to any medical field of your choice after preparing for MDCAT 2023 with us. 

5. Invigilation as per The Standards of the Official MDCAT Exam 

Additionally, our invigilation method meets all the standards of the official MDCAT exam. So, you will be able to experience the MDCAT exam environment beforehand.  

6. Test Checking as Per MDCAT Standards 

Our faculty marks your test as the MDCAT is marked. This will give you a clear idea of your expected result in MDCAT. 

7. Centralized System in the Entire Punjab & KPK 

Whether you are from Punjab or KPK, you can benefit from STN 2023. Our STEP Top-Notch Session 2023 is centralized for all the students in the entire Punjab and KPK. Thus, you can apply online or visit any nearby PGC campus & Hadaf College. 

8. Access to STEP Portal 

STEP Portal has all the resources available that you need for your MDCAT preparation. And the best part is that every student can get real-time access to the STEP portal.  

9. Microsoft Teams  

We have a whole team of Microsoft to help solve your queries via our teachers and counsellors in the Student Advisory & Counseling Department. 

10. Affordable fee 

We have designed the fee structure, especially by keeping in mind every student. The fees of STEP Top-Notch Session 2023 are affordable. In addition, you can also avail yourself of our scholarships. We offer need-based and merit-based scholarships for everyone. 

Who Can Join STEP Top-Notch Session 2023?  

1. Self-Studying Students 

If you are preparing at home, this top-notch session is here to assist you in your preparation in a competitive environment. 

2. Preparing from A Different Stream 

STEP is here to help the students who are unable to keep up the pace of their current preparation. Also, another benefit is that you can cover more ground in this way. 

3. Under-Confident Regarding Their Preparation 

It is common to feel under-confident even after trying your best. That is why STEP brought this course to boost confidence by helping you with all the resources. 

4. Aiming for High Targets 

A high percentage of our students get enrolled in top medical universities all over Pakistan. Thus, you can always aim higher with this outstanding MDCAT prep programme. 

Fee Structure 

The fee for STEP Top-Notch Session 2023 is 20,000 PKR/- only.  

The session will start on 15 July 2023. Enrol yourself now! 

Fee Submission Conditions 

1. Additional Fee

  • If you are already an enrolled student of STEP current year, the fee for this course will be = 15,000 PKR/-only 
  • If you are currently enrolled in LMDCAT & LMDCAT with NUMS current year, the fee will be = 5,000 PKR/-only 

2. In case of skipping two tests in a week or being late for 3 consecutive days

  • Admission will be cancelled 
  • A fee refund will not be applicable 

Note: You can visit any Punjab College or Hadaf College Campus for any query about STEP Top-Notch Session 2023or admission. 

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