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Entrance Test

An entrance test is an assessment that educational institutes held to select potential students for admissions. Entrance test is comprised of multiple choice questions which are routinely in accordance with your course or have relation with intelligence sort of queries. You are awarded short time to solve the questions with no extra time. Therefore, managing each multiple questions with 1 minute or less than 60 seconds is an art.

Only a proficient institute can train the students in a marvelous way to successfully pass the entrance test with outstanding marks. Once entrance test is cleared then it corroborates that a student is eligible to start the course in college or university.

Entrance TestSTEP Will Certify the Success for Entrance Test

STEP is a tactical and calculated entrance test preparatory system by Punjab Group of colleges. It offers entry test training modules to students. After your intermediate or A-Level exams if you want to know various types of Entry tests which are vital for different universities or colleges then STEP will gear you up. It will certify your success by offering 30,000+ multiple questions followed by evaluative entrance test papers.

We will indicate here different classifications regarding entry tests which are conducted by each province of Pakistan.

For instance, in KPK province entrance test is managed by ETEA (Education Testing and Evaluation Agency). Typically, ETEA is meant for admissions in medical or engineering programs. Similarly, MDCAT entrance test by Punjab province is meant to get admission in medical and dental colleges of Pakistan.

The students may get insights about following important factors which come under:

  • Entrance test requirements
  • Entrance test criteria
  • Entrance test eligibility
  • Entrance test weightage
  • Entrance test merit formula

For example, if you want to build career in engineering department, medical field, social sciences, management, natural sciences and forces then you should be prepared for entrance tests.

The seats are limited in almost each course. So, it is preference of each university or college to get the most suitable and talented students for educational programs.

STEP offers: (Best Entrance Test)

STEP offers test preparatory effective modules to push you up towards your career goals. Please note the following variety of entry test preparation courses which have been supported under one organization.

  1. MCAT/MDCAT Test Preparation
  2. LMDCAT Test Preparation
  3. ECAT Entry Test
  4. NET (I, II, III) Exam Preparation
  5. SAT-I
  6. LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.) Entrance Test Preparation
  7. NET (I, II, III)
  8. LECAT Preparation

The students will acquire extra-value from magnificent teaching approach, STEP by PGC mobile app and Electronic labs.

Preparation for Written Tests:

The written test is a must have evaluation factor whenever students take entry level tests. To pass entry level test, a student should not merely be dependent on written test but he or she is supposed to have analytical mindset.

STEP helps students in creating the critical and problem solving thinking. Obviously, short questions in tests, are prepared in accordance with subjects that are expected to be studied in higher classes. Additionally, they also have connection with IQ level and subjects that have been covered already by prospective students.

Interview Phase for Entrance Test 2020:

It is another important phase for students who are applying for entrance tests. It is not like a formal job interview but it is a point where students must give attention to. Without preparation for face to face interview session, students can find difficulties. It could be followed by skills test assessment for some certain majors.

We have covered numerous common questions that can help students factually. With it’s help students will not be confused at a time of answering complex queries. Because beforehand practice will boost up your confidence and energy level. So, try to prepare answers of these well-structured questions then you will have good impact in front of any solo or panel interview.

Some universities, especially private universities give more attention on interview stage for prospective students. You can understand it as applying for a highly paid job. If you are not well prepared then your future may be at risk, dear student!

The quality of interview can determine whether you are accepted or rejected. Please note following few repeatedly used queries that are entertained in most of interview tests.

  • Would you please tell me about yourself?
  • What do you know about this major so far?
  • If you are not accepted into this department, what could be other option in your mind?
  • What made you interested in entering this department (or especially this campus)?
  • Are you 100% sure you will be accepted? Yes? Why?
  • If there are certain things either positive or negative in you which can be changed, what are those characteristics / attitudes / habits /traits?
  • What are habits that you want to change?
  • What activities outside of class do you attend or wish to?
  • How do you know about this campus history?
  • What is your dream of life and education?
  • Why do we have to accept you as our next bright star?
  • What have been your achievements so far?
  • What are your strengths, and also do you know your weaknesses?
  • Are you sure you will be “successful” student here?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?
  • Tell me about your failed experience with open mind?
  • On a scale of one to ten, at which number you see your interest in this major subject?
  • Are you sure, this major is quite suitable in your future? If I say career prospects are not good or have limited scope, then what? Will you still go for it?

Tips for A Good Entrance Test:

Here are some things you need to pay attention to whenever you are applying to get admission in your desired college or university.

  1. Usually, registration and entrance tests are opened several times in a year. But if you already have done with preparation then it is better to get registered for tests immediately.
  2. You need to find out first which tests you will take. Get full details about pre-requisites. At least get some idea from past tests which are offered by STEP.
  3. Entrance test is not just answering written questions, you know, sometimes it is also necessary to appear in interviews. In above section we have mentioned some crucial questions. You should prepare answers before you come in Interview session.
  4. The advantage of registering at some reputable institute like STEP is that preparation starts early. It will help you in achieving the highest marks definitely.

When your other friends are nervous about preparation for college entrance exams, at same time you seem absolutely calm.

A better stance is to appear in entrance test as it is your final test. You need to pass entry level test at any cost because you don’t have extra time or budget.  Your chances of success will be quite high if you adopt this approach.

Preparation for Entrance Exams:

Some extra tips are given in order to prepare well for exam test.

Have you prepared practical study plan?

Some students remain busy in making plans about preparation for entrance tests but they don’t implement drafted plan practically. They don’t study according to plan. First they spend many days to draft a rough plan about test. Then they take extra time to change it. After many days or even after few weeks as they get a final working or study plan then they don’t start it immediately.

They keep postponing it until their test date comes. At that time, they feel confusion that how to manage it all? As a result, their performance in entrance test remains poor.

What are your “true” weaknesses?

Hold on for a while, do you know all weaknesses in your personality? Look, you are not in front of panel. You are asking this question from yourself. No one is looking or listening you. Be honest, be very fair in answering this question.

If you know what are your weaknesses but you try to hide them then it means you are not ready to manage them. You are not ready to convert your weaknesses into strengths.  You are not ready to expose it even in front of you. And ultimately you try to ignore them.

The results are sometimes very bad, because you have been hiding your weaknesses then a time comes when you appear in some written entrance test or in interview. At that time, your weaknesses appear in very bad way. And your whole career or future goes into risk.

So, knowing bad qualities or habits in time, then addressing them in logical way and trying to remove those obstacles from personality means you are near to success. You are near to cross a boundary line where other successful people reach.

Don’t be too much excited or over-confidence

It is also observed, some students become too much emotional or excited after reading question paper. Either test paper is really easy or it is too hard to attempt. In both cases, be calm, be relaxed and be careful. You need to read each question with vigilant eyes especially, ones having multiple choices.

The examiner makes up a mind to confuse you with words in your entrance test. You sometimes become overconfidence or get confused with these words. So first read them in ease and then write/tick the answers.

So, our advice is take each question as you know it already. And a student just needs to distribute time on each question with active mind.

Students willing to attempt Entry Test 2020, it’s time to gauge your preparation! STEP brings its renowned scholarship based Self-Assessment Test (SSAT) 2020. This test by the largest Entry Test preparatory network of Pakistan is a golden opportunity for students to know about their true standing for Entry Test. SSAT will not only help students to assess their preparation for Medical, Dental, and Engineering Entry Tests but also provide students a great opportunity to get free Entry Test Preparation from STEP.

Carrying the legacy of Punjab Group of Colleges, STEP is striving to equip students with the arsenal requisite to outshine in the Entry Test. STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT-2020) is a great platform for students to get Entry Test experience before appearing in the Entry Test 2020. Attempting SSAT will help students to understand the mechanism of Entry Test and on the other hand, the top 2500 top scorers of SSAT will be able to get FREE Entry Test preparation from STEP.


Striving for excellence, STEP Self-Assessment Test 2020 welcomes students to come and appraise their standing for the Entry Test. Students willing to appear for Entry Test 2020 must grab this golden chance on February 15, 2020. This renowned STEP Self-Assessment Test is going to benefit students in 70+ cities of Pakistan. STEP, Self-Assessment Test will serve students on two levels. On the first level, they will get a clear picture regarding their preparation. On another level, this test will provide detailed information regarding the entrance test for Medical, Dental, and Engineering Institutions. Eulogizing the hard work of students, STEP will be conferring Free Education to 2,500 Top Scorers of STEP Self-Assessment Test 2020. This includes 1,500 students of Medical & Dental and 1000 students of Engineering. Don’t wait and seize the chance to light up your future.

Scholarship Policy

Scholarship policy for STEP Self-Assessment Test is straight and holistic. Along with 2500 top scorers STEP will also give scholarship to other students as well.

  • 100% Scholarship for Top 2500 scorers
  • 10% scholarship for Non-Punjabians or Non-Hadaf Students on qualifying in the STEP Self-Assessment Test
  • 25% scholarship for Non-Punjabians or Non-Hadaf Students scoring 80%and above marks in the STEP Self-assessment Test. 

Who can apply?

Anyone from Intermediate Part-II who is aspiring to get admission in Medical, Dental & Engineering Institutions can show up for STEP Self-Assessment Test 2020. OPEN & FREE FOR ALL. All students, from Punjab Group of Colleges and Hadaf Group of Colleges or students from any other institution can appear in this scholarship based test.

How to Register?

We value the precious time of students! Procedure to become a part of SSAT 2020 is easy and straight. Now you can REGISTER ONLINE:http://bit.ly/SelfAssessment2020

Or contact your nearest Punjab College or Hadaf College Campus for FREE registrations of STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT-20). For more information feel free to contact us on our helpline: 0800-78608

Given below is the Syllabus, Pattern and Instructions for STEP Self-Assessment Test 2020


ETEA Medical / ETEA Engineering


Cracking the MDCAT exam is not just a matter of hard work and rigorous preparation but also requires special skills and guidance to give the best in the examination hall. After doing FSC students need to prepare and clear the MDCAT entrance exam within a short period. This entrance exam is mandatory to get admission to medical and dental colleges of both the public and private sectors.  At this stage, students need great guidance and assistance to fortify themselves with the requisite knowledge, skills, and tactics within a short time. So without wasting time, students must start their preparation. Here are an overarching approach and strategies to ace the MDCAT exam.

Get UHS Syllabus

Before starting your preparation of MDCAT, students must know about the exact MDCAT syllabus. This will help students to go in the right direction. After reading the syllabus, get it printed to keep it with you throughout your preparation. A hard copy of the syllabus will make it easy for you to access topics to be covered. STEP (The Largest Entry Test Preparation Network in Pakistan) offers extensive entry test preparation courses of Medical and Dental College and covers all topics mentioned in UHS MDCAT Syllabus.

Seek Guidance from MDCAT preparatory institution

To prepare the syllabus within a short span and to learn exam strategies, MDCAT preparatory institutions play an integral role. They lead students in the right direction and also equip students with all the tools and strategies imperative to ace the MDCAT exam. STEP (Strategic & Tactical Entry Test Preparatory) Program offers a great array of entry test preparation services and guidance to students that how they can cover all syllabus through MDCAT guide and hone their skills according to the requirements of MDCAT exam.

Prepare through lectures and tests

The best part of joining the entry test preparation institution is that they provide students complete schedule for preparation. This schedule is comprised of guidance lectures and tests to gauge student’s preparation. There is a great array of tests to familiarize students with the pattern of the MDCAT exam. For instance, STEP Teaching Methodology (STM) for pre-medical students is designed to meet the needs of students. This provides students with lectures on multiple topics, guides students for self-study and hone the preparation of students through test sessions and discussions.

Set your goals

It is rightly said, start your journey with the end in mind. Setting goals helps students to make calculations and align their focus. It helps students to be accountable for their efforts.  For MDCAT students, calculate your possible aggregate by adding your Matric/O levels and FSc/A levels grades and calculate that how much marks you need to score to get admission in medical and dental colleges. STEP teaching methodology (STM) helps students to set goals in the form of multiple test sessions. Getting through these test sessions on one side hone the skills of students and on the other side helps students to be more oriented towards their goals.

Follow a study routine

Making plans, setting goals will take you nowhere unless you start executing it through a daily routine. Once you start following a routine and stick to it, you will be able to make a difference. The secret to following your study routine is to make short tasks and divide time for every task. Right down your daily tasks and allocate the required time to every task. Now start tick marking your completed tasks of a day. Achieving these short goals by fulfilling your daily tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment. Solve maximum entry test papers practice will keep you determined and will also motivate you towards the achievement of your big goals. The teaching mechanism of STEP also emphasizes on this important factor. It also guides students to execute their study plans in a better way.

Practice leads towards perfection

It is rightly said that 70 percent of exam is practice. To ace any exam or test, we need to understand that practice is the key. The more you practice, the more you will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. Start solving maximum entry test past papers and MDCAT guide to get a better grip on the pattern of questions.

Certain questions are repeated every year. If you practice rigorously, you will be able to spot such questions. STEP provides a bank of 30,000+ MCQ and other preparation resources including entry test past papers that allows students to practice and pave their way to perfection.

Learn Time Management

We all know this fact that time management is the key to achieve your goals. Good time management helps to achieve big in a shorter time. Similarly learning the art of time management also helps to ace your MDCAT exam. It is as imperative as this exam itself. Students who allocate the right time to every section achieve maximum. Few questions require straight answers, for instance, MCQs of the Biology section. Most of the questions are straight lines from your textbooks. You don’t need much time to answer them.

Attempt this section first and save your time for other sections like the section of Physics which requires more time to calculate and find answers. STEP Teaching Methodology also teaches students this art of time management. STEP Sunday sessions start early preparation of students. Early preparation on one side equips students with the knowledge and on the other side tach students, skills like time management to ace MDCAT exam. If you don’t learn this art then even all your hard work is not going to make much difference.

Sleep well

Yes! Sleeping well is also important to get the best out of your study routine. Taking proper sleep helps the brain to function properly. This improves the concentration level of students and boosts their energy. Students who think that they can ace the MDCAT exam by giving extra time to the preparation and become sleep deprived deteriorates their learning capacity and efficiency.

This practice of sleeping less during proves counterproductive. At times students become insomniac and lost their concentration. On the other side, students who maintain the balance between study and sleep works in a better way. For a few people taking small power naps also helps to boost concentration level. Understand your sleep mechanism and make your study plan accordingly.

Stay Calm and motivated

Students must understand this fact that MDCAT is not just about your study and preparation. It also involves your ability to reason and think rationally. Staying calm and overcoming exam anxiety is also important to give your best during your MDCAT exam. Believing in your abilities and remaining hopeful throughout your MDCAT journey is imperative to give your best in the exam.

You worked hard and equipped yourself with the skills and knowledge. Now remain confident that you will be able to ace this exam. Keep up with your morals and give your best in the final exam. Students should also perform daily prayers to their faith stern and thoughts aligned. Praying will give them clarity of mind and determination towards the attainment of their goals. STEP also conduct motivational sessions in different cities to keep students motivated and oriented.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will be helpful for students to channelize their time and energy in the right direction and they will be able to do great in the examination hall.

Read more about How to prepare for MDCAT

MDCAT (Medical & Dental College Admission Test) formerly known as MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is of prodigious importance for medical study. The new name was assigned in the year of 2017 when former Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif contributed a plan to check the cheating system in exams. If you are living in the province of Punjab, then you have to pass this admission test for MBBS or BDS programs. It is one of the minimum requirements if you want to have higher education in the medical field.

This admission test is based on multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Each MCQ has specific mark and if any student gives the wrong answer then negative marking will be applied. This test cannot be skipped because all the private and public sector colleges and universities have made MDCAT as an obligatory test.

The basic notion behind this test is to gage the knowledge level or ability of a student to appear in the BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) or MBBS. If some aspirant has 60% marks in Intermediate or equivalent education, then he or she can be affirmed eligible for this medial test in Punjab.

What is the status of Overseas or Islamabad Based Students?

If a student is not from the province of Punjab, then what are the options for such students? So, in this article you will read the status of such candidates. If you belong to Islamabad Capital Territory or Gilgit Baltistan, then you are good to go for Medical & Dental College Admission Test.

Now, we can talk about the persons who are not in Pakistan but they want to get admission in medical and dental colleges. Although, they live outside Pakistan but they are Pakistanis and the government gave them go-ahead to try their luck.

Even a dual nationality holder can also apply for medical and dental colleges successfully if those students have passed the SAT II Aptitude Exam or American MCAT. SAT has two modules.

SAT was termed as Scholastic Aptitude Test and also the Scholastic Assessment Test. You can call it Reasoning Test in these days. However, open merit seats are generally not allocated against SAT II/ American MCAT scores. These are some basic but vital information which each student must keep in mind.

This exam is conducted in most of the colleges and universities of the United States to check the aptitude of students who come there for study.

PMDC’S Merit Calculation:

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council set criteria or merit calculation for students who are going to choose their careers in MBBS or BDS degrees. Three types of marks are taken into consideration:

  1. Marks obtained in Secondary School Certificate
  2. Marks gained in Higher Secondary School Certificate
  3. MDCAT Marks

So, fundamentally, your calculation of merit will be reviewed with the help of the following aggregate percentage. Your 10% marks in Matriculation, 40% marks in HSSC/F.Sc (Premedical / Equivalent exam) and finally to be declared as a successful candidate your 50% marks in MDCAT (MCAT) will  decide the future. SAT II/American MCAT will have different minimum scores level.

If you are in KPK then you cannot get enrolled in MDCAT/MCAT Punjab rather an aspirant is required to attempt for EATA Entrance Test. After completing it KPK students will be eligible to apply in Government medical colleges of Punjab and these will be reciprocal seats.

We will list down top medical fields in Pakistan in detail below but first of all, let us tell you about the current demands of medical jobs in Pakistan. It’s true health care or medical jobs pay you a lot.  The health facilities are not a lot. The atmosphere of Pakistan is not people friendly. Due to these reasons, people are suffering a lot. Lack of experienced doctors especially in rural areas has become a critical issue.

Two bottom lines are very popular when you talk about the medical profession.

  1. Degree courses should teach health experts to feel pain for needy persons.
  2. The jobs placement should be well organized and it is one of the prime responsibility of provincial as well as the federal government.

A Field that suits your passion:

This article will also help you in a sense if you are looking for a field that is other than MBBS or BDS.  What can be the best alternative for MBBS and BDS? For example, you Google on this topic but not sufficient data is available for you then, you are at the right place. We will let you know the exact field for which you have a great passion. It is not a matter of the traditional degree program only rather it is concerned with your interest too.

Does Life end after MCAT failure?

If a student is not lucky in MCAT then he or she does not need to live life like a loser. Nothing to be worried much if you want to do something big. Several options are there other than MBBS. Life does not ask you to stop every action if you are not in the MBBS program. Just think maybe God has created you to sever the people in a much better way. What we think is the result of our own mentality and wishes. What Does our Creator want? Have we ever spent some hours or minutes at this point?

I am sure when you will start pondering on the above-mentioned point, although it’s a bit difficult but it is a great motivation that can let you serve humanity. Think in this way, think to serve the ones who need you right now. Look at the persons who are crying for pains but no one is there to give them comfort. Maybe God selected you to put your hands on them, maybe God has chosen you to take away all pains from them. Maybe God has sent you in the world to be handy for ones who are needy and prefer to die rather than begging to any person.

DVM or Veterinary Doctor

DVM is the best option if you are not selected in MBBS. Especially for males its better option and one more thing to note is the salary level is normally higher than a normal MBBS degree holder. But in our society, we call them “dangar doctor”. It is a really pathetic situation because it is not an easy field.

 DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

DPT also has a bright future and scope in Pakistan. It this field you are required to study Anatomy. Other subjects are

  • Physiology,
  • Genetics
  • Kinesiology,
  • Biostatistics,
  • Biochemistry

More than 20 subjects are required to get a degree of DPT. Their basic duty is to cure the ones who suffer from paralysis. Some persons get injured due to accidents. Some parts of the body become disable for kind of movement. In this scenario, such doctors try to make the disabled organ working again. To cope with these disability issues, a physical therapist recommends different medicines and exercises to patients. So, you have come to know, it is almost the same thing as an MBBS doctor does.

Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy)

In pharmacy, the name of a professional degree is D. Pharmacy. Further, we can classify it into different branches such as:

  1. Hospital pharmacy
  2. Industrial pharmacy
  3. Community pharmacy
  4. Consultant pharmacy

Basically, it is a subject which involves the study of health sciences and chemical sciences. It makes sure that how to make drug use safe for adults and even for infants? What are the precautionary methods to preserve medicines and how to check the side effects of each drug over the human body?

Scope of D. pharmacy:

  • After successfully completing the degree program you can work as a highly paid pharmacist
  • In any hospital, you can work as a pharmacist
  • You can also become a consultant who deals in pharmacy

B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology

In Pakistan, there is a big problem in finding a suitable job. Even if you have a specialized management degree or bachelor degree then still, there is no surety for an instant job. The persons who want to explore “top medical fields in Pakistancan get proper information about B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology as after completing this program they can get a good job in research laboratories.

There are several animal, plant or microbial Biotechnology laboratories where you can apply with full confidence. The main duties of such health officials are to make the products healthy for human beings. In research centers, they conduct different experiments and present the best ideas to preserve foods and daily routine stuff.

 B.Sc (Hons) MMG (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)

After completing this prestigious degree, you would be able to go into the following fields

  • Microbiologist
  • Assistant professor
  • Clinical research associate etc.

Microbiology and Genetics are the two departments where you can get a job. It’s not a small point, the degree must lead towards a job in a short time. That’s also an important thing nowadays. So, you can become a successful geneticist as well as microbiologist due to the degree of MMG.

There would be several other study programs that you can go through if you are not a successful candidate in MBBS.

Check out the following additional degree programs:

  1. B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology
  2. B.Sc (Hons) DMLS (Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences)
  3. Sc (Hons) Dental Technology
  4. Sc (Hons) Doctor Optometry (OD)
  5. Sc (Hons) Surgery Technology


Rising, aced or below par, it’s time to gauge your true footing! STEP brings a golden opportunity to assess your preparation for Medical, Dental, and Engineering Institution’s entry tests.
Introduction to Self-Assessment Test` 2019
Carrying the legacy of Punjab Group of Colleges, STEP is striving to equip students with the arsenal requisite to outshine in the academic world. STEP Self-assessment test (SSAT-19) is a perfect blend of criteria & preparation requisite for Pakistan’s well reputed professional Medical, Dental, and Engineering Institutes entry tests.
Striving for excellence, STEP Self-Assessment Test ’19 welcome students to come and appraise their standing for the entrance test. Come and avail this propitious chance on Saturday, February 16, 2019.
This highly productive STEP Self Assessment Test 19 is going to benefit students in 70+ cities of Pakistan. STEP, Self-Assessment will serve students on two levels. On the first level, they will get a clear picture regarding their preparation. On another level, this test will provide detailed information regarding the entrance test for Medical, Dental, and Engineering Institutions.
Eulogizing the success of our high fliers, STEP will be conferring Free Education to 2,500 Top Scorers of STEP Self Assessment Test ’19 (1,500 Medical & Dental and 1000 Engineering categories). Seize the chance and take a STEP to light up your future.
How to get registered?
We value your precious time! Procedure to become a part of this test is easy and straight. For free registrations of STEP Self Assessment Test (SSAT-19), kindly contact your nearest Punjab College or for more information. To avoid any inconvenience, please call our helpline: 0800-78608
Note: Anyone from Intermediate Part-II who is aspiring to get admission in Medical, Dental & Engineering Institutions can show up for STEP Self Assessment Test ’19. OPEN & FREE FOR ALL
Given below is the syllabus, pattern and instructions for STEP Self Assessment Test ’19:

Tips to approach MDCAT 2018
An entrance exam is the best methodology for knowing where you stand intellectually. It comprises of knowledge and command over different subjects which is further based on two major elements: IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Entry test mainly focuses on students IQ, they have to encounter the tricky questions based on similar knowledge entertained in Intermediate.

No need to worry since you have prepared outrageously. Just give yourself the space to understand the question before dealing with it.  You have got it covered.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Time pressure, stress, and knowledge testing are another important factors upon which students are examined during entry tests.

Be sure to keep yourself motivated and develop a trust in yourself that you did your best to make it till here or you can watch a motivational video or two, to you boost yourself up.

Make sure you don’t get nervousness during the test since you are well prepared to ace your entrance exam.

MDCAT Syllabus

In case you’re missing out on the UHS Syllabus, visit the following link to download it: MDCAT 2018 Syllabus.
In order to access MDCAT ‘18 Admittance Card, Roll Number and other important details, visit the following link: MDCAT Admittance Card and other details.

Important things to Remember:

Calculators, Books/Notes, Erasers, Lead pencils, Stapler, Metallic Pen, Mobile Phones, Purse/Hand Bags and any other electronic device (Watch, Headphone, and Bluetooth) are not allowed in the Examination Centre.

Don’t forget to bring with you:
  • A clean Clipboard
  • Two blue ballpoint pens (Not Marker)
  • Original Domicile/Passport/CNIC
  • Print-out of Admittance Card

Please be at your previous examination centers at 8:00 A.M. on 23rd September, 2018 (Sunday).

No candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Centre after 9:15 A.M.

NOTE: Please remember! No Candidate will be allowed to enter Examination Centre without the Print-out of Admittance Card & Original Domicile/Passport/CNIC.

Other than that make sure to follow up with the following points:

Follow Your Study Plan

Mark your calendar and plan out that how much time you need to give yourself to prepare. Give more time to topics which you find difficult and keep a buffer so that you can complete some pending tasks. Once things are steam lined, you will be able to prepare effectively.

Sort Your Course Material

List down important topics or key phrases to align your preparations. Revise your material, make sure you go through the notes/books thoroughly.

Start by focusing on weak areas first and end your preparation by revising those weak areas. Cover each topic and prepare extensively so you can have a proper grip of your course material.

Combat Time-bound Challenge

In order to meet the time challenge adequately, do not spend more than 41 seconds per MCQ.  Keep an eye on the clock and take a breath or two but also make sure you don’t rush yourself during entrance exams.

Don’t Skip Sleep

Put your thoughts in the drawers because a good night sleep helps boost the overall performance, along with problem-solving psychological mechanism and mental adaptability to all sorts of psychological challenges.

Proper sleep means good health and a fresh mind for the next morning that eventually leads to remarkable performance on your exam day.  Most importantly, napping before an exam is as good for your memory as cramming.

Calm Your Nerves

Test success depends upon keen and focused powers of concentration and memory. Don’t let your focus divert from your goal. Only an attentive and motivated mind is a key of success factor.

It is important to be aware of breathing when managing stressful situations. Panicking right before the exam just won’t do, it’ll only further mess up your preparation. So make sure you tackle entrance test with a calm mind.

Proper Intake of Food

Have a nice cup of tea to help you relax your mind. Whereas, proper intake of food will help you settle nerves frazzled by study and exam anxiety.

So skipping on your diet won’t do any good. Your breakfast and night meal are real-time energy boosters, and you can beat anything.

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Bag

You need to be well equipped for the exam day. Gather all the necessary requirements for the entrance exam. Make sure you bring along your Admittance Card, Original Domicile/Passport/CNIC, Clipboard and two Blue Ballpoint Pens (Not Marker).

Hustle Hard Future Doctors

Effort never goes unrewarded, so don’t forget to hustle hard and give your 100%.  Be focused and composed, set all your energy in the right direction so you can outperform your entrance exam.

STEP wishes BEST OF LUCK to its Future Doctors!