Prepare MDCAT with 40k Practice MCQS & 900 TESTS 

Article: Prepare MDCAT with 40k Practice MCQS & 900 TESTS 

Yes! You read it right. STEP Prep brings a new session for the MDCAT aspirants with massive preparation opportunities to prepare for the MDCAT. Hence, if you want to get the highest marks in MDCAT 2024, you can join STEP BATCH 93.7+ with complete confidence. 

Prepare MDCAT with 40000 Practice MCQs 

MDCAT is a medical entry test conducted across Pakistan annually. Every year a massive number of students want to join the most reputed medical institutions like King Edward Medical University (KEMU). However, not all have their luck. However, you can have luck through a proper mechanism to ace the highest merit of this medical school.  

STEP Prep has initiated a new regular session for MDCAT aspirants in which students will get enough opportunities to learn and practice the knowledge and develop skills to score more than 93.7 % in medical entrance test exam.  

MDCAT is an MCQS-based test. Therefore, the best way to prepare MDCAT 2024 is to practice as many MCQs as possible. For the same reason, STEP PREP has included 40000+ practice MCQs in its newest MDCAT session.  

Appear in 900 Practice Tests for MDCAT  

There is a well-known saying- Practice makes a man perfect! The same is deeply applied when it comes to exam preparations of any type. MDCAT is no exception and the most effective way to score high in such a competitive national exam, practice is the only tool that can sharpen your skills to develop the required level of expertise for MDCAT 2024. 

Hence, in this new regular session for MDCAT 2024 preparations in Pakistan, the biggest preparatory academy has thoroughly included the 900 practice tests cumulatively. The students will get 180 tests on each subject of the MDCAT syllabus.  

Now, you can fairly understand the depth you will touch in this medical entry test regular batch, which aims to achieve more than 93.7% in any case!  

Spend More than 700 Hours in Discussions 

STEP Prep believes in open discussions to clarify any confusion students may have. Moreover, the efficiency of appearing in various practice tests multiplies if post-test discussions are carried out!  

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Hence, the students will have ample opportunity to participate in open discussions in STEP Batch 93.7+. These discussions will clear the minds of any confusion or misconception regarding subjects, content, foundation elements, and everything that is a part of the syllabus for MDCAT subjects content.

180 + Practice Worksheets & Drills  

MDCAT expertise is all about practice and more practice. The more you go through the statements, the more you become familiar with what the examiner is asking about. These practice opportunities increase your capacity to understand and make links in your mind about the subject, its facts and figures, and their workings. This term is known as mind mapping! And it works like wonders.  

Therefore, MDCAT practice is incomplete at STEP Prep without practice worksheets and drills. So, you will get 36 worksheets and drills for each MDCAT subject.   

STEP 93.7 batch salient features for mdcat 24

Looking For MDCAT Past Papers?  

MDCAT past papers are one of the best sources for preparing for the MDCAT exam every time. However, there is a possibility of a change of pattern or course content with a gap of some years. Therefore, the MDCAT papers for the previous 2-5 years are a fair enough and effective exam prep source.  

STEP PREP has also included the past MDCAT papers from the preceding two years. Therefore, the enrolees of BATCH 93.7+ will also receive this during this regular session.  

Join the Online MDCAT Preparations Today 

We are now approaching the most exciting part of this crack MDCAT Journey at STEP PREP! We are conducting the classes for Batch 93.7+, which is a rigorous regular session for MDCAT 2024 preparation on two different dimensions.  

Virtual Sessions, also called MDCAT online sessions, are offered in addition to the physical campus-based classes.  

Moreover, recorded sessions that are entirely diverse in content are also available to prepare MDCAT 2024.  

Best MDCAT Classes are Available at STEP Prep 

Apart from the virtual sessions and recorded classes, the students who want to join the physical classes for MDCAT can join their nearest STEP PREP campus for preparation purposes.  

Want to Score More than 93.7 % in MDACT in 2024? 

Apply today through our online admission portal for BATCH 93.7 +, and you’ll be taking the right step towards scoring high in MDCAT 2024.  


STEP PREP offers a massive road map aiming to score more than 93.7% in the MDCAT exams 2024. Students who want to prepare for the MDCAT with focused study and clear directions to land in Pakistan’s most reputed medical school should not miss this wholesome chance. Virtual classes are also available. Applications are accepted through an online portal.  

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How do you become the top scorer in MDCAT 2024? 
You can become the top scorer in MDCAT 2024 with STEP BATCH 93.7 +. See complete details 

    What is MDCAT?  
    MDCAT is an aptitude test for entering the field of medicine and dentistry. For complete course details, you can visit the course outline.  

    Does STEP PREP offer any Scholarships? 
    Yes, you can check out more details on our scholarship page.  

    Why is STEP the Best Academy for MDCAT? 

    STEP PREP is the largest academy for various entry tests in Pakistan. We offer ECAT, MDCAT, and other courses. We have a proven track record of success for more than six years. Here are the reasons why STEP PREP is the best academy for MDCAT preparations.  

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