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Why is STEP the best academy for MDCAT preparation in 2024?  

What makes the best academy for MDCAT preparation? This is a question you must ask before considering any of the institutes for entry test preparation.  STEP by PGC is the best academy for MDCAT in 2024. There are countless reasons behind making this claim. Go through this blog post, and you will have your answer.  

Reason to Join MDCAT Early Regular Session 2024  

MDCAT preparation is never too easy for the aspirants for many reasons. Therefore, though many motivated youngsters appear in the medical entry test, also known as MDCAT, only a few successfully crack it. Hence, aspirants should join some professional institution for medical entry test preparations. This article explores the reasons to join the MDCAT Early

STEP Early Regular Session 2024 Starts on January 7th 

Hey, pre-medical students! Are you in search of the best academy for entry test preparation? STEP by PGC is a pioneer institution providing top-notch MDCAT preparation sessions and practice lessons. STEP Early Regular Session 2024 is about to start from January 07th. Get yourself enrolled and avail a golden and timely chance to prepare to

How to Prepare MDCAT Syllabus 2024 as a Repeater?

If you did not get your desired score in the MDCAT 2023 result, you do not have to lose hope because you can still do better. Covering the MDCAT Syllabus 2024 as a repeater is another task, now, you are filled with mixed emotions. But you should know that the best thing you can do for

Last Chance to Enrol for STN Mock Exams Before MDCAT Exam 2023 

Are you underconfident or unsure about your entry test preparation for MDCAT 2023? STEP by PGC (Punjab Group of Colleges) is here to help you through multiple mock exams available at our STEP Top-Notch (STN) 2023. But you must hurry up and enrol yourself for this amazing opportunity right now as it is the last

Best Tips for Entry Test Prep Before MDCAT 2023 Date

If you are an MDCAT 2023 aspirant, then you must have known how difficult it can be. But you do not have to worry as I am here to share all the top entry test tips and tricks in the most summarised form prior to MDCAT 2023 date. So, stay with me and read this

Ace Your MDCAT Exams Prep with STEP Top-Notch Phase 2 

If you aspire to become a doctor or dentist in future? Then you must score high in your MDCAT exams 2023. Hence, STEP by Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings an outstanding programme for you which is STEP Top-Notch (STN) for aspiring students like you. You will be able to improve your medical test score

Top 5 Medical Fields in Pakistan Other than MBBS and BDS

If you are looking for an article that describes the top 5 medical fields in Pakistan other than MBBS and BDS, you have come to the right place.   The healthcare industry offers a wide range of specializations; however, most Pakistanis focus on earning an MBBS degree. So, MBBS and BDS remain the most popular options for those

STEP Top-Notch Session: The Best Choice for MDCAT Test Prep

What is MDCAT Test?  The test that will get you a pass to your desired medical college is the MDCAT Test. The Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) was first held in 1998, under the leadership of the Chief Minister of that time; Mian Shahbaz Sharif.  The HSSC exam had many cases of cheating, so, to reduce

Achieve the Best Results with Our MDCAT Preparation Programme 

STEP is an institute with the most detailed range of entrance test preparation programmes. It includes both medical entrance tests as well as engineering entrance tests. The sessions which are focused on medical and dental college admissions include:  STEP Top-Notch Programme is the latest one for MDCAT preparation 2023. It will start from 15 July

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