Why is STEP the best academy for MDCAT preparation in 2024?  

Article: Why is STEP the best academy for MDCAT preparation in 2024?  

What makes the best academy for MDCAT preparation? This is a question you must ask before considering any of the institutes for entry test preparation.  STEP by PGC is the best academy for MDCAT in 2024. There are countless reasons behind making this claim. Go through this blog post, and you will have your answer.  

The Largest Entry Test Preparation Network in Pakistan 

STEP by PGC is the largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan. As a project of Punjab Group, parents and students have confidence in our abilities to provide the right direction with correct and most needed guidance.  

Furthermore, STEP is a sound believer in concept building and clear thought. Therefore, we ensure all our students get in-depth knowledge in the most easy and natural way. Which is instilled in their memory to handle any question in the entry tests of the country. STEP by PGC also has scholarship options and financial assistance for students. 

Moreover, at STEP by PGC, we offer the entry test preparations for various medical and engineering entry tests.  

  1. MDCAT 
  2. ECAT 
  3. FUNGAT 
  4. NUMS 
  5. NUST  

And many others are also available.  

STEP by PGC Offers Virtual & Physical Classes 

In addition to catering various entry test preparation sessions. STEP by PGC also serves students in the best way possible. Therefore, we offer a choice to our students to make for the types of classes they want to attend.  

Those students who want to attend on-campus classes can join our physical classes. Whereas those who want to study online can get connected to us through virtual classes.  

Moreover, the students of STEP by PGC can also continue their learning process without any hurdle of time and space. This is made possible by the downloadable app on iOS and Android versions.    

There are many other learning facilities available for our enrolled students in the content below.  

Latest Learning Facilities Available 

In addition to the mobile apps, STEP by PGC offers  

  • Video Lectures,  
  • Test Discussions,  
  • Q&A Sessions And  
  • Availability of test sheets on the prescribed pattern to help students handle the anxiety of papers and  
  • We offer career counselling services to our students.  

All these things are offered by STEP by PGC, the best academy for MDCAT preparation. 

MDCAT Early Regular Session 2024 

Cracking an entry test takes time and practice. In addition, the level of competition is crazy in such entry tests. There are thousands of candidates appear in the test, and only a few from the top are successful.  

To enhance the possibility of success for our students, STEP by PGC has initiated the early regular session for MDCAT 2024. This early regular session has three phases. Get more details about the MDCAT early regular session 2024. In this article, we will discuss Phase-1 & Phase-2 in detail.  

What PHASE-1 Holds? 

MDCAT Early Regular Session 2024 is catering for the MDCAT preparation for three (3) courses.  

  1. MDCAT 
  1. LMDCAT 
  1. LMDCAT with NUMs 

Students can join any of the courses as per their entry test anticipation. However, Phase-1 offers weekend classes (Sundays) only because the regular classes for intermediate part II are still on, and STEP brought in interested students for MDCAT preparations to ace the medical entry test in 2024.  

The students will get a unique and fulfilling combo of lectures, discussions, tests and recordings in phase –1 of MDCAT early regular session 2024. Also, both options of virtual and physical classes are duly available for students. 

What Phase-2 Offers? 

Phase 2 is the continuation of MDCAT early regular sessions 2024. It will be initiated after the board exams for intermediate part-II will be over. The students will have ample time to focus on their entry test preparations for MDCAT 2024.  

Therefore, the anticipated schedule for Phase –II classes is on regular days. This phase also has a combination of lectures, tests, and video discussions. Further, there is also an inclusion of 5 FLPs with discussions for students.   

There are some points to consider for STEP MDCAT Early Regular Session 2024 Phase-1 & Phase-2. 

  1. Students opting for the MDCAT course will only have access to these two phases.  
  1. However, the students enrolled for LMDCT and LMDCAT for NUMs will also get a chance to join phase 3 of the STEP MDCAT early regular session 2024. 
MDCAT preparation in 2024
Learning Facilities at STEP

However, the students will get access to multiple learning tools by STEP so that they can get ideal support to complete their entry test preparation for MDCAT 2024.  

  • Video Lectures 
  • Tests as per your Scheme of Studies 
  • Recorded Test Discussions 
  • Worksheets for Practice 
  • Practice MCQs with Explanations 
  • Career Counselling 
  • Live Question & Answer Session with Entry Test Specialists on Microsoft Teams 
  • Mobile App 

In addition to all these learning tools, the students of Phase 1 and Phase 2 can also get scholarships in their respective courses. The scholarship options are duly available at the best academy for MDCAT preparations.  

Still looking to register with Early Regular Session? Apply here.  

Final Words 

MDCAT Early regular session 2024 at STEP by PGC can be your gateway to success regarding the most anticipated point of your career. You can start earlier than others and do well in MDCAT preparation. This will ultimately help you ace the MDCAT 2024 for your admission dreams. We are sure that you know why we say why is STEP the best academy for MDCAT preparation in 2024!