STEP Early Regular Session 2024 Starts on January 7th 

Article: STEP Early Regular Session 2024 Starts on January 7th 

Hey, pre-medical students! Are you in search of the best academy for entry test preparation? STEP by PGC is a pioneer institution providing top-notch MDCAT preparation sessions and practice lessons. STEP Early Regular Session 2024 is about to start from January 07th. Get yourself enrolled and avail a golden and timely chance to prepare to lead your desired medical line. This article explores more, also the admission link is available later to proceed with your application.  

STEP Early Regular Session 2024 

For rewarding MDCAT preparation, STEP by PGC is a well-known institution. We have a proven record of positions in MDCAT, LMDCAT, and other national entry exams. Hence, if you are a student of A-levels or equivalent. You can join us in the STEP early regular session 2024.  

Prepare Medical Entry Test Courses in ‘24 

In this early regular session’24, STEP by PGC is offering the following courses for preparation purposes.  

  1. MDCAT 
  2. LMDCAT 
  3. LMDCAT with NUMS 
Infographic 1
Available Courses in Early Regular Session 2024 at STEP by PGC

Let’s explore these one by one a bit, in the text below.  


MDCAT is an entry test for the medical and dental professions. It is an objective type of exam, that comprises Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). You can get more informed about the same from the Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC). However, regular proceedings are updated on our website following the official announcements.   


LMDCAT is an abbreviation of Long MDCAT. It is a preparation session that initiates soon after the examination of the second year is completed. This is the best way to employ the time resource in the best way possible.  


The third option offered for entry test preparation purposes at the early regular session 2024 is the LMDCAT with NUMS. In this course, students can get exam-ready for PMC, and NUMS entrance tests through a solid and details road map. More details on LMDCAT with NUMS course are included.  

Easy-to-Follow Study Plan  

STEP by PGC understands the tough schedule of intermediate, A-Level students. Therefore, we have kept the course plan for STEP Early Regular Session 2024 which is feasible for all.  

The session has three (3) different phases. For the duration, and inclusive details, you can read below. 

Phase-1 (Sunday Session) 

The first phase of the Early Regular Session 2024 will start before the final exams of FSc, I-e II year, with weekend classes.  Students will be able to join any of the virtual and on-campus sessions. Both are offered to the joiners.  

With 18 Sundays, students will get 06 lectures on each subject with a duration of 90 minutes. 

The aspirants of the early regular session 2024, phase-1 will get a chance to attempt 12 tests of each subject on the actual test pattern through the attempt on bubble answer sheets. 

After-Test discussion is a prominent part of STEP by PGC preparation sessions. The same would be also available for the students of STEP early regular session 2024. Our 2024 session is available on both on-campus and virtual models. The after-test discussion would also be conducted in both venues.  

Through Microsoft Teams, LIVE discussions will become a part of virtual participants. Whereas tests will be discussed in class on campus. Recordings would also be provided on the portal for our students of STEP early regular sessions ‘24. 

Please note, that in MDCAT course sessions students will only be accessible to the Phase-1 & Phase-2 of the Early Regular Session.   

 Phase-2 (Regular Session) 

Once, the students are free from the annual examinations of FSc part II (2nd Year), we shall continue our medical entry test preparations with daily classes under the same STEP Early Regular Session 2024.  

The remaining topics and preparations will become a part of phase II. This phase will have daily classes instead of Sunday classes.  

Our students will further get 12 lectures on each subject with a 90-minute duration.  

In this regular session, 24 tests shall be included on each subject with a video discussion.  

In addition, 05 FLPs with discussions are part of phase 2 of STEP Early Regular Session 2024.  

FLPs will be conducted on the exact pattern of the relevant test pattern.  

Also note, that the students who will enrol for the MDCAT course will get admission and access to phase-1 and phase-2 of STEP Early Regular Session 2024.  

However, the students who will get registered for LMDCAT and LMDCAT for NUMS will get access to all (Phase-1, phase-2, and Phase-3) Though, the students opting for LMDCAT for NUMS will be provided with the additional NUMS FLPS only in the phase –3 of this session.  

Phase-3 CRASH Programme (TEST SESSION) 

Phase 3 of STEP Early Regular Session is about testing.  

This session is available for the LMDCAT and LMDCAT for NUMS enrolments. Furthermore, this phase will have 18 tests for each subject and 08 FLPs with bubble sheet video and LIVE discussions.  

Those who will get enrolled with LMDCAT for NUMS session will also get a chance to attempt 5 NUMS FLPs.  

Infographic 2
Course Plan in Early Regular Session’24

STEP Early Regular Session 2024: Salient Features  

Whether you enrol with any of the MDCAT courses, you can avail the beneficial features of studying with STEP by PGC MDCAT preparations.  

STEP will give you access to the following range of learning tools: 

  1. Video Lectures 
  2. Tests as per your Scheme of Studies 
  3. Recorded Test Discussions 
  4. Worksheets for Practice 
  5. Practice MCQs with Explanations 
  6. Career Counselling 
  7. Live Question & Answer Session with Entry Test Specialists on Microsoft Teams 
  8. Mobile App (Available on iOS & Play Store)

Fee Structure  

Now, if you are in search of the fee details for the STEP Early Regular Session’24, you can see the details here, also we offer scholarship options. However, please keep in mind that the fee once submitted is non-refundable.   

Reasons to Join ERS 2024 

Now you know all the details regarding the STEP Early Regular Session 2024. We know that you know the reasons to join this session. Yet, we have penned a few down.  

  • Whether you are a fresher or a repeater, you can join STEP Early Regular 2024 to strengthen your grip on the medical entry test for high scoring.  
  • At STEP by PGC, we have professional and trained educators who will clear up your mind regarding the sound concepts of all subjects. This will enable you to understand any concept in a better way.  
  • Early risers are winners. Hence, if you will join the early regular session 2024, you will be ahead of those who may start later. Remember, practice makes a man perfect!  
  • From virtual sessions to video recordings, tests after learning classes, and post-test discussions clear out many confusions and provide you the freedom to learn as per your time availability.  

Apply Online 

Now all you have to do is to get enrolled in the STEP Early Regular Session 2024, you can apply for online (virtual) sessions and on-campus sessions. You can apply for virtual sessions through the website portal. Whereas, for on-campus, you must visit your nearest PGC Campus.  

Final Words 

STEP by PGC is a renowned name of trust when it comes to entry test preparations. We have a proven record of self-spoken results. Keeping the tradition of excellence alive, STEP by PGC brings Early Regular Session 2024 from January 7th,2024. Don’t miss out, start early and take the lead.