Attention 9th Class Students: Ace 9th Boards via Evening Coaching 

Article: Attention 9th Class Students: Ace 9th Boards via Evening Coaching 

We know you, 9th Class students, are super excited about your 9th boards in Pakistan. Whether you appear in the Lahore Board or Federal Board of Education’s annual examination, this article addresses you! To ace the exams, get STEP evening coaching by STEP Prep! 

Class 9th Board Exams 

The 9th and 10th board exams are equally important. The reason is the equal distribution of marks between the secondary school certificate classes (SSC exams).  

Pakistan’s 9th and 10th classes are also known as SSC Part I and SSC Part II. The syllabus and contents are also diverse for both. Moreover, the practical exams are also a part of matric part II, whereas the 9th exams (matric part I) are mostly about the theory exams.  

Considering this, the syllabus for the 9th grade includes subjects like Tarjuma tul Quran, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology or Computer, Urdu, Pak Studies, Islamic Studies, and Maths for class 9.  

It is essential to study properly for class 9th and be disciplined. Therefore, evening coaching for IX students is a go-to idea for great marks in annual board exams. The 9th-graders can get complete lectures and repetitive tests in STEP evening coaching through a properly designed learning plan.   

Understanding the Need for IX Class Board Exam Preparation 

Preparing for the 9th course is essential for two main reasons

  1. The marks students obtain in the 9th and 10th get accumulated for the matric result declaration.  
  1. The 9th class course curriculum mainly focuses on building solid foundations in all subjects, including Biology for class 9th and others.  

Therefore, students should consider the importance of 9th class education in the long-term educational record. This opens the admission options for intermediate students and BS students.  

Hence, it is wise to input your focus on the important element of success- 9 class. For obvious reasons, studying for such a critical class could overwhelm many students.  Hence, evening coaching is an inevitable option to consider for great scores in class 9th. Interested in knowing how?  

Let’s see below!  

What is 9th Class Evening Coaching and How Does it Work? 

STEP evening coaching is a project of STEP Prep- the largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan. Evening coaching offered by STEP is ideal for students of matric and intermediate. Ample opportunities to practice and learn the curriculum of your respective classes.   

The evening coaching offers comprehensive learning through the following aspects. 

  1. A day-wise scheme of study for the students of class 9.  
  2. Availability of user-friendly virtual support (ARVO) to make learning more accessible and interesting for students.  
  3. The 9th class students enrolled in the STEP evening coaching will also get personalised counselling, and result-based recommendations through AI assistance. This feature is equally available for the students in matric part II and intermediate part I & II classes respectively.  
  4. Moreover, the evening classes will follow a comprehensive learning plan for 9th grade and onwards. The learning plan includes proper lectures, revisions, and various test sessions. Furthermore, the 9th course that would be a part of evening coaching for class IX will be the same as outlined and structured by the educational boards across Punjab, Pakistan.  

 You can check out the 9th course curriculum.  

What is 9th class evening coaching

Advantages of Opting for Evening Coaching for 9th Boards 

Joining the STEP evening coaching for the 9th would benefit students for various reasons.  

  1.   9th graders will get an improved and enhanced understanding of each subject through focused sessions 
  1. Furthermore, the evening coaching will provide an opportunity for personalised attention and doubt clarification in important subjects like Biology/ Computer, Physics, and Chemistry for class 9th and others.  
  1. In addition, the 9th class evening classes will also prepare students for time management, paper-attempting skills, and profound study habits. 
  1. Enrolling in STEP evening coaching would provide direct access to experienced faculty and valued study materials, as determined by the mentor.  
  1. Last but not least, 9th evening classes with STEP evening coaching will increase the potential for better performance in classes and board exams.  

Tips for Choosing the Right Evening Coaching For 9th

There are many evening coaching institutions available for the 9th. However, the right one may not fit all. Hence, the following are some of the factors to consider if you are looking for the class 9th evening coaching.  

    A. Researching reputable coaching institutes in the nearest area 

    B. Considering factors such as faculty expertise, teaching methodology, and past success rates. 

    C. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous students. 

    D. Visiting the institute and attending demo classes (if possible). 

    E. Making an informed decision based on individual requirements and preferences. 

Henceforth, you can learn why STEP Evening coaching is the best evening coaching for 9th-class students.  

Moreover, if you are keen to know the importance of evening coaching, you can read it on our blog.   

Apply for Class 9th Evening Classes 

You can apply through our online portal and get yourself registered for 9th class evening coaching.  

You may also look for your nearest STEP evening coaching campus.  


If you are a student in class 9th and will be appearing in the annual board examination under the Lahore and Federal Boards of Education, STEP evening coaching is an ideal option to prepare for the annual board papers. Start a journey to success with STEP Evening Coaching for the 9th class and onwards!  

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