STEP PREP Regular Session Admissions 2024 Opens! 

Article: STEP PREP Regular Session Admissions 2024 Opens! 

Passing an entrance test with high scores is the prerequisite for joining the reputed and top-rated colleges and universities for the major fields of education in Pakistan. For example, students must pass MDCAT for medicine, ECAT for engineering and FUNGAT for other university admissions. STEP Prep is the top-tier institute in Pakistan when it comes about entry test. Our students seize the top positions with a high percentile in entry tests. Which ultimately results in their admission to renowned institutions. In 2024, you can become the next top scorer as STEP PREP opens regular session admissions in 2024.  

What Courses are Included in STEP PREP Regular Session 2024? 

STEP PREP Regular Session in 2024 offers an opportunity to prepare for the entry tests for medicine, engineering, and other majors like NUMS, NTS, and UET. Regular session consists of daily regular classes with multiple revisions. Our two sessions are starting in May 2024 for STEP REGULAR SESSION 2024. Details are available in the following.  This article includes the eligibility criteria, fee details, and online application portal links.  

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MDCAT is the most followed entry test in Pakistan. It is important to know those students who want to join the medical and dental colleges will appear in the MDCAT test. MDCAT is standardised multiple-choice question (MCQ) test.  

In this test, a student is assessed on his understanding of the basic science questions. The subjects of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English are a part of it. In addition, the analytical skills are gauged through assessing critical and problem-solving skills. You can find more details about STEP MDCAT here.  


Long MDCAT is also available under regular session 2024 at STEP PREP. In this course, the students can utilise their time assets after the second year (2nd year). This programme is designed to enable the students to complete the course and do various revision cycles to get more detailed and in-depth preparation.  


Long MDCAT with NUMs is your option if you want to appear for PMC, and NUM’s entry test includes an extensive study plan with lectures, tests, and discussions of FSC textbooks. Complete details about LMDCAT with NUMs can be seen here. 


Those who are interested in universities like FAST, UET, NUST, GIKI, USAT, PIEAS, and others would be opting for FUNGAT. STEP PREP is offering a FUNGAT CRASH programme for students to undergo extensive test sessions to prepare for multiple top-tier university entry tests.  

Are you interested in learning more? You can visit the FUNGAT CRASH programme details.  

ECAT CRASH Programme 

Last but not least, STEP Prep is also offering an engineering crash programme for interested ones. In this crash course, students will get practice through drills, lectures, tests, and discussions. For more details about the ECAT CRASH Programme, students can look through the website 

How Does STEP PREP Regular Session Help Students? 

STEP PREP believes in ‘walking the talk’. There are various reasons why STEP PREP is the best institute for MDCAT. Therefore, at the STEP regular session 2024, a properly structured program covers the relevant courses in multiple dimensions. Ultimately, students will get the following aids to ace their chosen entry test preparation courses.  

  • Additional Tests and Workshops 
  • Extra Drills and Quizzes 
  • Additional Test Discussions 
  • Online Practice MCQs with Explanation 
  • Exclusive Career Guide.  

With additional tests and workshops, students will cover the nitty-gritty of the subjects and content. With repetitive tests, the practice would clear the concepts and strengthen the conceptual base for subjects. This would help solve any tricky problem in the entry test and later years.  

The extra drills and quizzes would also help students understand the test patterns and get hands-on pressure management experience.  

Likewise, the availability of online practice MCQs with explanations will help students to get through the possible questions, underlying concepts, and tricky statements a paper setter may use to test their knowledge and grip on their chosen field foundations.  

In addition, STEP PREP also includes an exclusive career guide for students that will help them identify possible career options at an early stage.  

Who Can Apply for Regular Session 2024? 

Intermediate (Inter-part 2) (part II) and A-level students can apply for STEP regular session 24. It is open to 2nd-year freshers and repeaters also.   

Check Out Course Details & Fess Structures 

The fee structures for all the entry tests can be seen in the Fee Details section. Moreover, the regular sessions in 2024 are open for intermediate part 2 students. Repeaters, freshers, and A-Level students are all eligible for the STEP Regular Session 2024.  

One session is about to start on 16th May 2024 (Thursday). The next one would be on the go on May 26th 2024 (Sunday) STEP PREP offers admissions for virtual sessions and on-campus sessions. You can choose as per your preferences.  

Apply for Virtual Sessions 

Students who are interested in virtual sessions can apply through an online admission portal. The online admission portal is available on our website.  

Visit the Nearest PGC Campus for Physical Campus 

On the other hand, those students who want to join the on-campus sessions. They can visit their nearest PGC campus.  

Furthermore, in case of any information, you can contact our helpline at 0800-78608 (Monday- Friday 9 am-5 pm)