Ace Your MDCAT Exams Prep with STEP Top-Notch Phase 2 

Article: Ace Your MDCAT Exams Prep with STEP Top-Notch Phase 2 

If you aspire to become a doctor or dentist in future? Then you must score high in your MDCAT exams 2023. Hence, STEP by Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings an outstanding programme for you which is STEP Top-Notch (STN) for aspiring students like you. You will be able to improve your medical test score rigorously through proper guidance and best practices offered at STEP prep with us. 

Introduction to MDCAT Exams 

The Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) also known as the National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (NMDCAT) is an entrance exam comprising multiple-choice questions (MCQ) conducted every year to assess your aptitude for admissions in medical and dental colleges.  

Therefore, you will be able to achieve your goal only by clearing the entrance exam. Later, you will have a lot of opportunities to pursue your studies in the medical field. Remember, you can achieve all your goals through your hard work and smart work.  

What is STEP Top-Notch (STN) Programme? 

STEP top-notch (STN) is an MDCAT exams-oriented preparatory session launched by the largest entry test preparation network in Pakistan which is STEP. Following the tradition of regular practice, we are now at its second phase known as the challenger phase, designed to accommodate students with the high standard for exam prep.  

In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best MDCAT preparatory course, then STEP is here for you. Even if you were not a part of our first phase (simulation phase), you can still join STEP in the challenger phase. You can register now to experience standard education and assessment as this phase will start from 08-August-2023

Who Should Enrol to STEP Top-Notch 2023 Challenger Phase? 

As you know, the PMC MDCAT registration has been closed on 31 July 2023. So, after registering, what comes next? it is high time is to invest all your efforts into the preparation for this test.  

If you are still thinking about whether you should join our top-notch challenger phase or not, then you must not waste your time and check if this is a fruitful idea for your prep or not. STN is ideal for you if you fall in any of the following criteria:  

1. Self-Studying Student 

We have always listened that hard work always pays off which is totally correct but in today’s competitive world, you also need to work smart. To raise your standard of preparation for MDCAT exams optimally, you require abundant guidance and practice.  

So, with the challenger phase of STEP top-notch 2023, you can accelerate your studies and time management ability in a far better way at STN. Thus, this session would be beneficial for your life prospects. 

2. Preparing from a Different Stream 

Have you already registered for any other MDCAT course? But you are not able to get your desired progress in your current prep course, then you can apply at STEP for the best preparatory experience now! 

3. Underconfident Students for MDCAT Exams 

Are you not confident enough about your prep? Then you must join our outstanding session because it will help you cope with your studies and regular tests in a competitive environment. Hence, you will be able to understand your shortcomings and improve them in real time. 

4. Aiming for High Scores 

If you want to excel in your MDCAT exams this year, then you must not leave any stone unturned which means you have to join an exclusive course which is STEP Top-Notch 2023. You can get admission in MBBS, BDS, or any Allied Health degree with a high aggregate which is only possible if you achieve an outstanding score in the entry test 2023. 

Specifications of Challenger Phase of STN 


STN second phase includes phase with two types of tests which includes the following: 

  1. Quarter-Syllabus Tests: 08 tests of 140 MCQs each for 2hr 20min 
  2. Half-Syllabus Tests: 04 tests of 200 MCQs each for 3hr 30min 

Now, you must have made up your mind about joining our course, then let me elaborate on some of the key features available at STN. 

Astonishing Features of STN for MDCAT Exams 2023 

At STEP, we provide you with all the updated exam questions, past papers of every subject, real-time revision opportunities and discussions after each test. In short, we are best at what we do. So, the advantages you can avail yourself of are mentioned below: 

  1. Flexible Timetable (both morning and evening classes are available) 
  2. Incredible Teaching Methodologies 
  3. MCQs bank of more than 70,000 questions available online 
  4. Multiple workshops will cover all the units of every subject 
  5. Career counselling by Student Advisory and Counselling Department (SACD
  6. Our invigilation system is as per the standards of official MDCAT exams 
  7. Marking of all the tests is also done according to the official standards of PMDC 
  8. You will have 24/7 access to the STEP portal and STEP App (which contains all the educational material and past papers for every subject) 
  9. Stress Management Guidance  
  10. Constant self-evaluation chances 
  11. Affordable Fee 

Fee Structure 

As mentioned above, the fee is kept quite affordable for everyone which is only 10,000/- PKR. (With conditions applied) 

Scholarship Criteria at STEP 

Along with the affordable fee structure, we also offer you multiple scholarships which are as follows: 

  1. Merit-based Scholarship 
  2. Need-Based Scholarship 
  3. Kinship-Based Scholarship 
  4. Alumni-Based Scholarship  

(Note: If you have been a student at Punjab College, STEP or Hadaf College, then you can avail yourself of a 25% scholarship at STEP) 

Centres for STN 

All the campuses of Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) and Hadaf Colleges are the centres for the STEP Top-Notch Session 2023 (challenger phase). So, if you are from Punjab or KPK, you can easily enrol yourself now! 

Get Your Admission for MDCAT Exams Prep at STEP Top-Notch Course Now! 

You can visit any nearby STN centre to join our challenger phase or enrol online via the STEP portal. Thus, you can apply to construct your future with great life opportunities with us right now! Learn more through the STEP website.