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Article: Engineering Colleges Admission Test

ECAT the test that is the Engineering Colleges Admission Test which has been recently conducted. This year 41,000 students appeared in ECAT 2017 conducted by UET. The seats may however be very limited in comparison to the number of candidates appearing. However, this year there have been some major improvements in the overall testing systems. The advancement in entry test preparation systems and methodologies is worth noticing. Usage of multimedia and integration of technology into the classrooms has already become a thing of necessity in this modern age of advancement. The contemporary style of teaching involves the use of smart approach and technical aspects of imparting knowledge to boost the understanding of students. The simple textbook teaching and rote memorization is already an obsolete methodology that is hardly condemned by all good institutions and entry tests somehow challenge these systems because they solely are based on analytical skills and concepts.

What was the most new and innovative approach taken towards entry test preparation was the launch of Pakistan’s first ever comprehensive entry test preparation app. STEP, the strategical and tactical entry test preparation programme emerged as a very strong preparatory system by introducing their mobile app with the name of “STEP by PGC”. The app brought test practice to homes and made it easy and handy.

The App provides the students with a question bank of 30,000 mcqs. It also includes past papers and online counselor for the students for their further assistance. Students could easily access the past test papers for ECAT preparation. These papers enabled them to practice tests at home and develop their analytical skills to comprehend the pattern of questions that are asked in such tests.  Previously before such entry test platforms started offering detailed preparatory courses online there were a few online platforms offering entry test mcqs for engineering download option. There was a limited number of sources to find mcqs for entry test with answers. Students relied on entry test preparation notes being sold in the market or provided by a few academies. However with the changing times the entry test preparation has revolutionized. Preparation for entry test for engineering has taken a smarter and more advanced turn since there are now facilities available for free online entry test preparation.

Awareness about test procedure and exposure to time bound practice has been available to students through STEP’s offline app. Not only that but the constant updates and STEP tips shared on their social media were free and elaborate enough to prepare the students regarding how to take an entrance exam. Special tips were uploaded on STEP’s Social Media for ECAT students to give them a heads up on how to take ECAT exam. On 16th July 2017, the most anticipated test day came and went. It was when the thousands of students attempted the quiz of their fate. This ECAT test will determine which students will become engineers and which will not and which engineering institute will they be attending for engineering. Now the drill of the test is over, the course of applying for admissions and finding institutes has begun. Admissions are opening and there are engineering college forms available now.

Process of Submission of Engineering Colleges Admission Test Form

The process of submission of engineering colleges admission test form 2017 is now taking place. Students have decide where they want to go and collect application forms for engineering colleges. There was a time when admission in engineering colleges on basis of 12th marks was a major possibility, but now without good entrance test results students cannot be admitted in any engineering institute.  Even the engineering admission process after 12th grade results is a thing of the past. The admission procedures now start off early. For some institutions the admissions begin even before the students have appeared in their final term exams of 12th standard or A’ Levels. These institutes do not rely on intermediate total or any other marks more than their own eligibility criteria since they have their own admission tests and detailed procedures. Universities who do wait till the final exams are over also do not wait till the results are out. These institutes open their admissions on the basis of marks obtained until the part one examinations. Students have to apply at most of the institutions on the basis of their marks in matriculation and intermediate part 1. They appear in entry tests and the results of the test make a major part of total aggregate which defines their eligibility to be admitted into a certain program at a certain institution.

STEP has uploaded the results for ECAT this year and has made all the relevant information available at its website. After the announcement of ECAT results students are curious to find out when will engineering colleges start 2017 so they can begin their journey towards their dreams. The engineering college starting date 2017 will be notified by the institutions after completion of admission process. However a tentative date has been declared by some of the notable engineering universities.

When it comes to admission procedures, dates and deadlines, it is important that students are aware of all the crucial details and have the proper guidance so they can secure seats in the most prestigious institutions.  STEP in this regard plays a very significant role in keeping students updated with all admission announcements of all the institutions. If a student needs to learn about any admission opening, or has a query about how to apply for which program and where then this student may feel lost somehow. The problem our youth has had to face for years and is still facing at some extent is not knowing where to go and not having anyone to offer proper guidance. If only students knew that they can just type away any query regarding any concerns they might have while choosing a career path or applying at any institute for any program than they wouldn’t have to wander for answers or go through any struggles. STEP offers complete career counseling to all the students who want to pursue any career at any University or College. There is a helpline of STEP dedicated for this facility where information offers are available to answer any question regarding any profession or professional institute. All the admission dates, procedures and deadlines can be easily inquired through STEP’s Social Media i.e., Website, Mobile App STEP by PGC and the Helpline 0800 78608.

To find out about any college or university , any program or any dates or deadlines you can contact STEP Information Officers and Admission Counselors wherever you are and whenever you want. Just Type Away!

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