Enhance Your Entry Test Preparation for MDCAT at Home

Article: Enhance Your Entry Test Preparation for MDCAT at Home

Enhance Your Entry Test Preparation for MDCAT at Home

Are you worried about your entry test preparation for MDCAT this year? It is only natural to be stressed about MDCAT as it is a difficult test to pass. However, there is no need to panic; I have you covered.   

STEP by PGC is a project by the Punjab Group of Colleges. STEP aims at nothing but preparing students for all kinds of entry tests. Our STEP super batch session starts on April 28, 2023. This is the perfect preparatory session for all the repeater students for entry test preparation for MDCAT 2023.  

Can You Do the Entry Test Preparation for the MDCAT at Home? 

One of the best things about STEP by PGC is that we offer both on-campus and virtual sessions. That means, if you feel more comfortable preparing for the entry test at home, you can join our online MDCAT session.  

10 Reasons to Choose STEP Super Batch for Entry Test Preparation for MDCAT 

There are so many reasons to choose STEP by PGC’s STEP Super Batch session for MDCAT preparation. I am going to describe each one of the ten reasons in detail. 

1. Virtual Session Option 

It is the best option for all the students who cannot attend the on-campus sessions. Similarly, if you feel more productive at home, then you can join the session online and start the entry test preparation for MDCAT 2023. Isn’t it great? you will not have to come daily to the campus and take the classes, tests, and discussions online.  

2. Detailed Video Lectures 

When you are in the intermediate, most of the students cram the textbooks to score good marks in their finals. However, MDCAT is not about cramming but having a strong grip over the concepts.  

For that, you must take the lectures. STEP super batch online sessions provide you with 18 detailed lectures on each subject. Each lecture is of 1 hour and 30 minutes. These lectures will cover the whole MDCAT syllabus. In addition, our faculty makes sure you have every concept crystal clear by the end of the session so that you make no mistakes in the MDCAT.  

3. Extensive Tests and Assessments 

To attempt the multiple choice questions, you must practice MCQs a lot before the final exam. For that purpose, STEP offers 35,000 multiple-choice questions in our STEPO super batch session. So, your entry test preparation for MDCAT will be on-point. There will be two types of tests: 

1. Unit-Wise Tests 

You will attempt 36 unit-wise tests in our virtual MDCAT session. In these tests, you will come across every possible question that can appear in the final test.  

2. Crash Program Tests 

There will be 18 crash program tests in the STEP super batch for your entry test preparation for MDCAT.  

4. Live Test Discussions 

After every test, our teachers will discuss the whole test. They will explain every question in depth. You will know the reasons behind the correct answer and why all the other answers are wrong. In a virtual session, you will have live discussions.  

5. Worksheets 

For more practice, STEP provides the students with worksheets. Worksheets contain additional MCQs for each subject. Thus, you can practice them and improve your overall preparation.  

6. Practice Drills 

The Pakistan Medical Council provides the students with sample papers to give an idea about how the MDCA will be. This is very beneficial for entry test preparation for MDCAT 2023.  

7. MDCAT Full-Length Papers 

You will attempt 13 MDCAT full-length papers during the STEP super batch session. This will give you an understanding of how you will manage time and attempt questions in the final MDCAT to score excellent marks.  

8. NUMS Full-Length Papers 

The STEP super batch also prepares you for the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) test. So, you will attempt 5 NUMS FLPs in this repeater session as well. 

9. Student Counselling Services 

STEP has Student Advisory and Counselling Department (SACD). This department provides professional career advising services. So, you can seek career guidance from our professionals anytime you want.  

10. Entry Test Cracking Tips 

Another amazing thing about joining STEP by PGC for entry test preparation for MDCAT in 2023 is that, apart from getting a high-quality education, you will also get tips from teachers. In addition, these tricks and tips will help you attempt the MDCAT successfully and score the required score to get admission to one of eth medical or dental colleges.  

How Can You Apply for Virtual STEP Super Batch Session? 

To apply for the online session, please click on this link. A new page will open with the “Apply Now for Virtual Session” button. Click on that button, and you will be directed to a page that contains an online form. 

Fill out the form, submit the fee, and you are enrolled. Hurry up now as the session starts on April 28.