Enrol Yourself to STEP MDCAT Session for Best Possible Score

Article: Enrol Yourself to STEP MDCAT Session for Best Possible Score

STEP is the largest network with a vast range of plans for MDCAT preparation to choose from. For entry test preparation, the STEP MDCAT session is the best. You can enrol on our latest STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme to get one step closer to achieving your dreams. 

SCCP offers not only a comprehensive range of classes but also it includes a lot of different kinds of tests. You can learn and practice each subject with the help of all the educational and academic resources available at our institute. 

MDCAT FORMAT for 2023 

Thousands of students appear for the entrance test every year. As this test is very important for choosing our future doctors, dentist and other healthcare professionals, the format is updated every year.  

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Commission (PMDC) has designed the format for MDCAT to access your ability to choose the best among all. 

  • 1. STEP MDCAT has described the full format of MDCAT 2023 online. There will be a total of 200 MCQs. Each question carries equal marks which is 1.
  • 2. Entry test for all pre-medical students is paper-based MCQs 
  • 3. 3.5 hours have been allotted for MDCAT 2023 
  • 4. If you want to get admission to medical college, you need to score at least 55% on MDCAT for admission. But if you’re going to get admission to any dental college, you need to score a minimum of 45%. 
  • 5. You have the benefit for MDCAT 2023, that there will be no negative marking this year. This can enhance your overall entry test score. 

What is Comprehensive Crash Course? 

A Comprehensive preparatory session means that it includes every aspect needed to fulfil your goal. And a crash course means it includes the most resourceful methods to gain effective growth rapidly. STEP keenly views all the needs of a pre-med student and designs each course in your best interest. 

We know you have done years of hard work on the way to your goal of getting a seat in a reputable medical college. That is why we want to help you move intelligently on the road towards your success.  

Our faculty is highly educated and experienced. So, you can all benefit from their expertise to polish your future.  

Thus, we can proudly say that STEP MDCAT programmes bring out the best in the students each year. As a result, our students have secured the top three positions in Punjab in 2022. You can be the Topper of this year’s medical entrance exam by preparing with our STEP MDCAT session. 

What Makes SCCP 2023 The Best STEP MDCAT Session? 

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The months before MDCAT is when many educational institutes introduce new preparation or test sessions. So, what makes SCCP stand out among those? No need to think more, I will tell you briefly about the factors that make us the best in this field. 

1. Dual Shifts to Attend Classes 

We provide both facilities for your MDCAT prep needs. You can attend classes either on-campus or virtually.  

2. Triple Coverage of Syllabus 

The speciality of our comprehensive crash session is that it will allow you to cover the entry test syllabus more than one time. Your ability to excel in MDCAT will be enhanced to three times more than others with our significant syllabus coverage. 

You can get the best grip on the key topics of each subject through SCCP. Thus, we can say that the STEP MDCAT will assist you in making your dream of becoming a doctor a reality.  

3. Steady Practice 

You can avail yourself of the opportunity to have steady practice. Continuous learning will help you retain knowledge on important topics. You will be able to understand all the important points for MDCAT questions more efficiently with us. 

4. Discussions at Your Convenience 

Test discussions are available in recorded form online for virtual sessions. And live discussions are done for the on-site session. These discussions will assist you in levelling up your overall preparation. 

5. 24/7 Access to Helping Materials 

You can have access to past papers or other entry test-related materials anytime via our STEP by PGC APP or STEP Portal. However, you can log in to it after registering for the STEP MDCAT course. 

6. FLPs According to MDCAT Format 

This session includes 6 full-length papers to mimic the medical entrance exam. This can help you practice more efficiently with real-time MDCAT experience. After these tests, your self-confidence will be elevated.  

Fee for virtual and on-site sessions 

The fee structure for online and on-campus classes is different. But both are set to make it affordable for most of you.  

  • a. The fee for online classes is 19550 PKR/- 
  • b. The fee for the on-site session is 39100 PKR/- 

Furthermore, you can apply for our scholarships based on the criteria. 

  • a. Kinship based 
  • b. Merit-based 
  • c. Need-based 
  • d. STEP self-assessment test score based 
  • e. 25% off for all Punjab College, Hadaf College and STEP students for an on-site course 

Join Our STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme for Rapid Learning.  

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