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Entrance Test

An entrance test is an assessment that educational institutes held to select potential students for admissions. Entrance test is comprised of multiple choice questions which are routinely in accordance with your course or have relation with intelligence sort of queries. You are awarded short time to solve the questions with no extra time. Therefore, managing each multiple questions with 1 minute or less than 60 seconds is an art.

Only a proficient institute can train the students in a marvelous way to successfully pass the entrance test with outstanding marks. Once entrance test is cleared then it corroborates that a student is eligible to start the course in college or university.

Entrance TestSTEP Will Certify the Success for Entrance Test

STEP is a tactical and calculated entrance test preparatory system by Punjab Group of colleges. It offers entry test training modules to students. After your intermediate or A-Level exams if you want to know various types of Entry tests which are vital for different universities or colleges then STEP will gear you up. It will certify your success by offering 30,000+ multiple questions followed by evaluative entrance test papers.

We will indicate here different classifications regarding entry tests which are conducted by each province of Pakistan.

For instance, in KPK province entrance test is managed by ETEA (Education Testing and Evaluation Agency). Typically, ETEA is meant for admissions in medical or engineering programs. Similarly, MDCAT entrance test by Punjab province is meant to get admission in medical and dental colleges of Pakistan.

The students may get insights about following important factors which come under:

  • Entrance test requirements
  • Entrance test criteria
  • Entrance test eligibility
  • Entrance test weightage
  • Entrance test merit formula

For example, if you want to build career in engineering department, medical field, social sciences, management, natural sciences and forces then you should be prepared for entrance tests.

The seats are limited in almost each course. So, it is preference of each university or college to get the most suitable and talented students for educational programs.

STEP offers: (Best Entrance Test)

STEP offers test preparatory effective modules to push you up towards your career goals. Please note the following variety of entry test preparation courses which have been supported under one organization.

  1. MCAT/MDCAT Test Preparation
  2. LMDCAT Test Preparation
  3. ECAT Entry Test
  4. NET (I, II, III) Exam Preparation
  5. SAT-I
  6. LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.) Entrance Test Preparation
  7. NET (I, II, III)
  8. LECAT Preparation

The students will acquire extra-value from magnificent teaching approach, STEP by PGC mobile app and Electronic labs.

Preparation for Written Tests:

The written test is a must have evaluation factor whenever students take entry level tests. To pass entry level test, a student should not merely be dependent on written test but he or she is supposed to have analytical mindset.

STEP helps students in creating the critical and problem solving thinking. Obviously, short questions in tests, are prepared in accordance with subjects that are expected to be studied in higher classes. Additionally, they also have connection with IQ level and subjects that have been covered already by prospective students.

Interview Phase for Entrance Test 2020:

It is another important phase for students who are applying for entrance tests. It is not like a formal job interview but it is a point where students must give attention to. Without preparation for face to face interview session, students can find difficulties. It could be followed by skills test assessment for some certain majors.

We have covered numerous common questions that can help students factually. With it’s help students will not be confused at a time of answering complex queries. Because beforehand practice will boost up your confidence and energy level. So, try to prepare answers of these well-structured questions then you will have good impact in front of any solo or panel interview.

Some universities, especially private universities give more attention on interview stage for prospective students. You can understand it as applying for a highly paid job. If you are not well prepared then your future may be at risk, dear student!

The quality of interview can determine whether you are accepted or rejected. Please note following few repeatedly used queries that are entertained in most of interview tests.

  • Would you please tell me about yourself?
  • What do you know about this major so far?
  • If you are not accepted into this department, what could be other option in your mind?
  • What made you interested in entering this department (or especially this campus)?
  • Are you 100% sure you will be accepted? Yes? Why?
  • If there are certain things either positive or negative in you which can be changed, what are those characteristics / attitudes / habits /traits?
  • What are habits that you want to change?
  • What activities outside of class do you attend or wish to?
  • How do you know about this campus history?
  • What is your dream of life and education?
  • Why do we have to accept you as our next bright star?
  • What have been your achievements so far?
  • What are your strengths, and also do you know your weaknesses?
  • Are you sure you will be “successful” student here?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?
  • Tell me about your failed experience with open mind?
  • On a scale of one to ten, at which number you see your interest in this major subject?
  • Are you sure, this major is quite suitable in your future? If I say career prospects are not good or have limited scope, then what? Will you still go for it?

Tips for A Good Entrance Test:

Here are some things you need to pay attention to whenever you are applying to get admission in your desired college or university.

  1. Usually, registration and entrance tests are opened several times in a year. But if you already have done with preparation then it is better to get registered for tests immediately.
  2. You need to find out first which tests you will take. Get full details about pre-requisites. At least get some idea from past tests which are offered by STEP.
  3. Entrance test is not just answering written questions, you know, sometimes it is also necessary to appear in interviews. In above section we have mentioned some crucial questions. You should prepare answers before you come in Interview session.
  4. The advantage of registering at some reputable institute like STEP is that preparation starts early. It will help you in achieving the highest marks definitely.

When your other friends are nervous about preparation for college entrance exams, at same time you seem absolutely calm.

A better stance is to appear in entrance test as it is your final test. You need to pass entry level test at any cost because you don’t have extra time or budget.  Your chances of success will be quite high if you adopt this approach.

Preparation for Entrance Exams:

Some extra tips are given in order to prepare well for exam test.

Have you prepared practical study plan?

Some students remain busy in making plans about preparation for entrance tests but they don’t implement drafted plan practically. They don’t study according to plan. First they spend many days to draft a rough plan about test. Then they take extra time to change it. After many days or even after few weeks as they get a final working or study plan then they don’t start it immediately.

They keep postponing it until their test date comes. At that time, they feel confusion that how to manage it all? As a result, their performance in entrance test remains poor.

What are your “true” weaknesses?

Hold on for a while, do you know all weaknesses in your personality? Look, you are not in front of panel. You are asking this question from yourself. No one is looking or listening you. Be honest, be very fair in answering this question.

If you know what are your weaknesses but you try to hide them then it means you are not ready to manage them. You are not ready to convert your weaknesses into strengths.  You are not ready to expose it even in front of you. And ultimately you try to ignore them.

The results are sometimes very bad, because you have been hiding your weaknesses then a time comes when you appear in some written entrance test or in interview. At that time, your weaknesses appear in very bad way. And your whole career or future goes into risk.

So, knowing bad qualities or habits in time, then addressing them in logical way and trying to remove those obstacles from personality means you are near to success. You are near to cross a boundary line where other successful people reach.

Don’t be too much excited or over-confidence

It is also observed, some students become too much emotional or excited after reading question paper. Either test paper is really easy or it is too hard to attempt. In both cases, be calm, be relaxed and be careful. You need to read each question with vigilant eyes especially, ones having multiple choices.

The examiner makes up a mind to confuse you with words in your entrance test. You sometimes become overconfidence or get confused with these words. So first read them in ease and then write/tick the answers.

So, our advice is take each question as you know it already. And a student just needs to distribute time on each question with active mind.

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