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Free MDCAT Revision for Your Preparation

STEP, the entry test preparation program of Punjab Group of Colleges is offering free MDCAT revision 2017 to all the STEP registered students and PGC students. It is a great opportunity for the students to prepare for the second and last chance of turning their dreams to become doctors into a reality.

free-mdcat-revisionNo need to waste your time on old mcat practice test. You have your very own institute where you can go for your much needed revision now. Turn to STEP for your MDCAT/MCAT practice exams. Students can go to the place of their trust where there are thoroughly replanned and carefully redesigned mdcat/mcat practice questions exclusively for them.

STEP & PGC Students Free MDCAT Revision 2017

PGC, the parent institute of STEP maintains a culture of care and upholding high moral values. The institute understands the great value of this golden opportunity for all the MDCAT aspirants to prove their mettle once again. Understanding the critical importance of this very short time the network has extended its services to all its aspiring students to work on their new mcat scoring.  Hurry up and join free mdcat revision classes at STEP.

So gear up future doctors. It is time for you all to reopen your mdcat/mcat prep books. Hussle hard and reuse and better use all your old mcat study materials and your new mdcat sudy materials. This is your time to prove yourself and this is your one chance to shine. Do not take this opportunity lightly and waste no time to kickstart your MDCAT revision 2017.

Redo Your MDCAT Preparation Before Your Retake The Test!

  • No doubt you are going to want to turn to your old mcat sample test which you find important but make no mistake that the test has not only been renamed to MDCAT but also its criterions have changed according to the changes in times.
  • The mcat study guide 2016 was very popular for its time and had proven to be of great use for the students. However, this is a new year and test has a new name of MDCAT with new challenges attached to it. The upcoming MDCAT being a retake of the previously conducted test has more tough stakes on it. STEP is offering them a guided platform of practice where they can utilize mdcat study guide 2017 prepared by STEP team of eminent entry test experts from all over the country.
  • STEP has sorted out the best mcat practice tests designed in the past and with the detailed examination of the test patterns, the new and best mdcat practice tests have been framed at STEP.
  • In the past, free mcat practice questions were like treats for the MDCAT candidates. The free mcat 2017 practice test is not a very suprising thing except for the fact that it is now an MDCAT and requires a little update. MDCAT is a different game in 2017 and its practice has become more advanced with Pakistan’s first ever comprehensive entry test preparation app. All the free mcat questions you can find and all the platforms offering mcat preparation online free for the past many years cannot make up for the revision you can do at your own institute with proper guiding system.
  • No any years old free mcat test prep can compete with the latest free MDCAT study resources offered by STEP. At STEP you get the entry test preparation in your hands. You can practice for your MDCAT anytime anywhere. The MDCAT revision has never been so simple. With all the practice books and practice tests taken at the institute, you can also practice at home at your own comfort through the STEP app. The STEP by PGC app is your source of MDCAT preparation online free for STEP registered students. Get access to free mdcat questions.
  • The free MDCAT revision classes at STEP make free mdcat 2017 practice test accessible to a majority of youth all across the country. All the students of PGC and STEP will be able to utilize free mdcat practice questions for the entry test preparation.


MDCAT Entry Test

Ever since the MDCAT test was conducted in September 2017, the news of paper leakage had been going viral. The case was taken to the court and the government has also taken a very strict notice of the issue. As to the fact that the very reason of the existence of MDCAT was the decision to practice mcat procedure in the very beginning solely to promote meritocracy. The paper leakage and other such incidents of foul practices put the system of education in grave danger.

When it comes to quality education merit should never be compromised. Entry tests were introduced in admission system as measuring scale of merit for the enrolment of most intelligent students into suitable institutes in suitable programs. If the entrance criterions in professional institutes get sabotaged then there will be no merit and education system will face a major decline. Such incidents pose a great threat to the education system in Pakistan and pose a danger to the right to education of many deserving students.

If the quality of education system gets tempered with then the general masses will lose their faith in the meritocracy which in turn will gravely affect the literacy in the country. Pakistan being a developing country is already faces many great challenges when it comes to country’s literacy rate and educational system. It is evident form these latest happenings that if there are some forces working to improve the educational system of the country then there are also other forces who are doing their best to damage and put harm to the quality of education and sabotage merit.

Punjab Group of Colleges being the largest educational network in Pakistan has contributed enough as it is in becoming the most extensive educational system spread across the country. The Group has taken many great measures to reduce the problems of education in the country. One of the major issues that the network has addressed is the in accessibility of education. Punjab Group has the honor of making education accessible to Pakistani youth across the country to its credit. Opening of Punjab Colleges in the far off areas of the country has opened up the door of opportunities for the youth of the country and has showed them a way to pursue higher education in various fields.

With the introduction of entry tests as the mandatory procedure and a critical selection criteria of admissions in higher education institutes the presence of good entry test preparation programs emerged as a need because these tests were becoming a hurdle in the career path of many bright students who could not grasp the concepts of the tests due to lack of guidance. Punjab Group took a great initiative by launching STEP, a strategic and tactical entry test preparation program, to bridge the gap between college and university education. The entry test preparation at STEP institutes take place under a monitoring system managed by experts all over the country. PGC has been a name of quality education for years and now STEP too following its parent network promotes meritocracy and stands for the cause of education.