How to Prepare for MDCAT

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Article: How to Prepare for MDCAT

Cracking the MDCAT exam is not just a matter of hard work and rigorous preparation but also requires special skills and guidance to give the best in the examination hall. After doing FSC students need to prepare and clear the MDCAT entrance exam within a short period. This entrance exam is mandatory to get admission to medical and dental colleges of both the public and private sectors.  At this stage, students need great guidance and assistance to fortify themselves with the requisite knowledge, skills, and tactics within a short time. So without wasting time, students must start their preparation. Here are an overarching approach and strategies to ace the MDCAT exam.

Get UHS Syllabus

Before starting your preparation of MDCAT, students must know about the exact MDCAT syllabus. This will help students to go in the right direction. After reading the syllabus, get it printed to keep it with you throughout your preparation. A hard copy of the syllabus will make it easy for you to access topics to be covered. STEP (The Largest Entry Test Preparation Network in Pakistan) offers extensive entry test preparation courses of Medical and Dental College and covers all topics mentioned in UHS MDCAT Syllabus.

Seek Guidance from MDCAT preparatory institution

To prepare the syllabus within a short span and to learn exam strategies, MDCAT preparatory institutions play an integral role. They lead students in the right direction and also equip students with all the tools and strategies imperative to ace the MDCAT exam. STEP (Strategic & Tactical Entry Test Preparatory) Program offers a great array of entry test preparation services and guidance to students that how they can cover all syllabus through MDCAT guide and hone their skills according to the requirements of MDCAT exam.

Prepare through lectures and tests

The best part of joining the entry test preparation institution is that they provide students complete schedule for preparation. This schedule is comprised of guidance lectures and tests to gauge student’s preparation. There is a great array of tests to familiarize students with the pattern of the MDCAT exam. For instance, STEP Teaching Methodology (STM) for pre-medical students is designed to meet the needs of students. This provides students with lectures on multiple topics, guides students for self-study and hone the preparation of students through test sessions and discussions.

Set your goals

It is rightly said, start your journey with the end in mind. Setting goals helps students to make calculations and align their focus. It helps students to be accountable for their efforts.  For MDCAT students, calculate your possible aggregate by adding your Matric/O levels and FSc/A levels grades and calculate that how much marks you need to score to get admission in medical and dental colleges. STEP teaching methodology (STM) helps students to set goals in the form of multiple test sessions. Getting through these test sessions on one side hone the skills of students and on the other side helps students to be more oriented towards their goals.

Follow a study routine

Making plans, setting goals will take you nowhere unless you start executing it through a daily routine. Once you start following a routine and stick to it, you will be able to make a difference. The secret to following your study routine is to make short tasks and divide time for every task. Right down your daily tasks and allocate the required time to every task. Now start tick marking your completed tasks of a day. Achieving these short goals by fulfilling your daily tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment. Solve maximum entry test papers practice will keep you determined and will also motivate you towards the achievement of your big goals. The teaching mechanism of STEP also emphasizes on this important factor. It also guides students to execute their study plans in a better way.

Practice leads towards perfection

It is rightly said that 70 percent of exam is practice. To ace any exam or test, we need to understand that practice is the key. The more you practice, the more you will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. Start solving maximum entry test past papers and MDCAT guide to get a better grip on the pattern of questions.

Certain questions are repeated every year. If you practice rigorously, you will be able to spot such questions. STEP provides a bank of 30,000+ MCQ and other preparation resources including entry test past papers that allows students to practice and pave their way to perfection.

Learn Time Management

We all know this fact that time management is the key to achieve your goals. Good time management helps to achieve big in a shorter time. Similarly learning the art of time management also helps to ace your MDCAT exam. It is as imperative as this exam itself. Students who allocate the right time to every section achieve maximum. Few questions require straight answers, for instance, MCQs of the Biology section. Most of the questions are straight lines from your textbooks. You don’t need much time to answer them.

Attempt this section first and save your time for other sections like the section of Physics which requires more time to calculate and find answers. STEP Teaching Methodology also teaches students this art of time management. STEP Sunday sessions start early preparation of students. Early preparation on one side equips students with the knowledge and on the other side tach students, skills like time management to ace MDCAT exam. If you don’t learn this art then even all your hard work is not going to make much difference.

Sleep well

Yes! Sleeping well is also important to get the best out of your study routine. Taking proper sleep helps the brain to function properly. This improves the concentration level of students and boosts their energy. Students who think that they can ace the MDCAT exam by giving extra time to the preparation and become sleep deprived deteriorates their learning capacity and efficiency.

This practice of sleeping less during proves counterproductive. At times students become insomniac and lost their concentration. On the other side, students who maintain the balance between study and sleep works in a better way. For a few people taking small power naps also helps to boost concentration level. Understand your sleep mechanism and make your study plan accordingly.

Stay Calm and motivated

Students must understand this fact that MDCAT is not just about your study and preparation. It also involves your ability to reason and think rationally. Staying calm and overcoming exam anxiety is also important to give your best during your MDCAT exam. Believing in your abilities and remaining hopeful throughout your MDCAT journey is imperative to give your best in the exam.

You worked hard and equipped yourself with the skills and knowledge. Now remain confident that you will be able to ace this exam. Keep up with your morals and give your best in the final exam. Students should also perform daily prayers to their faith stern and thoughts aligned. Praying will give them clarity of mind and determination towards the attainment of their goals. STEP also conduct motivational sessions in different cities to keep students motivated and oriented.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will be helpful for students to channelize their time and energy in the right direction and they will be able to do great in the examination hall.

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