How to Prepare MDCAT Syllabus 2024 as a Repeater?

Article: How to Prepare MDCAT Syllabus 2024 as a Repeater?

If you did not get your desired score in the MDCAT 2023 result, you do not have to lose hope because you can still do better. Covering the MDCAT Syllabus 2024 as a repeater is another task, now, you are filled with mixed emotions. But you should know that the best thing you can do for your entry test preparation is to enrol in a comprehensive early prep session.  

Well, STEP by PGC has the largest network for entry test prep courses with a great history of success, too. So, you should choose only the best option for your success in the 2024 entrance exam. 

MDCAT Syllabus 2024 

Earlier, the MDCAT Syllabus used to include only basic subjects, mainly from the FSC curriculum. But now, it has been upgraded and there is an addition of logical reasoning questions, too. So, the syllabus for the 2024 entrance test would most probably be similar to the2023one and include the following subjects: 

  1. Biology 
  1. Physics 
  1. Chemistry 
  1. English 
  1. Logical Reasoning 

As a repeater, you may already know the MDCAT paper pattern and all the key information. Therefore, I would not repeat them here, but you can read them from our website.  

Now, comes the question, what can you do to get your desired result in the upcoming MDCAT exam 2024? Definitely, you would need some advanced working tips and tricks to enhance your preparation to cover the MDCAT Syllabus in the best way possible. Thus, you should read some of the amazing tips I have mentioned in the content below. 

Simple Tips to Excel MDCAT Syllabus 2024 as a Repeater for the 2024 Test 

Preparing for MDCAT again can take a toll on your mind but there are some simple ways which may help you get great marks in MDCAT 2024. 

Mdcat Syllabus

a. Prioritise Your Weak Subjects or Topics 

As a repeater, you should know that you get an edge because you have already witnessed the actual exam hall and attempted the highly stressful exam, too. So, you should use it to your benefit and make a priority list including all the topics which were hard for you.  

Furthermore, you should focus on the questions, you could not solve in the first attempt of exam. You should search deep into those topics to get all the useful knowledge. 

b. Develop a Timetable which Suits You the Best 

Make a timetable according to your routine but the key to it is not to slack and put in your best efforts. It is your second chance, and the advantage is that you have more time than your first time. Earlier, you had to finish the MDCAT Syllabus in 2-3 months right after your FSC part-II exam

But now, you can do better and put your best efforts forward to achieve your goal in life.  

c. Study MDCAT Syllabus 2024 with a Fresh Mindset 

Of course, you will have to start studying the MDCAT Syllabus from the beginning. You may find it boring or discouraging at some moments, but you should remind yourself that you are doing it for your future. It is a hard road, and you must overcome all the obstacles.  

But yes, you can get the guidance by applying to an early entry test prep session at STEP by PGC for solid support in the right direction. 

d. Solve a Few Past Papers Every Day 

The best way to excel in your MDCAT as a repeater is to study past papers efficiently. For this reason, you should solve at least one past paper, daily. Additionally, you can search and study the questions that you got wrong while attempting the entry test exam. It will be helpful in your final MDCAT exam in 2024

e. Allocate Hours to Study Daily 

You should stick to the timetable and allocate the hours in which your mind is most fresh. Furthermore, you know yourself better to structure a good study plan. Moreover, you should go with it and study, but self-study is hard. And as a repeater, it can be harder. Therefore, you should join only the exclusive preparatory session for your MDCAT 2024 entry test. 

f. Register With an Early Session to Master MDCAT Syllabus 2024 at STEP 

Studying the MDCAT Syllabus 2024 in the best way is crucial and decisive for your life. As it will decide which medical or dental college will let you in based on your MDCAT result in 2024. STEP by PGC has a list of courses for you to choose from: 

  1. MDCAT 
  1. LMDCAT 
  1. LMDCAT with NUMS 

Thus, you should join our session because it is important for you to achieve a great result and we provide you with all the top-notch studying tools which include the following: 

  1. Sunday Classes 
  1. Virtual and On-site Sessions 
  1. Daily Lectures on Each Subject 
  1. Online Worksheets 
  1. Practice Drills 
  1. 70,000 MCQs on MDCAT Syllabus  
  1. Daily Tests 
  1. Full-Length Papers (FLPs) 
  1. Recorded Discussions for Each Test 
  1. Online Portaland STEP App (for both Androidand Apple) 

Thus, you can benefit from our preparatory session as a repeater to build your future. It does not matter if you applied before but could not get your desired marks. Because now you can do a lot better for the next year as you will have more time. Therefore, you should utilise the availability of time by studying with us for your good. 

Join STEP’s MDCAT Prep Session for Repeaters to Cover MDCAT Syllabus 2024 Now! 

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