Join STEP Super Batch 2 at STEP Academy on May 13! 

Article: Join STEP Super Batch 2 at STEP Academy on May 13! 


STEP Super Batch by STEP by PGC is an exclusive MDCAT session for repeaters that aims to help students prepare for the MDCAT exam effectively. This program is designed for all repeaters. The STEP super batch 2 is starting on May 13, 2023, at STEP Academy.  

What Kinds of STEP Super Batch Sessions Are Offered at STEP Academy? 

The step super program is designed to help these students identify their weaknesses and improve their overall performance in the exam. Furthermore, STEP academy offers three categories of the STEP super batch.  

1. Online Session 

This is the session you will take at home. You will take the tests, and quizzes, and be a part of live test discussions. 

2. On-Campus Session 

This is the session you will attend on campus. During this session, you will engage in live test discussions, and benefit from the faculty members in person.  

3. On-Portal Recorded Session 

This is an MDCAT session in which the video lectures have been recorded. Both on-campus and online students have access to lectures, assessments, discussions, etc. 

How Can You Enroll for STEP Super Batch at STEP Academy? 

There are two ways you can enroll yourself at STEP academy for STEP super batch session 2, 2023.  

1. On-Campus Session Enrollment 

You can sign up for the on-campus session by going to any PGC or Hadaf campus and registering yourself. 

2. Virtual Session Enrollment Step-Blog-4-300x72-1

Visit our profile or use this link to submit an online application for the virtual session if you intend to attend the STEP super batch from home while studying for the entrance examinations. Fill out the form, pay the challan fee, and you’re done! 

Why Should You Join Step Academy’s STEP Super Batch Session? 

There are several reasons why students choose to join the STEP Super Batch for MDCAT prep. I am going to explain them in detail.  

1. Qualified Faculty 

First of all, you will be studying and learning from the best faculty in town. Our teachers and professors are experts with experience in MDCAT 2023 preparation. In addition to giving each student individualized attention to help them overcome their weaknesses, the staff members also assist students in achieving their academic goals. 

2. MDCAT Syllabus  

The second reason to choose STEP academy is that our STEP super batch session aims to provide the students with a thorough understanding of the MDCAT syllabus. In addition, the course covers all of the key concepts and subjects that are necessary for passing the test.  

Furthermore, to analyze their progress and pinpoint areas that still need improvement, the STEP super batch also gives you practice exams and assessments. 

3. Learning Environment 

The STEP super batch 2 program intends to offer students a safe and encouraging learning environment. In addition, you will have access to a variety of tools through the program. This includes learning materials, video lectures, and sample exams, to aid you in your exam preparation. 

4. Opportunity to Learn MDCAT Cracking Techniques 

Another reason to join STEP academy and STEP super batch session is that this program aims to assist students in creating productive study habits and methods. You will receive advice on time management, exam strategies, and study skills from the program, all of which are important for exam success. 

Additionally, the program encourages students to assume responsibility for their academic success while developing a positive attitude towards learning. 

5. Soft Skills 

The super batch program allows students to improve their overall academic performance. The program seeks to instill in students the critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving abilities that are necessary for acing the entrance exam. In addition, these soft skills will help you in the long run.  

6. Repeater Session Features 

You will have access to the following features when you join STEP by PGC for the super batch session.  

1. 35,000+ MCQs based on the 90-day session. 

2. 18 Lectures consisting of 1 hour 30 minutes for each subject. 

3. 18 recorded Lectures for each subject. 

4. Tests 

  • 72 tests consisting of 150 MCQs of every subject. 
  • 36 Crash program tests. Each test consists of 160 MCQs.  

5. 18 worksheets of every subject. 

6. 18 drills of each subject 

7. 26 MDCAT FLPs 

8. 10 NUMS FLPs 

Join STEP Super Batch at STEP Academy Now! 

Finally, the STEP Super Batch by STEP by PGC is a wonderful course for students who want to efficiently prepare for the MDCAT exam. In addition, the program is created to give students the resources and materials they need to enhance their academic performance and accomplish their academic goals.  

So, if you are a repeater student and are looking for an MDCAT session that meets your requirements then STEP super batch is the best option for you. In addition, the session starts on May 13, 2023. So, do not waste time and enroll yourself at STEP academy for top-notch MDCAT preparation.  

Thank you for reading the article, let us know if you have any questions in the comment section.  

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