Level Up Your MDCAT Preparation 2023 with STEP App

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Article: Level Up Your MDCAT Preparation 2023 with STEP App

Level Up Your MDCAT Preparation 2023 with STEP App

The Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has taken the Medical and Dental College Admission Test
(MDCAT) preparation to another level. How? We have launched an app known as the 
STEP app for students to hone their preparation for
the entry test at their homes. 

If you are looking for a platform where you do not have to go anywhere and prepare for the
medical entrance exam in the comfort of your home, then the 
is the best solution to all your problems. There are numerous reasons
for installing the 
STEP by PGCapp. Keep reading
to find out. 

8 Key Reasons to Have STEP App on Your Smart Devices 

The STEP app has
various features that will make your MDCAT preparation 2023 easier and smoother. Even if you decide to join us on
our on-campus MDCAT sessions, you should still have the 
as it will help you with your prep.  

Now, let’s look at the top benefits you will gain by using the STEP by PGC app.  

1. Detailed Video Lectures 

You will cover the whole MDCAT syllabus through amazing and detailed video lectures. Our very
highly qualified faculty has recorded these lectures for the students. So, you will be able to have a comprehensive
understanding and practice. 

In addition, unlike the on-campus session, you will have the opportunity to play the video
lecture again, forward it, rewind it, or skip it anytime you want. So, installing the 
STEP app will be beneficial for your MDCAT prep 2023.  

2. Access to the Whole Study Resources 

You will have access to all the preparatory material in this extraordinary app. We all know
that the medical entry test consists of multiple-choice questions. There are no long or short questions and answers.
Thus, this app provides you with over 75,000 MCQs. 

This means you can practice these MCQs by staying at home. The more you practice, the more
your concepts will be clear, your time management will be better, and you will have more chances of acing the test
on your first attempt. Similarly, you will have access to the practice keypad, solutions, and results on this

3. Long MDCAT with NUMS 

The STEP app provides you with an amazing opportunity to prepare for the National University of Medical
Sciences (NUMS) along with the Long MDCAT or LMDCAT session. So, this app will get you ready for both of the medical
entrance exams. 

4. MDCAT Past Paper Questions 

Another benefit you will have by having the STEP by PGC
on your cell phone or any smart device is that you will have access to
past papers. We have dispersed the past paper questions into different crash tests or full-length papers. When you
will attempt these papers on the app, you will ultimately be practising the past paper questions. 

5. Practice Model Papers 

In this app, you will find various full-length model papers. Why? These assessments are
designed on the exact medical entry test. So, by attempting these model exams, you will get a clear picture of the
MDCAT questions, difficulty level, pattern, and how you can divide your team to compete for your paper in

6. Information about the MDCAT Test Date 

We have synced the STEP app with our official website. That means you will get all the information about the MDCAT test
date 2023 on this app. So, you can save all the time of visiting the PMC’s website and get all the important test
date information on this amazing app. 

7. Universities Admissions Updates 

Another great feature of this app is that you will get the latest updates about all the
top-notch universities and their admissions. So, you will not have to g to every university’s website and check when
their admissions are opening or closing. You can simply download the app on your phone or laptop and get all the
recent updates without any effort. 

8. Quality is Ensured 

One thing I can assure you is that quality is ensured in the STEP app. You will not be missing out on anything in
terms of preparation or updates about the MDCAT. So, there are only benefits and no drawbacks to installing the

Online STEP Portal 

Just like the app, you can also get access to the same STEP app features by logging in to the online step
portal. Here is the link for it: 

Install the STEP App NOW! 

So, what are you waiting for? You can now have all the learning material available to you in
a single click. Then why waste time? Install the app on your phone right now and start preparing for your MDCAT

To download the STEP app, please click on this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=edu.pgc.step.step&hl=en&gl=US. 

Our regular MDCAT session starts on June 05, 2023.
You can enroll yourself and start your preparation at STEP by PGC along
with the STEP app.