Master MDCAT 2023 Syllabus with STN Session Now! 

Article: Master MDCAT 2023 Syllabus with STN Session Now! 

STEP by PGC for Entry Test Prep 

STEP is the best entry test preparation platform in Pakistan. It has been acquiring top positions in all the entrance test results every year. The years of excellence proved the experience and quality of our faculty members to cover the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus with the best approach.  

MDCAT 2023 Syllabus 

You can achieve your goal of securing a seat in your desired Medical or Dental College by passing the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus. It includes the unit-wise topics of each subject. So, learning these topics is vital to solving the MCQs in MDCAT. As the number of questions per subject is as below: 

Biology 68 
Physics 56 
Chemistry 56 
English 20 
Logical reasonings 10 

Logical reasoning is the new addition to the previous exam structure. This can increase your chance of achieving a better aggregate. After passing the entry test, you will have a chance to have a bright future in the field of healthcare. 

What Career Choices You Can Pursue After Acing MDCAT 2023? 

Passing MDCAT with exceptional marks will give you a vast range of professions to pursue. You can apply to different fields of study like: 

  1. MBBS 
  2. BDS
  3. Pharm-D 
  4. DPT 
  5. Any other Allied Health Degree

To get a free pass to choose from any of the degrees, you have to prepare the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus with the best institute in town, such as STEP by PGC. STEP is offering amazing MDCAT prep classes named STEP Top-Notch Session 2023. Thus, you can join STN Programme 2023 to achieve your goal of securing a seat in your targeted medical and dental college. 

Beneficial Features of STN  

The best way to prepare better for MDCAT is to choose an outstanding course. And STN provides all the great features that an entry test programme can offer. 

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1. Two Shifts Available 

You can learn the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus in the morning or evening as the classes for top-notch programmes are available for you in two shifts. 

2. Enhanced Practice 

With STEP, you will have the chance to practice continuously by taking regular tests, quizzes and mock tests during the 36 days (about 1 month 5 and a half days) of STN. 

3. Marking up to MDCAT Standards 

Our staff uses advanced teaching methodologies to provide you with the best education possible. They have years of experience and will guide you throughout your MDCAT journey. Also, the marking and invigilation system is set to mimic the actual MDCAT marking.  

4. Continuous Assessment 

This session will help you assess your scores and evaluate your chances of success with each passing test every day. You can analyze better with discussions (live or recorded). 

5. Centralization of System 

The course of STN all around Punjab and KPK is centralized. All the study materials and curriculum are designed by the authorities and circulated to all the campuses. Moreover, you can join the session to elevate your study process by registering in your nearby area by visiting the Punjab College or Hadaf College Campus.  

Study Scheme for STN Programme 2023 

In STN, we have used the  PMDC standards to set our scheme for study. You continuously learn with different kinds of assessment in each phase. The phases include: 

  1. Simulation Phase: 18 unit-wise tests (2hr 20min for 140 MCQs) 
  1. Challenger Phase: 08 quarter syllabus-based tests (2hr 20min for 140 MCQs) and 04 half syllabus-based tests (3hr 30min for 200 MCQs) 
  1. Mock Phase:06 complete syllabus Mocks:04 MDCAT= 3hr 30min for 200 MCQsand 02 NUMS= 3hr for 250 MCQs 

You can avail yourself of all these tests and curricula at a pocket-friendly fee. 

Fee Structure and Conditions 

An affordable fee is set for STN. Additionally, you can get scholarships based on your intermediate marks or a need basis. Thus, if you are worried about not having to afford this prep course, YOU CAN! 

The fee is 20,000 PKR/- for each student 

  • If you are already enrolled with STEP, the fee can be decreased up to 15,000 PKR/- 
  • Furthermore, if you are currently enrolled on our long-term sessions like LMDCAT & LMDCAT with NUMS, you will only have to pay a 5,000 PKR/- additional fee 

However, if you cannot maintain your attendance in tests more than two times, your admission will be cancelled. If you are being late for more than three days, you will have your admission cancelled without any possibility of a refund. 

What Other Resources Does STEP Offer? 

There is a variety of other resources available at STEP to Excel MDCAT 2023 Syllabus that you can benefit from. Some of them are as follows: 

1. Drills 

STEP has brought you drills for MDCAT. It includes mock tests and sample tests given by PMC. 

2. Worksheets 

Worksheets of each subject allow you to practice more with more tests. This will increase your success rate  

3. Past Papers 

Past papers are available online. Besides all the updated questions, the questions from the previous year’s papers are also included in daily tests. 

4. Workshops

Furthermore, STEP conducts workshops. We conduct different workshops to provide you with tips to ace MDCAT or tip manage your stress. These will help you have a better grasp of the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus. 

5. App and Online Portal 

We have brought distinctive resources towards your success. Signing into our programme will allow you to get free access to the STEP by PGC app as well as the online portal. And then you can open any recorded lecture or discussion or revise any study material at your ease. 

6. E-Libraries 

You can learn the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus the best with our 24/7 e-libraries. The material in libraries will help you completely understand the subjects more easily. 

Join the STEP Top-Notch Session Now! Learn more.