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Medical and Dental College Admission Test


MCAT has been a compulsory admission tests for getting enrolled in a medical college for a past few years. The name MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test. Recently the name of this test was changed into MDCAT to identify it as a standard test for both medical and dental colleges. MDCAT is Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test.

The students used to dread FSc Pre Medical because of the hard work required to score high in this particular program. The addition of entry test in their way to get admission in a medical college added to their frenzy. For the students mcat prep became a major point of concern while preparing for intermediate board exams.

Initially, students attempted to appear for MCAT based on their intermediate preparation. Gradually, the test seasons came and went. It started to come into notice that not all the high scoring students in intermediate are able to score high in their entrance test. The students even started to protest and tried to get rid of this test system because of the difficulty level of MCAT.


MCAT that is now Medical and Dental College Admission Test has always been tough and strictly designed to assess the students on their conceptual understanding. The students with simple bookish knowledge have never been able o perform well in this test and can never hope to achieve high score ever. Ever since this fact became evident to the students, they have had been on the search for ways to prepare this test.

In the beginning, there were not many helping aids available to the students for their Medical College Admission Test. The mcat study guide was among the few resources that students started to use for their entry test preparation. With the passage of time, the advancement of technology and the dawn of digital era changed the formats of preparation sources available.

The need for test preparation sources increased, and its resources have evolved. When the students started to realize that they require extra work to prepare for this drill, they started to turn towards more options. Firstly, they began with appearing in mcat practice test to analyze their readiness for the test. These tests allowed them to prepare themselves with the test timing and pattern of questions they are required to attempt.

The difficulty level of MDCAT is no joke. The test has always been dreaded and considered to be the toughest one. Intermediate course covers the basic knowledge that proves to be useful for the test, but it does not provide with the important material needed to analyze for scoring high in the test. The mcat prep course is somehow related to the intermediate course, but it has its own specifications.

MDCAT demands practice and a lot of practice. At the time the test sessions began to take place at the different entry test institutions the importance of mcat practice questions became evident. The tests that were being conducted to prepare the students were based on the designed question on the similar pattern of the test. These questions demanded tactical and strategical study and in time response.

Where the mcat study guide became a common study resource. The mcat practice test was digitalized and turned into an online study resource. Different platforms emerged that offered help with mcat prep course both institutionally and digitally. Eventually, with the change of times, things started to evolve, and the platforms started offering advanced study methods. The mcat practice questions were made available online, and students could easily access these test to asses themselves.


In this modern age when MCAT has evolved into MDCAT, similarly, its preparation materials have evolved too. STEP, the entry test preparation program of Punjab Group has launched its very first mobile to bring the practice at the finger tips of students. Students can now prepare for MDCAT at home whenever they like with Pakistan’s first ever comprehensive entry test app. The app allows time bound practice, offers access to past papers and online counsellors for instant help.

STEP also launches a fast track program for the final preparation of students. The program is called Crash Program’17. This program is specially designed for the students who hope to be future doctors. It includes test sessions for the preparation of Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) and National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Admission Test. Students can enrol in this program to start working on translating their dream to become a doctor into reality.