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Results are out, What Next?

Intermediate is over folks

For all those who have survived the two-year toll of Intermediate or so, they say the overcoming the decision-making threshold (Intermediate I-II); It actually does bring the students to probable decisions as to which path do they want to direct their career to.

Since the two years of trial and turmoil is over the Intermediate results are out. STEP takes immense pleasure to announce that PGC clinched top 148 positions in all Intermediate Boards Results, 2017.

Some are happy, some sad, some shocked at the sight of the result. But overall the trial period is over and the leap into the next academic arena has been accomplished.

The Conflict of Choice and Entrance Exam

The next pivotal stage is that of Entrance exam preparation that opens gates to your choicest Institutes that offers whole new array of fields to be a part of.

Some of the students remain conflicted about which Institute to choose or what are the tests and admission updates. But fear not, STEP keeps you updated with university admissions and test deadlines via STEP’s SMS broadcast System, STEP’s Digital Board’s installed at Campuses, through Information Officers and also through STEP by PGC app’s News & Updates feature on your fingertips.

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STEP by PGC, the magic wand

To elevate your analytical skills and IQ and to maximize your chances to ace entrance exam, STEP launched STEP by PGC, for entry test preparation on your fingertips. With diverse features likes Counselor, News & Updates, NTS, MDCAT, FUNGAT, NUMS (Exclusive) and ECAT, STEP got you the world on your tips.

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The University Phase

We all have heard of the word ‘culture shock’ right! Most of the students that enter into the university go through this kind of feel where they are stuck between the thought of freedom and overcoming the juvenile phase and yet at the same time feel threatened by the career and ‘credit hour’ dilemma.

The University feels and the freshman spirit is one of a kind. There’s a thrill of making friends with whom you’re tethered to for the next four whole years, the perilous lectures of the teachers and leaping into GPA war. And not to mention, do avail the opportunity to exploit diverse Societies at the Institutes to emblazon your talents to the fullest for career and academic exposure.

The Canteen/Cafe Life

The Food Courts and Cafe’s have a lot to offer along with including sitting long hours in the cafe, gaining weight, making new friends and getting acquainted with the enemy lines at the same time.

The food is life, all brawl, and baits for food life.

Lush fields

The best part is the large fields to not only to play but sit together and chill because group study could not get any better than that.

Field too big, you can slack out, roll around and tan up along.

Be an opportunist

The tip for the freshmen would be that be an opportunist. Get yourself hinged with any opportunity that comes your way, make the most out of the seminars and events an full exploit the opportunity to meet great minds. You’ll learn a lot.

Most importantly take full advantage of the class presentations as they would upgrade for GPA and save your low score in the papers.

For the Intermediate Freshmen

For all the students who made it to Intermediate and those who qualified Intermediate Part – 1 to Intermediate Part – 2, bog down to your books and drink them down. So strengthen your conceptual and analytical grounds to break the ice and excel.

PGC’s got a Magic Wand for Intermediate Folks (EL by PGC)

Things got escalated to a whole new level as PGC launched has EL by PGC which is a must-have app for students to prepare for Intermediate studies. It couldn’t have been any better because now you got all the video lectures at just a click away.

For IOS users, download:
For Android users, download:

So here are some tips for you guys and scoop them in and make most of the opportunities that come your way.

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