Secure A Seat in STEP Self-Assessment Test for Self-Evaluation

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Article: Secure A Seat in STEP Self-Assessment Test for Self-Evaluation

Secure A Seat in STEP Self-Assessment Test for Self-Evaluation

Are you ready to take the first step towards your career? Is appearing in MDCAT or ECAT stressful for you? Now you have a chance to do some self-evaluation. You can appear in STEP by PGC’s STEP Self-Assessment Test or SSAT 2023.  

This self-evaluation test is a great way to analyze your entrance exam preparation. SSAT 2023 is being held on 19th March, 2023. You can register and appear in the test. However, you must be thinking why should you take this self-assessment test?Keep reading to find out.  

Top 6 Reasons to Take STEP by PGC’s Self-Evaluation Test 2023 

STEP by PGC is arranging this test in over 100 cities in Pakistan. This is a great opportunity for every student in intermediate education who wants to appear in this year’s entrance exams, including, ECAT and MDCAT. 

However, for the following reasons, you should definitely take this test before the final entrance exam.  

1. Self-Evaluation of Entrance Exam Preparation 

The most important benefit of taking the SSAT 2023 is you will know the true standing of your preparation. You will be able to do a self-evaluation of your entrance exam preparation. In addition, you will know where you stand and what areas need your special attention.  

2. Test Pattern and Mechanism 

When you take the self-evaluation test by Step by PGC, you will know the MDCAT or ECAT pattern. You will have clarity about the type of questions that appear in the paper. You will be able to prepare for the final test accordingly. In addition, this will also help you prepare the topics in the exam pattern way. 

3. Career Assessment Test 

SSAT can be easily referred to as the “career test.” Why? Well, taking the exam will help you realize whether you want to take MDCAT or ECAT or you want to switch your field entirely. So, you can decide on your career by taking the SSAT 2023.  

So, either you will get motivated so that you can pass the final exam or you will have a clear idea about the career you want to pursue.  

4. Costs Nothing 

This self-evaluation test by STEP by PGC is totally free. You can register for free. However, the test is being held on 19th March 2023. So, do not waste a second and register yourself now. The registration and the test do not cost you a single penny. 

5. Open to All Pre-Engineering and Pre Medical Students 

Another great thing about STEP self-assessment test is that it is not limited to the Punjab Group of Colleges’ students. Any student from any college can appear in this test. Thus, there is no limitation to the institute, and the opportunity is open to all students without any discrimination.  

6. Scholarships and Incentives 

Do you know that if you pass the self-evaluation test and secure a position in the top 3,000 scorers, you will not have to pay anything for the STEP entry test session? YES. You will have free education. In other words, if you are one of the top 3,000 scorers, you will be awarded 100% scholarship.  

Other scholarships include:  

  • Non-Punjabian or Non-Hadaf College Students who pass the STEP Self-Assessment Exam will receive a 15% scholarship. 
  • Non-Punjabian or non-Hadaf college students scoring 80% or higher on the STEP Self-Assessment Exam are eligible for a 25% scholarship. 

What are The Eligibility Criteria for STEP’s Self-Evaluation Test? 

If you have any questions regarding the eligibility criteria for the STEP self-assessment test, then don’t worry. Here are the requirements for appearing in the SSAT.: 

  • Anybody from Intermediate Part-II or repeating students who want to enter into Medical and Engineering Colleges can take the STEP Self-Assessment Exam in 2023. 
  • All students from the Punjab Group of Colleges and the Hadaf Group of Colleges as well as students from other institutions are eligible to take this scholarship-based test. 

Important Note: If you are an ICS student studying the combination of statistics and economics, you are not eligible for taking SSAT 2023

What Will Be the Duration and Marks of the SSAT? 

The test is completely based on the MDCAT or ECAT pattern. Thus, the marks and time duration will be according to the respective entrance exams. So, here is the time and marks calculation of the self-evaluation test: 

  • The test will last 100 minutes for medical students (1 hour 40 minutes). 
  • The test will last 100 minutes for engineering students (1 hour 40 minutes). 
  • In the medical exam, there will not be any negative marking of the points. One (1) point will be awarded for each right answer. 
  • The Engineering Test will have a negative marking policy. There will be four (4) marks given for each correct response. One mark will be deducted from the final score for each wrong answer. However, there will be no point reduction for not attempting a question. 

Register for Free in the Self-Evaluation Test of STEP by PGC 

The registration process for SSAT 2023 is simple since we respect the students’ valuable time. You can now register for the STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT-2023) for FREE online or by going to your nearest Punjab College and Hadaf College campuses.  

Please feel free to reach out to us at our helpline for more details: 0800-78608 



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