STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023

Article: STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023

Do you want to get a perfect score on MDCAT? No need to worry, STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023 is here for you. As the entry test is around the corner, STEP by PGC has formed a perfect programme for every student to help them prepare.  

This is the time to choose the best option to get a step closer to your bright future. We are proud to present to you our latest STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023. It is made specially to cater to the needs of every student preparing for the entry test. These are the times that can cause a lot of stress in your life, but we are here for you. 

Why Should You Opt for STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023? 

SCCP 2023 provides both virtual and on-campus courses for each subject. We have designed it to cover every aspect of the MDCAT syllabus to enhance your preparation three times more than any other course.  

Furthermore, we have taken every need of a student who is currently preparing to appear in MDCAT 2023 into consideration while developing this MDCAT preparatory session.  

Why is STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023 for You? 

To get a grasp of every key point, we are here to help with everything you need. Moreover, this crash course equips the student with every tool needed to succeed in MDCAT 2023.  

STEP has been delivering the best results in all the entrance exams including the MDCAT so far through its beneficial courses. So, whether you are a repeater or a fresher student, you can join our SCCP as it is the best course available in Lahore.  

The major features of this course offered by STEP are: 

1. Skilful Staff 

We take pride in having the best faculty members on board. The staff covers each topic with the best teaching approach to make you understand and learn the theoretical concepts more effectively. 

2. Provides More Practice 

SCCP 2023 includes daily tests, discussions, revision sessions, quarter tests, full-length papers, and much more. So, as a result, it will provide you with three times more practice.  

3. Extensive Test Coverage 

To help you get better preparation, we offer extensive test coverage. As a result, you will be attempting 60 tests for each subject. 

4. Real-Time Concept Clarification 

We all know MDCAT is all about concepts and not cramming, right? That means you should have crystal clear concepts of every subject. And we make sure that you get an in-depth understanding and knowledge to ace your MDCAT on the first attempt.  

5. Full-Length Papers 

This extensive SCCP 2023 includes exclusive full-length papers for each subject. So, this will give you an idea of how the actual entry test will be held. Furthermore, you will be a little stress-free after experiencing full-length papers on each subject. 

6. Repetitive Discussion Sessions 

Attempting multiple tests is very important for your top-notch preparation. However, test discussions are even more important. Why? If you do not know why you marked the wrong answer and what is logic behind the right one.  

That is why we ensure that you have a detailed test discussion after every test. This will give you a chance to clear up your doubts and confusion about the test. Also, these discussion sessions will enhance your learning process. 

7. Scholarships Available 

Not everyone can afford to pay for the MDCAT preparatory sessions. And we understand that. That is why our SSCP 2023 provides different scholarships. Furthermore, we aim to honour our hardworking and outstanding students for taking a step ahead toward their successful future. Thus, STEP provides both need-based and marks-based scholarships. 

STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023 Course Details 

1. Days of Session 

The full days of sessions for STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023 are 60. This term will help in developing helpful skills and knowledge for the students through continuous practice and learning. 

2. Unit-Wise Tests 

SCCP offers 36 unit-wise tests for each student. These tests cover every key point that you need to succeed in MDCAT.  

3. Additional Tests 

We offer 18 additional tests for you to level up your preparation. So, with each additional test, you can get a new insight into the topic of each subject. 

4. Full-Length Papers  

STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023 includes 6 full-length papers. FLPs are to give the simulation of the actual test to you. This will help you to work on your time management and paper-solving skills. 

Enrolment Fees 

The fee structure of STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023 is designed to be affordable for every student. The fee structure for the virtual and on-campus sessions is as follows: 

Virtual session: 19550 PKR/- only 

On-campus session: 39100 PKR/- only 

After this session, you will become familiar with the experience of sitting in the entry test examination hall. You will be able to analyze your overall preparation and feel more confident about attempting the MDCAT.  

Join Our STEP Comprehensive Crash Programme 2023.

You can enrol online for the virtual session through our website. Or you can visit any PGC campus near you in Lahore. The course starts on 04 July 2023. Join us to get the best entry test preparation experience. 

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