STEP Super Batch: The Perfect MDCAT Session for Repeaters

Article: STEP Super Batch: The Perfect MDCAT Session for Repeaters

It is almost entry test season. Every fresher and repeater student is worried about the entrance exams for different medical and engineering universities. To pass the MDCAT, your preparation must be on point. So, to help you with your MDCAT prep and NUMs preparations, STEP PREP offers STEP Super Batch as your ultimate prep solution for all the improvers and repeater students!   

What is a STEP Super Batch Session?  

STEP Super Batch session is a Medical and Dental College Admission Test Preparation (MDCAT) course program that primarily focuses on the repeater students. It normally starts before the intermediate exams.   

In addition, you will also prepare for the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Test. There will be many tests, worksheets, quizzes, tips for cracking entry tests, and thorough discussions of F.SC. textbooks.  Furthermore, you will get exclusive career counselling with SACD.  

Unlock your full potential with our top-notch study resources. Our expertly crafted materials, comprehensive tests, and innovative test-cracking tips are designed to give you the edge you need to succeed. Our topic-wise lectures, insightful discussions, and an extensive bank of MCQs ensure that you have everything you need to excel. Join us today and take the first step towards your academic success! 

How can you Enroll in the STEP Super Batch?  

The session will start on March 1st, 2024. You can join the STEP Super Batch session in the following two ways:  

  1. On-Campus Session

To register yourself for the on-campus session, please visit your nearest PGC or Hadaf campus.  

  1. Virtual Session

If you plan on taking the virtual session and preparing for the entrance exams at home, then you can visit our website and click this link to apply online for the virtual session. Fill out the form, submit the fee, and there you go!  

Students of STEP Super Batch 2024 (on-campus/online) can access the on-portal recordings. The details are available below.  

  1. On-Portal Recordings 

In on-portal recordings, students can access the recorded lectures, test discussions, worksheets with solutions, practice drills and quizzes, CRASH programme test, and Full-Length Papers (FLPs) for MDCAT & NUMs.  

Features of STEP Super Batch Session  

The super batch session is a 90-day repeater session. It is divided into two (2) phases, phase 1 & phase 2 and includes every possible piece of learning material. Following are the different preparatory resources you will benefit from:  

  1. Multiple Choice Questions

You will practice on 35,000+ multiple-choice questions throughout your session. This will help you in the future when you attempt the final exam, which is MCQ-based.   

  1. Live Lectures

If you take the on-campus session, you will attend 18 thorough lectures on each subject. Each lecture is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. In these lectures, our professors will teach you every concept in detail and guide you through different ways of taking the entry test in 2024.   

  1. Recorded Lectures

These lectures are for all the repeat students who are taking the virtual session. You will have access to 18 lectures on each MDCAT subject. In addition, these lectures will also be detailed and will cover the entire MDCAT syllabus.   

  1.  Tests

In the STEP super batch MDCAT session, you will attempt different tests. There are two types:  


You will come across 72 subject-wise tests. These tests will contain around 144 MCQs.   


The crash program tests will contain 154 multiple-choice questions. In addition, you will attempt around 36 crash program tests in this MDCAT prep session.   

  1. Worksheets

Worksheets are additional MCQ sheets for your practice. STEP by PGC provides you with 18 worksheets of each subject (through the STEP Practice Book) that you can practice in your free time. This will improve your overall preparation.   

  1. Practice Drills

Practice drills are the mock tests or sample papers that PMC provides its students. STEP has bought these from PMC. So, in the STEP super batch, you will attempt around 18 practice drills of each subject.   

  1. MDCAT Full-Length Papers

After the subject-wise and crash tests, you will be attempting the 26 full-length papers. These FLPs will be MDCAT-based. This will give you clarity about the paper pattern, number of questions, division of questions from each subject, and difficulty level of the MDCAT.   

  1. NUMS Full-Length Papers

As I have mentioned earlier, a STEP super batch is for both MDCAT and NUMS preparation. So, you will also practice the NUMS FLPs. STEP offers around 10 full-length NUMS papers to help you level up your NUMS preparation.   

  1. Exclusive Career Counselling

You will have access to our Student Advisory and Counselling Department (SACD). This department aims to advise students about their career options and which fields they should choose. So, you can always benefit from our SACD services while being a part of our STEP super batch 

The Categories of STEP Super Batch Sessions  

There are three categories of STEP super batch sessions.   

  1. On-Campus Session

This is the session you will attend on campus. You will have live test discussions in this session.  

  1. Virtual Session

This session is the one that you will take from home. However, you will still be a part of live discussions.   

  1. On-Portal Recording

This is a recorded MDCAT session. The lectures, tests, discussions, etc., are available to both virtual and on-campus students.   

Join STEP Super Batch for Your MDCAT Prep Now!  

STEP has a history of securing top positions every year. We leave no stone unturned in making our students well-prepared for the final entrance exams.   

So, if you want to get top-notch education from qualified and experienced faculty, then join STEP by PGC. our STEP super batch session starts on 1st March 2024. Hurry up and enrol yourself in this session to prepare for your entry test effectively.