Achievers Scholarship ’17

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Article: Achievers Scholarship ’17

STEP's Achievers Scholarship '17


STEP always prioritizes the academic needs of the students and offers incentives so that they can pursue their goals without any hindrance. STEP offers both merit-based and need-based scholarships; it promotes merit and also provides assistance to underprivileged students.

STEP in line with the tradition of PGC’s culture of care and its mission to make education accessible to the youth across the nation has extended a step further and has announced “Achievers Scholarship ’17”. Students registered in STEP programs will be able to avail the ‘Achievers scholarship’ in which it will sponsor education to its 50 Top scorers in MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test) and ECAT (Engineering Colleges Admission Test); 25 scholarships will be offered to ECAT Top scorers for 4 years and 25 scholarships will be offered to MDCAT Top scorers for 5 years. Regardless of the fact in whichever university achievers go to, their education will be sponsored by STEP for up to 5 years.

STEP has taken this brilliant initiative to provide scholarships to its STEP registered students in order to promote merit and it provides financial assistance to the students to translate their goals into reality.

STEP’s venture in providing scholarship to its youth, is a novel and an enterprising incentive indeed. It is Pakistan’s first ever policy that sponsors full education to Top 50 MDCAT and ECAT in which it is not only making an investment for 5 years but is investing in the future of our nation towards a promising future.


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