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Take the STEP Self-Assessment Test to Become an Expert in MDCAT

Take the STEP Self-Assessment Test to Become an Expert in MDCAT

Do you want to be an expert in MDCAT? I have the best solution for you. STEP by PGC is arranging a self-assessment test for students. The test is named the “STEP Self-Assessment Test, or SSAT.” This is a great initiative, and it will help you find out the true status of your MDCAT preparation. 

The test is being held all over the country on March 19, 2023. You can register for this self-evaluation test and learn what improvements you need to become an expert in MDCAT. In addition, there is so much more to SSAT than just a test. Let’s look at the details. 

SSAT 2023 Top Features

1. Self-Evaluate Your Preparation to Become an Expert in MDCAT 

The STEP Self-Assessment Test 2023 is an amazing chance for every student who wants to be an expert in MDCAT before the final exam. How? You can take this test, and it will help you understand your overall MDCAT preparation.  

You can self-evaluate and have clarity on where you stand. Thus, you will have the true standing of your MDCAT preparation. You can concentrate on the weak areas and improve yourself to ace the final entrance exam.  

2. Get Detailed Information About the MDCAT Pattern and Mechanism 

By appearing in the SSAT 2023, you will have more detailed information about the final MDCAT exam. How? STEP by PGC sets the self-assessment test in the exact MDCAT pattern.  

So, all the students who worry about appearing in the MDCAT for the first time will have a clear idea of the exam. In addition, you will also know how you have to be vigilant and divide the time per question. It will help you become an expert in MDCAT and obtain excellent scores.  

3. SSAT is Being Held All Over Pakistan 

Another good news is that the SSAT is not limited to big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, etc. STEP is arranging this self-evaluation test in over 100 cities in Pakistan. So, you can enroll yourself in this test regardless of the city you belong to.  

It is a great opportunity for all those students who are not from the above-mentioned cities and planning to appear in the medical entrance exam this year. So, you can level up your preparation by taking the test conducted by the expert in MDCAT institution: STEP by PGC.  

4. You Can Take the Test Online 

STEP is arranging the physical test that students will take on campus. However, this is applicable to all the students from: 

  • Punjab 
  • Federal 
  • KPK 

So, if you are not from any of the above-mentioned regions, will you not be able to take the SSAT in 2023? NO. YOU CAN. If you are from Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan, and Baluchistan, you can take STEP’s MDCAT online test for self-assessment. Furthermore, foreign students can also take the SSAT 2023 by availing of themselves the online feature.  

5. Free of Cost 

If you are thinking that what will be the registration fee or how much you have to pay to take the SSAT 2023, then don’t worry at all. The test is totally free. It will not cost you a single penny. You can simply register yourself and appear in the test without worrying bout the fee and not affording it.  

6. Open to All Intermediate Pre-Medical Students 

You do not have to be a Punjab Group of Colleges student to appear in this self-evaluation test. You can be from any college or institute, and you can take the STEP Self-Assessment Test. So, this amazing opportunity is open to all Punjabians and Non-Punjabian students.  

7. Career Assessment Test 

MDCAT is relatively a difficult entrance exam. So, another reason apart from becoming an expert in MDCAT, I would suggest you take the SSAT is that it is a career assessment test. By appearing in SSAT 2023, you will have a better understanding of whether you want to pursue a career in the medical field or not.  

8. 100% Scholarship Available 

If you manage to be in the top 3000 scorers, there is a reward waiting for you. You will have to pay NOTHING for the MDCAT preparation session ahead. You will have the opportunity to get a 100% scholarship for STEP’s entry test preparation.  

Scholarship Criteria for SSAT 

Apart from providing the top 3000 scorers with the 100% scholarship, you are also eligible for different scholarships. The criteria are as follows: 

  • If you are not from PGC o Hadaf Group of Colleges and pass the SSAT, you will be entitled to a 15% scholarship on the preparation session.  
  • Non-Punjabian and Non-Hadaf students will be awarded a 25% scholarship if they pass the self-assessment test with 80% scores.  

Register Yourself in SSAT NOW 

Become the expert in MDCAT by registering for free in SSAT 2023 in the following two ways: 

  • Fill out the SSAT registration form online by clicking on this link.  
  • Visit the nearest PGC campus or HADAF campus and register yourself.  

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our helpline.  



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