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Tips to Approach MDCAT 2018

Tips to approach MDCAT 2018
An entrance exam is the best methodology for knowing where you stand intellectually. It comprises of knowledge and command over different subjects which is further based on two major elements: IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Entry test mainly focuses on students IQ, they have to encounter the tricky questions based on similar knowledge entertained in Intermediate.

No need to worry since you have prepared outrageously. Just give yourself the space to understand the question before dealing with it.  You have got it covered.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Time pressure, stress, and knowledge testing are another important factors upon which students are examined during entry tests.

Be sure to keep yourself motivated and develop a trust in yourself that you did your best to make it till here or you can watch a motivational video or two, to you boost yourself up.

Make sure you don’t get nervousness during the test since you are well prepared to ace your entrance exam.

MDCAT Syllabus

In case you’re missing out on the UHS Syllabus, visit the following link to download it: MDCAT 2018 Syllabus.
In order to access MDCAT ‘18 Admittance Card, Roll Number and other important details, visit the following link: MDCAT Admittance Card and other details.

Important things to Remember:

Calculators, Books/Notes, Erasers, Lead pencils, Stapler, Metallic Pen, Mobile Phones, Purse/Hand Bags and any other electronic device (Watch, Headphone, and Bluetooth) are not allowed in the Examination Centre.

Don’t forget to bring with you:
  • A clean Clipboard
  • Two blue ballpoint pens (Not Marker)
  • Original Domicile/Passport/CNIC
  • Print-out of Admittance Card

Please be at your previous examination centers at 8:00 A.M. on 23rd September, 2018 (Sunday).

No candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Centre after 9:15 A.M.

NOTE: Please remember! No Candidate will be allowed to enter Examination Centre without the Print-out of Admittance Card & Original Domicile/Passport/CNIC.

Other than that make sure to follow up with the following points:

Follow Your Study Plan

Mark your calendar and plan out that how much time you need to give yourself to prepare. Give more time to topics which you find difficult and keep a buffer so that you can complete some pending tasks. Once things are steam lined, you will be able to prepare effectively.

Sort Your Course Material

List down important topics or key phrases to align your preparations. Revise your material, make sure you go through the notes/books thoroughly.

Start by focusing on weak areas first and end your preparation by revising those weak areas. Cover each topic and prepare extensively so you can have a proper grip of your course material.

Combat Time-bound Challenge

In order to meet the time challenge adequately, do not spend more than 41 seconds per MCQ.  Keep an eye on the clock and take a breath or two but also make sure you don’t rush yourself during entrance exams.

Don’t Skip Sleep

Put your thoughts in the drawers because a good night sleep helps boost the overall performance, along with problem-solving psychological mechanism and mental adaptability to all sorts of psychological challenges.

Proper sleep means good health and a fresh mind for the next morning that eventually leads to remarkable performance on your exam day.  Most importantly, napping before an exam is as good for your memory as cramming.

Calm Your Nerves

Test success depends upon keen and focused powers of concentration and memory. Don’t let your focus divert from your goal. Only an attentive and motivated mind is a key of success factor.

It is important to be aware of breathing when managing stressful situations. Panicking right before the exam just won’t do, it’ll only further mess up your preparation. So make sure you tackle entrance test with a calm mind.

Proper Intake of Food

Have a nice cup of tea to help you relax your mind. Whereas, proper intake of food will help you settle nerves frazzled by study and exam anxiety.

So skipping on your diet won’t do any good. Your breakfast and night meal are real-time energy boosters, and you can beat anything.

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Bag

You need to be well equipped for the exam day. Gather all the necessary requirements for the entrance exam. Make sure you bring along your Admittance Card, Original Domicile/Passport/CNIC, Clipboard and two Blue Ballpoint Pens (Not Marker).

Hustle Hard Future Doctors

Effort never goes unrewarded, so don’t forget to hustle hard and give your 100%.  Be focused and composed, set all your energy in the right direction so you can outperform your entrance exam.

STEP wishes BEST OF LUCK to its Future Doctors!