Tips for students to approach Exam

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Article: Tips for students to approach Exam


Tips for ECAT (Engineering College Admission Test)


Entrance exam is test of your performance that not only includes your knowledge of the subject but it is based on two criterias that consist of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

The entrance exam is based on student’s IQ, how students can combat with the tricky questions. So the students are tested upon similar knowledge that the students have entertained in Intermediate, but questions are posed in a tricky manner in order to test your conceptual clarity.

So worry not, you are prepared, just give yourself the space to deal with the problem objectively and telescopically.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Given the time pressure, stress and knowledge testing, performance of the individual in an entrance exam is also tested.

Make sure you keep yourself mindful of your condition and keep yourself motivated. Give yourself a pep talk, know that you did your best to make it till here and that all is achievable. Purpose of pep talk is developing a trust in oneself. Also watch a motivational video or two, it will help you boost yourself up.

And especially during the test, do not let nervousness overwhelm you.

ECAT Time-bound Challenge

In order to meet the time challenge adequately, do not spend more than 60 seconds per MCQ.

Sleep tight

Sleep tight before exams and don’t exert yourself with stressful thoughts because sleep has drastic effects not only on health but also on your overall performance. It drains your energy and adds to your anxiety. Attention span and focus are vital aspects for concentration that gets directly affected by inadequate sleep.

Good night sleep not only boosts up overall performance, but also enhances problem-solving psychological mechanism and mental adaptability to all sorts of psychological challenges.

Do not Panic

Panicking right before the exam just won’t do, it’ll only further mess up your preparation. Be mindful of your presence of mind and let not your focus divert from your goal only an attentive and motivated mind is a key of success factor.

Take proper intake of diet.

Never skip on your diet, especially your breakfast and night meal. They are real-time energy boosters, and you can beat anything.

Sort out your subject material

Make sure you revise your material, go through your notes thoroughly. Jot down your material chronically or according to your preparation.

Starting from the least prepared to most prepared or do chapter wise study. This way you can strengthen your preparation and work on your weak areas.

Before exam make sure you pack your bag.

Equip yourself well for the exam day, make sure you keep all your important belongings required to entrance exam. Also make sure your geometry box is ready and your pen workable so that it won’t run out in the middle of an exam.

Important things to carry with you:

(i) Original Photo ID may be CNIC or Passport or Matric/First Year Certificate or Domicile.
(ii) Calculators, Books, Notes, Erasers, Lead pencils, Stapler, Mobile Phones and hand bags are not allowed in the Test Hall.

Other than that hustle hard, credit yourself for all your efforts and leave the rest to Allah (SWT). Just give yourself the right space and exploit your energy in the right direction you will be able to achieve your goal.

We wish you all best of luck.


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