Top 5 Medical Fields in Pakistan Other than MBBS and BDS

Article: Top 5 Medical Fields in Pakistan Other than MBBS and BDS

If you are looking for an article that describes the top 5 medical fields in Pakistan other than MBBS and BDS, you have come to the right place.  

The healthcare industry offers a wide range of specializations; however, most Pakistanis focus on earning an MBBS degree. So, MBBS and BDS remain the most popular options for those interested in a career in medicine. Aside from those two fields, there are numerous other alternatives. 

Furthermore, the medical sector is an exciting, dynamic field with several opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives. Although it can be a successful and fulfilling career, it also calls for devotion and continuous effort. You’re already creating a name for yourself as a pre-med student, so why not improve it? 

Here, I list additional 5 top medical fields in Pakistan in the medical sciences that you can select from if you want to become a doctor and have a lot of job possibilities. 

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1. BS Hons. In Optometry 

A BS Hons in Optometry is a four-year degree program that different universities offer. This field is one of the top 5 medical fields in Pakistan for various reasons. Optometrists have a broad range of expertise. In addition, the work hours are quite flexible, and you do not have to work long hours.  

These physicians examine the eyes, diagnose abnormalities and deformities in the eyes, are in charge of poor eyesight recovery, and advise patients with low vision on improved contact lenses and obstacles. Although one might pursue further specialization in this field, a doctor of optometry must have completed a bachelor’s degree program.  

However, you need to appear in the MDCAT to get admission in this field.  

2. BS Food Science and Technology 

Another one of the top 5 medical fields in Pakistan is BS food science and technology. Food science and technology is the study of how food is produced, conserved, and stored. It is also the study of how food interacts with the body. 

Moreover, food scientists are those who work in this area and apply their abilities to create different foods or improve already existing ones. Do you know that food science has various applications outside of the kitchen? For example, it can improve packaging, storage facilities, and technology. 

Food scientists contribute to the progress of food safety and health by inventing innovative ways for screening foods for pollutants or harmful chemicals. 

3. Doctor of Pharmacy or Pharm D 

The Doctor of Pharmacy (D-Pharmacy) is a professional doctorate degree that takes five years to complete and is designed to train students to become a pharmacist. Students in the five-year Pharm.D. program receive thorough training in both practical as well as theoretical pharmacy methods and principles.  

Among Pakistan’s medical institutes, three types of professional doctorates in pharmacy are available.  

a. Pharmacy D 

D pharmacy is a two-year program that is completed following intermediate education. 

b. Pharmacy B 

B pharmacy is completed after two years of D pharmacy, 

c. Pharmacy M.  

M pharmacy is completed after four years of pharmacy. A person is referred to as a doctor of pharmacy if they have completed their M pharmacy program. 

Practical experience and knowledge of medication preparation methods are the foundation of pharmacy. Health sciences and chemical science are connected in some way. They seek to produce potent, potentially beneficial medications. In Pakistan, pharmacy professionals are in high demand and this makes Pharmacy one of the top 5 medical fields in Pakistan.  

4. Doctor of Physiotherapy or DPT 

A doctor of physiotherapy is one of the top medical fields that tries to change and improve bone mobility and physical movement. The person takes care of body aches, edema, joint and organ stiffness, and bone pain. That is why DPTis one of the top 5 medical fields in Pakistan.  

Because the majority of people have bone-related issues, they are in high demand, however, students still suffer in finding good jobs. So, the situation is improving even though there are very few physiotherapist positions in hospitals. 

5. Veterinary Doctor or DVM 

DVM is an academic degree. In their capacity as self-employed professionals, veterinarians are qualified to diagnose, treat, and oversee both large and small animals. In order to improve productivity, he is also educated in and skilled at running dairy and poultry farms. 

Animals medical professionals are veterinary doctors. Animals are treated after being inspected for illness. Although there is a great need for these professionals and they are in high demand, few students choose to study to be veterinarians. 

These are just the top medical sectors in which you could pursue a career; there are many additional areas in which you could concentrate and advance. 

In addition, most of these fields require MDCAT to get admission. So, to pass MDCAT please join STEP by PGC and enroll yourself in our regular MDCAT session. it is an amazing way to embark upon the journey of your dreams.