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Top medical fields in Pakistan

We will list down top medical fields in Pakistan in detail below but first of all, let us tell you about the current demands of medical jobs in Pakistan. It’s true health care or medical jobs pay you a lot.  The health facilities are not a lot. The atmosphere of Pakistan is not people friendly. Due to these reasons, people are suffering a lot. Lack of experienced doctors especially in rural areas has become a critical issue.

Two bottom lines are very popular when you talk about the medical profession.

  1. Degree courses should teach health experts to feel pain for needy persons.
  2. The jobs placement should be well organized and it is one of the prime responsibility of provincial as well as the federal government.

A Field that suits your passion:

This article will also help you in a sense if you are looking for a field that is other than MBBS or BDS.  What can be the best alternative for MBBS and BDS? For example, you Google on this topic but not sufficient data is available for you then, you are at the right place. We will let you know the exact field for which you have a great passion. It is not a matter of the traditional degree program only rather it is concerned with your interest too.

Does Life end after MCAT failure?

If a student is not lucky in MCAT then he or she does not need to live life like a loser. Nothing to be worried much if you want to do something big. Several options are there other than MBBS. Life does not ask you to stop every action if you are not in the MBBS program. Just think maybe God has created you to sever the people in a much better way. What we think is the result of our own mentality and wishes. What Does our Creator want? Have we ever spent some hours or minutes at this point?

I am sure when you will start pondering on the above-mentioned point, although it’s a bit difficult but it is a great motivation that can let you serve humanity. Think in this way, think to serve the ones who need you right now. Look at the persons who are crying for pains but no one is there to give them comfort. Maybe God selected you to put your hands on them, maybe God has chosen you to take away all pains from them. Maybe God has sent you in the world to be handy for ones who are needy and prefer to die rather than begging to any person.

DVM or Veterinary Doctor

DVM is the best option if you are not selected in MBBS. Especially for males its better option and one more thing to note is the salary level is normally higher than a normal MBBS degree holder. But in our society, we call them “dangar doctor”. It is a really pathetic situation because it is not an easy field.

 DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

DPT also has a bright future and scope in Pakistan. It this field you are required to study Anatomy. Other subjects are

  • Physiology,
  • Genetics
  • Kinesiology,
  • Biostatistics,
  • Biochemistry

More than 20 subjects are required to get a degree of DPT. Their basic duty is to cure the ones who suffer from paralysis. Some persons get injured due to accidents. Some parts of the body become disable for kind of movement. In this scenario, such doctors try to make the disabled organ working again. To cope with these disability issues, a physical therapist recommends different medicines and exercises to patients. So, you have come to know, it is almost the same thing as an MBBS doctor does.

Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharmacy)

In pharmacy, the name of a professional degree is D. Pharmacy. Further, we can classify it into different branches such as:

  1. Hospital pharmacy
  2. Industrial pharmacy
  3. Community pharmacy
  4. Consultant pharmacy

Basically, it is a subject which involves the study of health sciences and chemical sciences. It makes sure that how to make drug use safe for adults and even for infants? What are the precautionary methods to preserve medicines and how to check the side effects of each drug over the human body?

Scope of D. pharmacy:

  • After successfully completing the degree program you can work as a highly paid pharmacist
  • In any hospital, you can work as a pharmacist
  • You can also become a consultant who deals in pharmacy

B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology

In Pakistan, there is a big problem in finding a suitable job. Even if you have a specialized management degree or bachelor degree then still, there is no surety for an instant job. The persons who want to explore “top medical fields in Pakistancan get proper information about B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology as after completing this program they can get a good job in research laboratories.

There are several animal, plant or microbial Biotechnology laboratories where you can apply with full confidence. The main duties of such health officials are to make the products healthy for human beings. In research centers, they conduct different experiments and present the best ideas to preserve foods and daily routine stuff.

 B.Sc (Hons) MMG (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)

After completing this prestigious degree, you would be able to go into the following fields

  • Microbiologist
  • Assistant professor
  • Clinical research associate etc.

Microbiology and Genetics are the two departments where you can get a job. It’s not a small point, the degree must lead towards a job in a short time. That’s also an important thing nowadays. So, you can become a successful geneticist as well as microbiologist due to the degree of MMG.

There would be several other study programs that you can go through if you are not a successful candidate in MBBS.

Check out the following additional degree programs:

  1. B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology
  2. B.Sc (Hons) DMLS (Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences)
  3. Sc (Hons) Dental Technology
  4. Sc (Hons) Doctor Optometry (OD)
  5. Sc (Hons) Surgery Technology
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