Transforming Education in Pakistan: STEP PREP Powered by ARVO 

Article: Transforming Education in Pakistan: STEP PREP Powered by ARVO 

Are you a student who is soon to be promoted to the most future-defining classes of matric and intermediate? Then, you must be a bit anxious and tense about the complexity, cruciality, and the amount of effort you need to input to score as high as possible. Then, get ready to enter the revolutionary way of education in Pakistan: STEP PREP powered by ARVO! This article will share all the benefits you can get from STEP PREP’s evening coaching with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), uninterrupted mentorship and personalised performance analytics for better learning. 

 Have an Ed-Tech Experience Like Never Before 

Education is incomplete without technology in the present times. We all have experienced the wonders of ed-tech (education technology) during the time of Covid-19. Since then, there is already a revolutionary phase in every aspect of human life on this planet.  

For example, work shifted from onsite to remote on a massive scale. Likewise, many educational and learning resources have been upgraded on the world of the web. Now, many renowned universities around the globe are offering a variety of short-term and long-term degree programmes. That, too, is without the pre-requisite of the physical presence of the learner.  

However, this aspect is yet to be experienced in Pakistan. And STEP PREP aims to introduce the power of education technology (ed-tech) in a way like never before. STEP PREP powered by ARVO is bringing 360-degree learning opportunities for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th students with an integration of LMS, AI and informed learning with 24/7 professional assistance.  

Let’s discuss all these one by one in the following text.    

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STEP PREP powered by ARVO

Get AI-Integrated Learning with LMS  

Have you ever attended an education module on LMS? No problem if it’s new to you. LMS is one of the educational technology tools. It is an application that helps you to stay connected to the teacher and your learning tasks.  

Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud-based learning module. That enables students and teachers to connect together in one space and to interact with one another. There are recordings and tasks available on the LMS portal. However, STEP PREP powered by ARVO, is all set to take the futuristic approach with the concept of LMS.  

This LMS is a proud part of evening coaching at STEP PREP powered by ARVO. And it will enable our students to stay connected with the content of their physical class.  

Normally, the LMS app offers a separate learning opportunity to the students. Due to this, students get burdened to tackle two different lessons simultaneously. For the same reason, they feel is difficult to keep following the learning routine at home and at schools or academies.  

Therefore, to reduce this extra burden on our matric and inter students, STEP PREP Powered by ARVO would have an optimised digital learning environment with a proper integration of class with LMS. Hence, you would be able to recall, reconnect and practice the lesson taught in your class for that entire day. New lesson access would be available the next day.  

In this way, the matriculation and intermediate students will revise, recollect and enhance one lesson in the best way possible.   

Get Mentorship Right Here, Right Now!  

Now, while you are going through your daily lessons at home with STEP PREP powered by ARVO and you face any questions, ask your mentors.  

What do you think would be the possible options?  

Should I keep it pending till the next class? Or to ask your friend? Or should you text your teacher? Anyhow, how will they know what exactly is bothering you?  

Wishing for a quick way to ask the teacher.

A Tech-based built-in solution (STEP PREP powered by ARVO)- the use of artificial intelligence! 

Yes! STEP PREP powered by ARVO, has an operational integration of artificial intelligence with LMS. It will enable the students of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade to share their problems in any lesson with their teachers on the spot without any delay or second thoughts! 

 And our teachers will respond to the same, instantly. Therefore, you will be connected to your teachers even when you are off-campus and online!  Hence, you will experience real-time homework help with STEP PREP powered by ARVO.   

Feeling excited already? Well, that’s not enough! Get more below!  

Kickstart with Performance Based Learning 

Now, let’s discuss the third game changer of the educational journey. During tests and exam sessions, there come times when you become perplexed about which topics you should not ignore, which ones are good in your memory, or which subjects need more attention for those ideal scores in matric and inter exams.  

Here, STEP PREP powered by ARVO will be your guide with personalised analytics for every one of you enrolled on the evening coaching classes.  

How will it help? 

-In the most efficient way!  


-Get it below!  

STEP PREP powered by ARVO, is an AI-integrated LMS learning facility. We also will incorporate the assessment tools in this remote learning tool. The assessment and grading tools will work at their own pace while you study on LMS. There, they will have a complete SWOT of every student on the individual level.  

 You will know what subjects your strengths are, which are the weaker ones, what the areas of improvement and marks-grabbing opportunities are, and where there is a risk to manage. These performance analytics, AI, and teachers would be your triangle to achieve the success you dream of! 


STEP PREP, powered by ARVO, is extending its expertise in Pakistan’s education sector. We have helped our students to ace the entry tests. And now, we will also help our youngsters to ace their board exams of matric and intermediate efficiently through in-depth practice and personalised learning experience and mentorship. Let’s become a part of transformation like never before with STEP PREP powered by ARVO!