What Should You Prepare for the Self Assessment Test 2024? 

Article: What Should You Prepare for the Self Assessment Test 2024? 

If you plan to appear in MDCAT/ECAT 2024, then it is high time to gauge the level of your test readiness to recover the weaker area with more appropriate and targeted preparation. We also have a piece of good news for you, the best institution for entry test prep in Pakistan is bringing a chance to check your exam prep for free. Yes! You heard it right; STEP Prep Self Assessment Test 2024 is open for registration. You can also get the syllabus details to prepare for SSAT-24 with the entire procedure in this blog. It will save a lot of your time.  

Explore SSAT 2024  

SSAT 2024 is abbreviated from STEP Self Assessment Test 2024. It is a free test open for all students of intermediate part-ii and repeaters who want to appear in the medical/ engineering entry tests as MDCAT/ECAT 2024.  

The STEP self assessment test 2024 is scheduled for February 18, 2024, in more than 100 cities across Pakistan.  

Free Opportunity for Entry Test Preparation 

As the name displays, it’s a self-assessment test. Hence, students can acid-test their entry test readiness through the self assessment test SSAT 2024. STEP Prep is accepting the registrations from the aspirants to appear in SSAT-24 for free.  

The whole SSAT-24 does not end on free appearance. Instead, STEP Prep offers the top 3000 scorers of the STEP Self-Assessment Test 2024 to receive free Entry Test preparation education at STEP Prep. Furthermore, the top scorers could also avail of scholarships apart from the top 3000s.  

Therefore, it is not a chance to miss. You can check your entry test preparation level and get enrolled today to appear in the step self assessment test 2024. Let’s talk about how you can get yourself registered for this massive opportunity.  

Register Today for STEP SELF Assessment Test 2024 

Visit your nearest campus of Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) or Hadaf Colleges to get registered for the STEP Self Assessment Test (SSAT). It is important to remember that no online applications are accepted.  

Let’s discuss what study plan you can follow before appearing in the STEP Self-Assessment Test (SSAT-2024). Continue further to get the relevant information.  

The Eligibility Criteria to appear in the Self Evaluation Test 2024 are as follows. 

  • The STEP SSAT 2024 is open to Intermediate Part-II and repeat students who want to be admitted to medical and engineering schools. 
  • Participants in this talent-based STEP Self-Assessment test may be students from any institution, including the Punjab Group of Colleges, Hadaf Group of Colleges, and others.  
  • Complete details are thoroughly available.  

Syllabus Details for MDCAT Self Assessment 2024 

MDCAT-SSAT 2024 will have 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with 100 minutes and 100 marks in total.  

The test will comprise the following subjects MDCAT-SSAT 2024. 

Subject No. of MCQs in Test 
Biology 35 
Chemistry 25 
Physics 25 
English 10 
Logical Reasoning 05 

For complete details regarding the subject details, read here

ECAT/ETEA 2024 Syllabus for SSAT 24 

There will be 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the ECAT-SSAT 2024 exam. The exam will last 100 minutes (approximately 1hr 40 minutes) and provide 100 points.

Subject No. of MCQs in Test 
Physics 30 
Mathematics 30 
Chemistry/Computer 30 
English 10 

For complete details regarding the subject details, read here

Mark the Test Date for the Self-evaluation Test

18th February 2024 is the scheduled date for STEP prep’s SSAT-2024. All you must do is to get yourself registered at any PGC/Hadaf Colleges Campus nationwide for the SSAT 2024.  

Final Words 

SSAT-2024 is around the corner. There is no room for missing this huge opportunity to check and evaluate your present entry test preparation for MDCAT/ECAT 2024 because you may qualify for free entry test preparation with STEP Prep. This article also shares what to prepare for the STEP Self Assessment Test 2024. Hopefully, it helps you in a better way.