Why is STEP by PGC the Best Institute for MDCAT Prep 2023?

Article: Why is STEP by PGC the Best Institute for MDCAT Prep 2023?

What is MDCAT?

MDCAT is the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. If you dream of becoming a doctor and serving people, then you must pass this entrance exam. However, passing this test is not as easy as one assumes. You should have crystal clear concepts and a strong grip over your F.Sc textbooks.  

What is MDCAT Paper Pattern? 

The medical entry test consists of 210 multiple-choice questions. Each question contains one mark. In addition, there is no negative marking policy in the medical entrance exam anymore. So, even if you attempted any question wrong, there will be no additional marks deduction from your overall score.  

Furthermore, you will have three and a half hours to complete the paper. That means you will have 1 minute for each question. This is a lot of you are well prepared for your paper. Moreover, the following is the question distribution of the medical entry test: 

Subject  Number of Questions 
Biology  68 
Chemistry  56 
Physics  56 
English  20 
Logical Reasoning  10 

Logical Reasoning has been recently added to the MDCAT curriculum. This puts your critical thinking, decision-making, IQ, creativity, and other abilities to the test. However, you can hone these skills and overall prep by practising from a well-known institution such as STEP by PGC.  

7 Reasons to Choose STEP by PGC for MDCAT Test Preparation 

Medical entrance test 2023 is around the corner. You must be worried about choosing an institute that will not only provide you with quality education but also guide you about techniques to ace the final test. You can find everything in one place, i.e., STEP by PGC.  

Here are the top 7 reasons for choosing STEP by PGC forentry test 2023 prep.  

1. Extensive MDCAT Sessions 

STEP by PGC offers numerous medical entrance exam prep sessions. You can join these sessions and start your preparation by attending the detailed lectures. In these lectures, you will cover the whole syllabus of the medical entrance exam. In addition, you will have time left for the revision. The following are the programs that we offer: 

  • Long MDCAT (LMDCAT) 
  • LMDCAT (with NUMS) 
  • MDCAT Crash Program 
  • MDCAT Super Final 
  • STEP Super Batch 
  • STEP Comprehensive Crash Program (SCCP) 

In addition, STEP offers two types of medical entrance testprep sessions.  

  1. On-Campus Sessions 
  2. MDCAT Online Preparation or Virtual

So, it is all up to you whether you want to join the physical test session or take the online one and prepare in the comfort of your home.  

2. Qualified Faculty 

STEP takes pride in having the most experienced and competent faculty. You will be studying under their guidance. Our teachers will not only provide you with high-quality education but also tell you about different effective techniques to score excellent grades and complete the paper on time.  

3. Crash Tests 

You will attempt various crash tests in medical test sessions. These tests are chapter-wise tests. In addition, these assessments contain all the possible questions that can appear in the paper. As a result, you will be able to prepare every chapter thoroughly.  

4. Unit-Wise Tests 

Different topics when combined make a unit. PMC divides the whole MDCAT syllabus into different units. so, STEP also offers the unit-wise test. So, after the crash test, you will be attempting the unit-wise tests. This will broaden your horizon of preparation. You will be able to prepare for more topics and subjects at a single time.  

5. Practice Drills  

The Pakistan Medical Council or PMC provides mock tests and sample MDCAT papers. To improve students’ preparation, STEP has bought these sample tests from PGC. so, by choosing STEP for your entry test prep, you will be attempting these mock tests provided by the PMC.  

6. Worksheets 

Worksheets are additional preparatory material. STEP provides them to every student at home. These sheets contain additional MCQs on each chapter of each subject. So, if you want to stay at home in the last days of prep, you can practice on these worksheets. As a result, it will improve your preparation and you will be able to score excellent grades on the final paper 

7. E-Libraries 

STEP also offers E-libraries to its students. These digital libraries have all the multiple-choice questions. In addition, you do not have to go to different libraries to find the books. You can easily get the learning material on your phone, or any smart device through these E-libraries. You can have access to these libraries by choosing STEP for your MDCAT preparation.  

Join STEP by PGC for MDCAT Prep 2023 

So, if you want to ace your medical entrance exam 2023 and secure a seat in one of the government or private medical colleges, then you should have top-notch preparation. And what better is there than STEP by PGC? So, join STEP and pass your MDCAT with excellent scores.  Our regular session started on June 10, 2023. 

Hurry up and enrol yourself by applying online or visiting any of the PGC campuses.