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9 Factors That Make STEP by PGC the Best Academy for MDCAT Preparation

9 Factors That Make STEP by PGC the Best Academy for MDCAT Preparation

Whenever intermediate exams are near, pre-medical students start searching for the best academy for MDCAT preparation. So, without wasting time, I would recommend you join STEP by PGC for your MDCAT preparation in 2023.  

STEP by PGC is an entry test preparation project by the Punjab Group of Colleges. We aim to provide students with the best educational services. Entry tests are thought to be difficult to clear. So, we ensure that students pass the entrance exams with ease and confidence.  

So, for many reasons, I would say that STEP by PGC is the best academy for MDCAT preparation. Let’s look at them in detail.  

STEP Prep is the Best Academy for MDCAT Preparation: 9 Amazing Factors 

Why should you choose STEP prep? What makes it the best academy for MDCAT preparation? What services does it offer that you cannot find in any other place? Keep reading to find out.  

1. MDCAT Sessions 

STEP offers multiple MDCAT preparatory sessions. You can select the session of your choice. For example, our STEP super batchsession is starting on April 28, 2023. This session is mainly for the repeater students and starts before the second-year intermediate exams.  

Similarly, there are other sessions as well. Here is the list: 

  • Long MDCAT (LMDCAT) 
  • LMDCAT (with NUMS) 
  • MDCAT Crash Program 
  • MDCAT Super Final 
  • STEP Super Batch 
  • STEP Comprehensive Crash Program (SCCP) 

So, students have the liberty to choose whether they want to join the three-month session or just want the test session at the end. This makes STEP the best academy for MDCAT preparation.  

2. Top-Notch Faculty 

If you join TSEP, you will be learning from the best faculty in town. We take pride in having highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our professors have years of experience in this field. They will guide you through the tricks and tips for clearing the MDCAT along with giving you a quality education.  

3. Virtual Sessions 

You can choose to take the on-campus session or the online session. So, all the students who cannot come to campus or attend the lectures on campus can join our virtual session. 

In addition, one thing I can assure you is that there will be no compromise on the quality of education provided. So, whether you decide to study in a physical or online session, you will be given the best preparatory environment possible.  

4. E-Libraries 

STEP is the best academy for MDCAT preparation because we provide the students with E-libraries. That means you can have free access to all the books and learning material when you are a STEP by PGC student. All you have to do is join and be a part of our growth journey.  

5. 75,000 Multiple-Choice Questions 

MDCAT is a multiple-choice question-based test. That means all you have to focus is on MCQs. The more you practice, the better you will be able to perform in the final exam. That is why, STEP has an MCQ bank of over 75,000 MCQs.  

So, when you join STEP, you will go through thousands of MCQs which will prepare you to attempt the final paper successfully.  

6. Quizzes and Assessments 

You will practice multiple tests and assessments throughout your session. In this way, you will cover the whole syllabus chapter-wise, then unit-wise, and then in full-length papers.  

a. Unit-Wise Tests 

These tests include a subject’s unit. The unit consists of different topics in different chapters.  

b. Crash Tests 

Crash tests contain multiple units of different subjects. This broadens the horizons of your overall preparation.  

c. Full-Length Papers 

These tests are the ones that are MDCAT-based. The question division, difficulty level, and pattern are the same as that of MDCAT.  

7.  Additional Preparatory Material 

Another reason why STEP by PGC is the best academy for MDCAT preparation in town is that, apart from the tests and quizzes, you will be given worksheets. These worksheets contain extra MCQs of each subject that you can practice in your free time.  

8. PMC Drills 

STEP has bought all the PMC sample papers. While being a student here, you will attempt these mock tests given by the PMC itself. Isn’t it great? You will get a clearer idea of how the MDCAT paper is set and how can you manage time and how to approach the question for the right answer.  

9. Scholarships 

STEP offers multiple scholarships to its students. So, when you register for the MDCAT session, you can apply for your required scholarship. Here is a list of incentives that STEP offers: 

  1. On-Campus Scholarship 
  2. Inter (Part-1) Based Scholarship 
  3. High Achievers Scholarship 
  4. Need-Based Scholarship 
  5. Kinship 

So, you can get fee concessions and study at the most prestigious institute for your MDCAT Preparation.  

Join STEP Now! 

Our STEP super batch starts on April 28, 2023. Register yourself by visiting the campus or filling out the form online. You can join right now and start preparing for the entry test from the best academy for MDCAT preparation.  

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