Best Features of STEP ECAT Session for Entry Test Preparation

Article: Best Features of STEP ECAT Session for Entry Test Preparation

If you are looking for an entry test preparation course which will help you prepare for the admission test of ECAT, FAST, NUTS, GIKI, NTS/USAT, PIEAS, and ETEA, then we are here for you. You think and we deliver as STEP by PGC is the largest entry test prep network. This year, we have brought the ECAT Regular Session 2024 to cater to all your academic needs. 

This course has been open for admission since 24 September 2023 for all intermediate part II, DAE and A-level students. To provide you the opportunity to score your best, we have added all the useful features to this preparatory programme. 

Prominent Features of ECAT Regular Session 2024 at STEP 

You will not only learn all the key points of all the subjects included in the entry test syllabus, but also you will gain important life skills such as time management, critical analysis and problem-solving. However, you have to apply at STEP right now to avail all the benefits I have mentioned below: 

ECAT Regular

1. Sunday Classes 

We know, a student’s schedule is tight especially when you are studying to appear in university entry tests. This is a crucial moment and therefore, we have developed this course with Sunday classes for your ease. 

2. Practice Questions and Worksheets 

You will attempt a lot of practice questions, solve worksheets and attempt tests during this ECAT Regular Session 2024, which will help you learn about your shortcomings. And this way, you can work on this timely. 

3. Entry Test Past Papers 

Other than all the other educational materials I have mentioned below, you will also get all the past papers of ECAT and other university admission tests through our online portal. If you want to get this on mobile, then you can download the app on your Androidor Apple mobile.  

After enrolling yourself at STEP, you can access our online resources easily. 

4. Triple Phases for All-rounded Entry Test Preparation 

Like other preparatory programmes, this session is not basic. We have incorporated 3 differentphases to cater to all your entry test preparation needs. By going through all these phases of STEP ECAT Regular Session 2024, you will be able to master all the entry test syllabus of admission tests at ECAT, NUST, NTS/USAT, PIEAS, GIKI and others.  

The phases of this course are as follows: 

Phase I (ECAT) 

The first phase will prepare you for ECAT with a variety of educational tools like 36 lectures, 36 tests, 36 worksheets and then 36 recorded follow-up discussions.  

Phase II (NUST English) 

In the second phase, our top-notch faculty members will prepare you for the NUST English test (NET III Series). You can avail yourself of the NUST English lectures, tests and discussions via both MS Teams and through physical classes on campus. 


In the third and last phase, you will not only study for one engineering and technology university admission test, but you will do entry test preparation for all of the following universities: 

a. Prepare You for the UET Admission Test  

Since the start, ECAT has been conducted by the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and now, the difficulty level has increased a lot. So, you should put all your efforts into achieving a seat in your desired university whether it is UET or others.  

But you should keep all your options open. Therefore, this session is for the ones who want to be fully prepared to get the best future prospects. 

b. Entry Test Preparation for NUST Admission 

If you want to appear in the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) admission testor the NET III Series, then you can prepare with the ECAT Regular Session 2024. Because we will aid you in upgrading your knowledge and skills, too. 

c. FAST Admission Test Prep With STEP 

At STEP, you will also be able to increase your level of entry-test preparation through a wide range of educational resources. It includes worksheets, multiple tests, 24/7 access to past papers online, recorded test discussions and much more. So, you can attempt the admission test of FAST (the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology). 

d. GIKI Entry Test Preparation 

You can do entry test preparation for Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences (GIKI) by registering for this amazing course offered by STEP by PGC for the 2024 admission test. 

e. Prepare for the NTS/USAT and PIEAS Admission Test 

If you are looking for a way to prepare for bothNTS/USATand  PIEAS, then you should join this session for the best results in your entrance test 2024. You will be able to excel in all the tests of whichever you attempt, and then you can choose which university is best for you.  

But first, you have to give in all of your efforts. Only then you will be able to get the fruit of your hard work. And it is vital as well because this is a moment which will decide what will you be called in future, whether an engineer or an IT specialist as per your choice. 

Other than all the other useful features, we also have a variety of scholarships available for everyone at STEP by PGC. Learn morehere.  

Apply at ECAT Regular Session 2024 for Entry Test Preparation Now! 

We have admissions available for both physical and virtual classes but the ways to apply for both are different. For on-campus classes, you can visit any PGC campus near you but if you want to register in a virtual session, then register yourself onlineright away! 

Do not wait anymore and take a step forward for a bright future with STEP by PGC.