Construct Your Future with STEP ECAT Session for NTS 2024

Article: Construct Your Future with STEP ECAT Session for NTS 2024

Do you aspire to become an engineer or want to get a degree in technology and related fields? Then you must prepare for the NTS entry test which is the National Aptitude Test (NAT). Simply reading textbooks will not be enough, you should gain top-standard knowledge and training to excel in the National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTSTM) of 2024. 

Introduction to NTS 

The National Testing Service (NTSTM) is a non-profit organisation in Pakistan which conducts academic evaluation tests, and it is similar to the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States (USA). Furthermore, it is recognised by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) which many universities require all students to attempt NTS for admissions. 

Types of Tests Conducted at NTS 

The National Testing Service conducts two kind of tests which includes the following: 

  1. National Aptitude Test (NAT
  1. Graduate Assessment Test (GAT

The format of the national aptitude test is MCQ-based, and the subjects included in it are as below: 

Subjects No. of MCQs 
English 20 
Analytical 20 
Quantitative 20 
Respective Subjects 30 

 Furthermore, you need to know all the details of an outstanding NTS prep offered at STEP by PGC – the biggest name for entry test preparation sessions. If you are in your 2nd year of intermediate or A-levels and want to achieve great results for your university admissions in 2024, then register with us now! 


Entry Test

While applying to any engineering or technology-related undergraduate degree programme in 2024, you will have to submit a copy of your NTS result along with other documents. Therefore, STEP has developed a preparatory course exclusive to cater to all your education needs for the exam prep of FAST, NTS/USAT, NUST, GIKI, and PIEAS entry tests.  

Furthermore, if you are here to know about NTS exam prep details, then read the details below. 

Our ECAT Course Overview for NTS  

What do you think a good preparation session should include? Name it and you will get it all at STEP by PGC. From having a professional and skilful faculty member for your learning to designing a top-notch curriculum, STEP has put in a lot of effort for your success in this ECAT Regular Session 2024. 


The FUNGAT course includes the following beneficial features (for both virtual and on-campus classes): 

  1. 13 Practice Tests 
  1. 13 Test Discussions 
  1. 4 Full-Length Papers (FLPs) 

Additionally, this ECAT Regular Session 2024, will give you access to a lot of useful features which are as below: 

  • Video Lectures 
  • Online Test as per your study plan 
  • Recorded Test Discussions 
  • Multiple Worksheets 
  • Online Practice MCQs with answers and explanations 
  • Virtual Career Counselling 
  • Live Q&A Sessions on weekends with Entry Test Specialists on MS Teams. 

Furthermore, you should follow some simple steps I have mentioned here to enhance your potential in the best way possible. 

3 Vital Steps to Follow for NTS Prep 

We are here to help you achieve an amazing NTS score but you will have to work for your future by yourself, too. Like we can guide you in the right direction and provide you with everything you may need for your journey, but you will have to walk on your own.  

So, the major three steps you have to take during our session are as described below: 

1. Take STEP NTS Practice Tests 

After attending our lectures and gaining all the useful knowledge, you will have to diligently mark all the practice tests during our prep programme. Solving these MCQs will work as a simulation for the actual one. This way, you will be able to learn time management skills along with other academic ones.  

Solving an exam paper does not only concern your concepts but also how you manage the allotted time to solve it. 

2. Practice MCQs at Home and Do Self-Revision 

You should not only rely on attempting the tests taken during Phase III, but you should also do self-study via several educational resources available online on STEP Portal and Apps (available for both Android and Apple). No matter how much you have studied, without revision, you may forget everything.  

So, to be on the safe side, revise and solve MCQs after every test at home. Ultimately, you will be able to get the best result for your engineering university admission in 2024.  

3. Attend Discussions 

In every recorded discussion session, after each test, our professors will help you do a self-evaluation. It is very beneficial because once you know what mistakes you make, you can work on them and correct them for good. In this way, you will be able to reach your best educational potential during our ECAT regular session 2024.  

Moreover, the full-length papers are conducted as per the standards of NTS to give you a tentative idea of your score in the entry test 2024. Additionally, you can join us for this session with ease as we provide multiple scholarships (if you meet our criteria) for every student. 

Scholarships for ECAT Regular Session 2024 

Only one of the following scholarships can be availed at a time, but virtual classes students cannot avail of these (as a 50% discount has already been rewarded). 

  1. Alumni Scholarship (25% for both PGC and STEP students for on-campus classes) 
  1. Kinship-based (25% scholarship) 
  1. Need-based (visit the nearest PGC campus for the details as discounts are available for deserving students) 
  1. Intermediate Part I based (50% fee waiver is available if your FSC and ICS 1st year marks are 440 and 420 respectively). 

Note: There is no marks-based scholarship available for repeaters. 

Join STEP ECAT Regular Session 2024 Now! 

Our admissions are open in this course from 24 September 2023. So, you can visit your nearest PGC campus for physical classes, or you can apply online for virtual classes. Do not wait anymore and avail this opportunity to enhance your learning right away.