Fuel up Your ECAT Preparation for 2024 with STEP 

Article: Fuel up Your ECAT Preparation for 2024 with STEP 

Are you looking for the best ways to gear up your ECAT Preparation for the 2024 entry test? Then you should know what will benefit your learning process. So, I have mapped out some simple steps and an overview of the engineering entrance test here. Read this article till the end to not miss out on any important point you may need to excel in your preparations. 

Introduction to ECAT 

The Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) is an entrance test conducted once a year. It was first conducted in 1998 and since then around 40,000 students have attempted this test. While there are more than 2,000 open merit seats in public sector engineering universities in Punjab. Therefore, you should not leave any stone unturned for your ECAT Preparation. 

Structure of ECAT  

The ECAT examis necessary for admission to the undergraduate degrees of both public and private universities with engineering or technology majors.  The total marks of the ECAT exam are400, and each question carries 4 marks.  


But there will be a negative marking of 1 with every wrong answer. Moreover, the time allotted for this test is 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes). So, you must manage this time to score your best as the passing marks are 33%, which means, you have to get 132 marks at least for admission to any engineering university in Punjab. 

Thus, you have to put all your efforts into ECAT preparation to score a seat in your dream engineering or technology degree programme. For this reason, you should follow some simple steps which I have mentioned in the content below. 

Steps to Follow for 2024 ECAT Preparation  

If you are an FSC, ICS or A-levels student, then you should work towards your life goal by following a few rules such as: 

1. Master Your Intermediate Syllabus  

Firstly, you have to master all the key points of subjects taught in FSC or ICS as the ECAT syllabus consists of all of it. Additionally, you should upgrade your understanding and concepts of subjects like Physics, Maths, English, Chemistry/Computer/Stats, or Biology depending upon which combination of ECAT tests are you attempting.  

For this reason, only intermediate textbooks are not enough. You have to study under expert guidance and therefore, you should join a prep session.  

2. Enrol Yourself in the STEP ECAT Preparation Session 

STEP by PGC is a vast network of entrance test preparation programmes which includes MDCAT, ECAT, FUNGAT, and NET III prep courses. So, you should apply to our ECAT course for 2024 to better understand every concept as well as to practice all the learning along with it. ECAT Regular Session includes the following phases for both physical and virtual classes: 

Phase 1 – ECAT 

Phase 2 – NET III (includes NUST English lectures, tests and discussions) 



Moreover, the ECAT phase includes the following features: 

  • 36 Lectures (On campus, MS Teams and Recorded) 
  • 36 Workshops 
  • 36 Tests (both On-campus and MS Teams) 
  • 36 Follow-up Test Discussions (Recorded) 

You can join the classes for ECAT preparation in this regular session along with your studies as it will be held on Sundays

3. Revise the ECAT Syllabus with the Help of Practice Tests 

Along with all the advantages available at the STEP ECAT preparation session for 2024, you should do your self-revision side-by-side. As the study load is increased while preparing for the entry test, you should attempt practice tests to get the most out of your efforts. We offer 36 tests which will ensure great learning and practice of each subject included in the ECAT syllabus. 

4. Solve ECAT Past Papers Weekly 

If you register yourself with STEP, you will be able to access many significant educational resources online. We have past papers for ECAT preparation on ourSTEP portalas well as our STEP App (bothAndroidand Apple). Thus, solving past papers weekly will increase your success rate in the ECAT 2024. 

5. Manage Your Stress and Stay Motivated 

Studying is good, but your nerves cannot function properly to study well in stressed conditions. Therefore, you should manage your stress levels to raise your ability to learn better. AtSTEP, our guidance counsellors can help you in the management of your stress.  

In addition to that, we have a variety of motivational and skill-enhancing lectures for all of our students as they are the future of our nation. And we are here to motivate our youth to score their best result for engineering university admissions in 2024

6. Work on Your Time-Management Skills 

STEP gives you the chance to attempt several tests repeatedly which will help you enhance your time-management skills. It is one of the major skills you would need in the entry test exam hall. To solve all the questions correctly with a sound mind, you will have to divide your allotted time according to the number of questions.  

Ultimately, you should enrol yourself at STEP right now to score efficiently in the ECAT 2024. 

Apply at STEP for your ECAT Preparation Now! 

If you are willing to get admission to one of the best entry test preparation institutes, then you can visit STEP by PGC campus near you for physical classes admissions. Additionally, you can apply online for our virtual classes as our registration is open from 24 September 2023.

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