Join ECAT Early Regular Session 2024 

Article: Join ECAT Early Regular Session 2024 

Just like other entry tests, ECAT is also a major entry test for the aspirants of engineering in Pakistan. Keeping this in view, STEP started the ECAT Early Regular Session 2024. This is a comprehensive course to join today to have ample practice for ECAT and other related tests. This article will highlight the benefits of the same.  

STEP ECAT Early Regular Session 2024 

STEP Prep is the largest institution for entry test preparation. ECAT is one of the most anticipated entry tests for the field of engineering. Therefore, STEP has introduced the ECAT regular session 2024 for interested students.  

The course is subdivided into three phases. Further details are available below.  

Explore the Course Details 

If you are a student of intermediate part II, with an aim to join any of the major engineering universities in Pakistan for example. UET-ECAT, FAST, NUST, NTS/USAT, GIKI, PIEAS, ETEA ENGINEERING, etc. STEP offers ECAT regular session 2024, and it will include multiple revisions and provide various resources to aid in your preparation. 

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Early Regular Session 2024

Phase 1 (ECAT 2024) 

In this phase, students will get virtual and on-campus classes. A total of 36 lectures are on the table. Moreover, 36 regular tests are a part of better practice for both virtual and on-campus students.  

In addition to the regular classes and tests, this phase for ECAT 2024 prep also has the inclusion of 12 cumulative tests, 36 worksheets, and 5 FLPs.  

Phase 2 (NUST English) 

This phase will enable students to ace NUST English. In this module, virtual and on-campus classes are available. This phase will have 10 lectures and 10 tests for better entry test preparation.  


This phase will cater to the comprehensive entry test preparation for FUNGAT. In this module, students will have an opportunity to have 13 tests and discussions, 4 FLPs and discussions.  

Virtual & On-Campus Classes 

For quality entry test preparation for ECAT, the Early Regular Session 2024 would be held through online and physical, campus based classes. The virtual classes and tests would be held through Microsoft Teams, and on-campus facilitations would be offered at your nearest PGC campus.  

Scholarships Available 

The ECAT Early Regular Session 2024 comes with various scholarship options. You can explore more on fee and scholarships.  

Other Benefits to Get Enrolment for ECAT Early Regular Session 2024 

While getting yourself enrolled at ECAT early regular session 2024, you will have a chance to  

  1. Comprehensive Entry Test Preparations 
  2. Professional Guidance & Learning Assistance with tests and discussions. 
  3. FLPs and Practice Testing Facilities  

Furthermore, STEP Prep offers the following facilities.  

  • Video Lectures. 
  • Online Tests as per your Scheme of Studies. 
  • Recorded Test Discussions. 
  • Worksheets for Practice. 
  • Online Practice MCQs with Explanations. 
  • Online Career Counselling. 
  • Live Q/A Session 

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Benefits of Early Regular Session 2024

Online & Physical Applications  

You can apply for ECAT Early Regular Session 2024 for virtual classes through the online admission portal and visit your nearest PGC campus for Physical classes.  

Final Thoughts 

ECAT is your gateway to your dream career in engineering in Pakistan. If you are an intermediate part 2 student, it is high time to enrol in the ECAT Early Regular Session offered by STEP. We are offering ECAT regular session 2024 for ECAT, ECAT+NTS, FUNGAT (FAST, UET, NUST, NTS/USAT, GIKI, PIEAS)  

As the largest entry test preparation academy in Pakistan, we provide quality guidance, tips, and tricks with comprehensive learning patterns to ace ECAT 2024. However, for more details, you can contact us through our helpline 0800-78608