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Article: MDCAT Crash Program

STEP by PGC offers an MDCAT crash program for students seeking admission to MBBS or BDS. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) conducts the National MDCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test) three to four months after the FSc examination.  

The MDCAT is a standardized test that evaluates your knowledge of fundamental scientific concepts in physics, biology, chemistry, and English. It also analyzes your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.  

However, MDCAT 2022 has been postponed. The date of commencement will be announced by PMC in the upcoming days.  

Why Should You Choose STEP by PGC’s MDCAT Crash Program? 

STEP is the largest entry test preparation organization that prepares you in accordance with the test requirements.  It offers the best MDCAT crash programs to help you secure a seat in medical and dental colleges.   

We have a history of excellence in securing the top positions in MDCAT over the years. Our students topped the 2020 exams by taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. In addition, in 2021, we ranked 2nd and 3rd in MDCAT.  

This shows how much effort we put in to help you achieve your medical goals. We do so by following a proper plan. From making you understand the concepts to taking your full-length papers, our MDCAT crash program covers everything.  

Video Lectures 

Our MDCAT Crash program is both virtual and on-site. That means you can study from the comfort of your home or you can also attend classes on campus. For the virtual program, we provide 18 video lectures on each subject, including Physics, English, Chemistry, and Biology.  

These lectures are prepared by our highly qualified faculty. The teachers will ensure you have crystal clear concepts of each subject. You can enrol in our crash program online and start preparing for MDCAT right now.  

Crash Program Tests 

We ensure you have a full command of each subject. So, after each topic that you learn through our video lectures, you will have to give a test. There are a total of 36 crash program tests for each subject in our MDCAT crash program.  

So, by attempting each crash test, you will know your weaknesses and strengths. By working hard on the subjects you find challenging, you can perform well enough to generate outstanding results in the final MDCAT.  

Unit-Wise Tests 

PMC picks specific topics from each subject. MDCAT contains questions on these topics. STEP combines three to four topics and forms a unit. So, after taking topic-wise tests of each subject, you will practice for MDCAT by appearing in our unit-wise tests. In this way, you will learn how to study for multiple topics in a day and how to pace your preparation for the final exam.  


Before the final MDCAT, the Pakistan Medical Commission provides practice exams for students. You can take this exam to get an idea of the nature of the MDCAT. STEP by PGC has bought these practice tests from the PMC. We call these papers “drills.”  

So, by joining our MDCAT crash program, you will be preparing for the final exam from the drills given by the PMC itself. You will appear in 18 drills throughout your crash test program at PGC.  


Apart from the tests, our MDCAT crash program includes practice books. We offer you 18 worksheets on each subject. These sheets are additional helpful material for students. Thus, you can practice for the final MDCAT in your free time. So, if you want to improve a subject, even more, you can use these worksheets whenever you want.  

Full-Length Papers 

By the end of the crash program, you will be attempting full-length papers or FLPs. These papers are designed in the exact pattern of MDCAT. From difficulty level to question arrangements, everything matches the MDCAT.  

These full-length papers comprise different units of each subject and also cover the whole syllabus of MDCAT. We offer 13 FLPs in our MDCAT crash program that you can attempt online. In this way, you will learn to manage time and complete your paper to qualify for medical college.  

Follow-Up Discussions 

Follow-up discussions after every test are important. Otherwise, you will never know the reason for the right answer. That is why we have uploaded 18 recorded discussions on our portal. So, after attempting the test, you can watch the discussion.  

These discussions will allow you to improve your concepts. You will be able to not repeat the same mistakes in the final exam.   

So, if you want to excel in MDCAT 2022, you can join STEP by PGC as we offer the best MDCAT crash program. Our virtual crash program will allow you to practice for the final exam and you will be able to perform exceptionally well in MDCAT. Thus, get one step closer to your dream and join STEP for your preparation. 

For more information, you can contact us at Or you can call us at 0800-78608 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  

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