The Role of STEP in Entry Test Preparation

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Article: The Role of STEP in Entry Test Preparation

Entry Test? Why? What even? How can this be? Where do students go to prepare? Who is going to guide them? Who should they turn to?

There is a thing about Pakistani elders; they keep telling their kids to finish matric with good marks and then the life would be all smooth. The fallacy of this very statement is no hidden secret anymore. Since it is almost repeated to us at every stage of studies. After successful completion of matriculation, the toil of college education begins. The two years of intermediate are the most crucial ones in a student’s life as the marks scored in those two years define a major part of our future.

Entrance Exam

Some years ago it was the only intermediate score that used to matter. The total marks after two years of intermediate were the sole criteria for the selection in professional institutions. The merit lists contained the names of the students with the highest score to be selected for various programs. The marks and just the marks used to matter in Intermediate Board Results.

The times have changed. Criterions and the systems of meritocracy have evolved ever since the introduction of entrance exam.

A few years back some higher education institutions started conducting admission tests to enroll students into their different programs. Eventually these tests started to be known as entry tests and became a regular process. The most prominent and major test among these is entry test for medical that has become a mandatory procedure for getting into medical colleges. Gradually all professional institutes also started implementing the entry tests.

Currently, entry test is a compulsion on students to be able to get admitted into any degree program. After the completion of college education students have to take the university entrance exam to get enrolled into higher degree programs. Students in Pakistan have had many hesitations and concerns regarding entry tests. Their major grievance is the fact that the hard work they do for two years in their intermediate doesn’t make up for all they need to do to get into a professional institute.

The courses taught in classrooms prepare the students for intermediate board exams but not for the entrance test. Unfortunately, the regular teaching systems are not comprehensive enough to prepare these students for their entry tests at the same time. Stakes of an entrance exam are entirely different than an intermediate board exam. Students have had to suffer due to the change of criterion and the pattern difference of entry tests.

The lack of proper guidance and availability of good entry test preparation systems have been a major setback for many students in the past who appeared in university entrance exam. Many students failed to perform well in the entry tests while being among the board toppers. It wasn’t until the need for entry test preparation systems was taken into account that the students were facilitated to cross the bridge between college and university.

Today, the students need to be smart and trained to ace entrance exam so they can get ahead.  The approach towards taking an entrance test is different and needs proper coaching. The stakes are getting more and more high every year. There are some platforms working to help the students with this major educational need so they can pursue the professions of their dreams.

Punjab Group of Colleges has taken a step to provide the students with a proper system of entry test preparation as the largest educational network in Pakistan. PGC took the responsibility to facilitate the students at maximum level in all corners of the country, so no student is left behind. The Punjab Group of Colleges ensured that the students were offered a comprehensive and systematic program for the entry test preparation.

PGC  launched STEP!

STEP means Strategic and Tactical Entry Test Preparation; It is a platform for the students that trains them for entrance exam. This entry test preparation programme of Punjab Group facilitates the students to get an admission in professional institutes.

The strategic and tactical entry test preparation system of STEP programme is designed to direct the students towards a brighter future. STEP has dedicated staff and faculty to help the students with all the confusions and misconceptions regarding entrance tests and admission procedures.

All the students who wish to take admission in a professional institution and prepare for an entry test can join STEP after the completion of their intermediate and A-Level exams. The students are trained to approach entry test strategically and analyze them to come up with tactical solutions.

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At STEP, a question bank of more than 30,000 MCQs is utilized to expose the students to evaluation test patterns. The team of country’s best entry test expert is available to the students to offer training through workshops and awareness regarding entrance exam through seminars.

Better class interaction and teacher student communication is ensured through small class sizes. Digital Boards are used to spread useful information among students like important test dates, admission announcements, etc. Information officers are available to the students through website, social media and campus offices to help and guide the students regarding all their needs to get into a professional institute.

STEP has evolved to become the most extensive entry test preparation system. Including all the great facilities and best systems of entry test preparation, STEP is now credited to be the first every platform to launch a complete and comprehensive entry test preparation mobile app. Along with a wide network operating in 13 cities of Pakistan, STEP has reached far beyond through its mobile app.

Entry test preparation is now at finger tips of the students. Through STEP by PGC mobile app for entry test preparation, students can do time bound practice of 30,000+ MCQs, access past papers, contact an admission counselor and stay updated with all the important test dates and admission related information.

STEP converts text book knowledge into entrance test knowledge through its various test programmes for the following courses:

  • ECAT
  • NTS
  • LMDCAT (UHS Exclusive)
  • LMDCAT (with NUMS)
  • NUMS (Exclusive)
  • MCAT/MDCAT (Crash Program)

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