STEP Evening Coaching with Scholarship for Matric & Inter is Here 

Article: STEP Evening Coaching with Scholarship for Matric & Inter is Here 

STEP Prep is a well-known learning institution in Pakistan which prepares students for medical and engineering entry tests nationwide. Now, STEP PREP is initiating a new phase of learning. This time, STEP PREP proudly presents evening coaching with scholarships for the students of pre-ninth, matric, and intermediate part 1 and part 2 students. Get yourself registered at our portal or visit physical campuses. This article will provide all the information.  

STEP Evening Coaching for Matric & Intermediate  

STEP PREP is taking its legacy of excellence with innovation, one step ahead. Introducing STEP evening coaching for the students of pre-ninth, 9th class, 10th class, pre-first year, first year and second years (11th and 12th classes).  

ARVO powers these STEP evening classes at STEP Prep and has an exceptional learning experience with various new and exciting features.  

Eligible Classes for STEP Evening Coaching 

STEP evening coaching is available for Pakistan’s most crucial and career-defining classes. The students of classes of 9th to 10th (matric part I & matric part II) and of (intermediate part I and intermediate part II) can study at the STEP evening academy. Under the exceptional and accomplished services in education, with a strong ethical background and legacy of quality education for the last 39 years from Punjab Group.   

Why STEP Prep for Evening Coaching? 

STEP Prep is a well-known institution for coaching & entry test preparations. We have a legacy of excellence and success, with the highest annual seats in MDCAT & ECAT. STEP prep is now initiating the coaching and opportunities to excel in education for matric and intermediate students.  

The students will get a chance to get a transformed, AI-integrated quality education with personal guidance and mentorship at STEP’s Evening coaching.  

Our students will enjoy the following features while studying at STEP powered by ARVO evening classes.  

  1. Quality Education 
  2. Massive Scholarship Options 
  3. 24/7 Personalised Mentorship 
  4. Performance Analytics 
  5. STEP PREP App 
  6. Virtual Campus Support 

The available courses for the students to join the STEP evening coaching are as follows.  

  1. Pre 9th 
  2. 9th Class 
  3. 10th Class 
  4. Pre- First Year 
  5. Inter Part I/ 1st Year 
  6. Inter Part II/ 2nd Year 
  7. Improver Session 

That’s not all. The STEP evening classes also offer massive scholarships. Hence, the students of class 9 can get scholarships for the next 4years. (of course, merit must be maintained). Furthermore, STEP evening coaching is conducting test sessions for merit scholarships for the students of evening coaching. These scholarships would be known as the Whiz Scholarships.  

Whiz Scholarship TESTs: Free Education for up to 4 Years  

Whiz Scholarships are offered by STEP in evening coaching for the top scorers. These top scorers would be assessed through the Whiz Scholarship Tests, which would be conducted on the STEP Prep’s designated campuses.  

Students looking to join the STEP’s evening coaching for class 9th, 10th and 1st Years are required to appear in the Whiz Scholarships Tests on the scheduled dates.  

On a merit basis, the top 1500 students will get an opportunity to get a free education for the next four years (4 years).  

Classes Number of Years to get Free Education  Test Dates for STEP Evening Coaching Whiz Scholarships 
9th Class Up to 4 years 24th March 
10th Class Up to 3 Years 7th April 
11th Class Up to 2 Years 23rd March  

Mark Your Calendars for Your Tests 

All you have to do is register yourself through an online portal; you can also visit the nearest STEP Prep Campuses.  

The syllabus to prepare for the Whiz Scholarship Tests is available. furthermore, other details are also there to give them a read.  

Register Today & Get Evening Coaching with Scholarships  

You can apply online through the online portal of STEP Evening Coaching.  


STEP evening coaching is a new face of education in Pakistan. STEP prep powered by ARVO is offering AI-integrated learning opportunities for the students of matric and intermediate students with 24/7 personalised mentorship and massive scholarship options. The scholarships are merit-based. For merit calculation, Whiz scholarship tests are on schedule. Enrol yourself to get an opportunity for free education for a period of up to 4 years.